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50% off @ Chessington World of Adventures download by the 11th Sept - use by 20th October fill in the form and Print -…

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Overnight Chessington Resort stay + B'fast + Theme Park Tickets + Zoo & Sea Life Centre - from £144 (2 adults & 2 kids) @ Chessington
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Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
This deal is aimed at people with kids who would enjoy a break staying at Chessington resort (glamping or hotel) for a night with breakfast including 1 day theme park tickets, in late April …

not sure what we did wrong, we went on a Wednesday although half term so i guess that will make it busier.


So exactly how much money do they debit your account with before they hand it back 10 days later. Can’t find it anywhere.


That sucks, but I guess weekends are always super busy. Managed to go on a Thursday/Friday and had a great time. No queues and easily did everything we wanted. We were lucky to get the chance to visit on weekdays due to school inset days.


just got back from there, awful place. wouldnt recommend it, queue sizes are 60-120 minutes, a lot of the rides were closed, you can book a queue system but if you dont do it well in advance its either £95 per person or £10 each per ride. we have been to a few parks and always had a good time but Chessington isnt one of them.


Sucks a bit that your 1st day is on the day of arrival, who wants to travel 3 hours to get to the park then spend a day at the park , should be an option for the 1st day being the day after arrival Booking a 2nd day allows choice of day two or three for park access. Same rules should apply to day one

Overnight Resort Stay From £39pp (£154 Family Of 4 - £58pp £233 On Selected Dates) + Breakfast & Resort Stay + Kids Play Free @ Chessington
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Kids Play FREE at Chessington Holidays Worth £74, if staying between selected dates below, prices differ of course whether you choose in or out of school holidays, full list of available dat…

Great deal. Would have booked but booked a few of the Sun Chessington tickets so no need this year. been twice so far this month but mid week. Rides with 3 yr old and 1 yr old, no queues for those, lol. Went Thursday just gone and opening day, Both times we went there we were told one of the rides were closed (assuming a popular/older kids/adult ride and the gruffalo) given £5 voucher both times.


x80ssm: Not sure if people know about website called queuetimes. Really helpful tells u what days to go etc. I've always used it and had great days out with minimal wait times. Going legoland today, says empty on the website for today so will report back. Going chessington next Thursday You have the exact same plans as we do. Legoland yesterday was nice and quiet, only 2500 people in the park apparently, and summer weather!


To just give an opposing view to the queue comments above, Saturday was opening for the season a notoriously busy day for all theme parks. I stayed in the hotel Saturday night this past weekend and used the theme park on Sunday. Early access to the park for a choice of about 6 rides, did scorpion, carousel, Elmer and truckers before 9:30 and then was in the queue for Vampire by 9:40 there was already a queue but we were done by 10:20. When the ride opened at 10 it instantly said 60 minute wait. We used the app to monitor queue times for the other rides and found all queue times to be quicker than the stated times. We just alternated between longer and shorter queue times. Cobra and Croc drop were about 30 minutes or so, tomb blaster and zufari were about 45. Blue buccaneer 15-20 minutes. There were some rides closed but we were given £5 each free “money” and tickets to return any other day this year… seemed pretty fair of Chessington/good customer service if you ask me.


Is Chessington ideal for adults alone or is it more a family place? Been to Alton Towers loads but not Chessington.


Other than the Sky Lion at Legoland, I have not queued for any ride for more than half hour on any previous trip to any theme park but as you say, if the kids buy in to the wait and they don’t drive you demented in the queue, its sort of ok. You have to make peace with the 90 second thrill but 45 min wait. Chessington had 2 rides closed all day and they’ve shut down the sea storm and jungle bus to replace rhemand tiger rock wasn’t on the list of rides or mentioned as an area so not sure the score there. This just added to the queues. They’ll still sell you one shot fast tracks if they have them available.

Overnight Chessington Resort stay + B'fast + 2 day Theme Park Tickets + Zoo & Sea Life Centre - from £189 (2 adults & 2 kids) @ Chessington
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Update 1
04/03 - Glamping resort accommodation now cheaper e.g. 2 adults and 2 children with 2 day tickets are £179 (see post for dates)
This deal is aimed at people with kids of pre school age who would enjoy a break staying at Chessington resort hotel for a night with breakfast including two day theme park tickets. We have…

I’ve complained and got free return tickets which I won’t use


It's easy to take kids out of school for a few days. They don't come looking for you.


Whats the address? How convenient is it if you using public transport? Thanks


Pfft I wouldn’t bother - the rest of the parks closed off. The sea life centres closed until further notice and the animals are nowhere to be seen!! Complete robbery… I bet there’s not much in it price wise to go once the whole park is open, then it’s worth that money


Yeah. Wouldn't recommend it. I'm pretty sure they sold the giraffe and zebras and then pretended the board walk was closed to cover it up. Got a room with a view of the zoo which was cool, saw loads of things, grass, trees, sky. Anybody messaged to get a partial refund? Wondering if it's worth trying considering it wasn't as advertised. We didn't even bother using our second day pass.

Overnight 'Zootastic' stay (Jan to Mar weekend dates) + B'fast + Entry to Zoo & Sea Life Centre - from £99 (2 adults & 2 kids) @ Chessington
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Posted 30th Dec 2021Posted 30th Dec 2021
ExclusiveOvernight 'Zootastic' stay (Jan to Mar weekend dates) + B'fast + Entry to Zoo & Sea Life Centre - from £99 (2 adults & 2 kids) @ Chessington£99
This deal is for people with kids who would enjoy a break staying at Chessington resort hotel for a night ('Zootastic' weekend short break). We have worked with Chessington Holidays to bring…

Sorry, just seen this! Yes there’s evening entertainment the rangers do party dances and the gruffalo is there and stories etc. also ask at the main reception desk for the treasure hunt sheet and there’s letters and clues hidden all over the hotel and you get a lanyard, pop badges and colouring stuff as a prize


So sorry to keep asking questions but do u know if there was any evening entertainment


Just the flying elephants I think! I think they only stayed in the park a maximum of 3 hours as it was cold and not much to do but they enjoyed being in a hotel and the swim. Ordered a takeaway for the evening at ate it on one of the lobby bits which has tables and sofas on each level as cheaper than the main hotel food (and nicer)


We’re there any rides open? X


My parents went 2 weeks ago, I didn’t book their swim as was unsure if they’d want it. Was told they’d been “booked up for ages” they were disappointed. They managed to go and ask for a cancellation and got 3 slots for the Saturday at 11am which is a good time, after the breakfast and before they went on park!

Adult + Preschooler for £25 - any weekday during term time @ Chessington
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Posted 29th Apr 2021Posted 29th Apr 2021
Adult + Preschooler for £25 - any weekday during term time @ Chessington£25
Adult + Preschooler for £25 - any weekday during term time

£23 if you have a Blue Light Card


Not really, it's what a HUKD member does to save £7!


LOL , a bit extreme


we are in this situation, it was just cheaper to buy two preschooler adult ticket


Thanks but not quite what I had in mind. Also I don't need to get an extra baby in! What I was really asking is does anyone know if there are any other offers out there on an extra adult ticket?

Chessington Short Break - On-site Hotel Stay + Park tickets + Early ride time + more from £177 (Family of 4) / on-site Glamping from £167
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Posted 28th Apr 2021Posted 28th Apr 2021
Chessington Short Break - On-site Hotel Stay + Park tickets + Early ride time + more from £177 (Family of 4) / on-site Glamping from £167£177
Update 1
Example dates in thread
Hi folks, after having members asking for other theme park offers, i've wracked my brain and painstakingly gone through various dates to try and find the best prices, if you're looking for a…

I make sure that my children have really good attendance so that I can take them to a theme park cheaper and without the queues. I wouldn't do it for a holiday, but definitely a day or two a year.


That is absolutely crazy


Don’t worry, it isn’t. We waited at the vampire ride for 2h and 30 minutes.


isn’t it called supply and demand ? off peak is always cheaper , it’s just the way it is unfortunately


So true. This is a loop hole where these companies make money! It seriously needs to stop!!

Chessington Resort April Hotel Stay + Breakfast + 2 Day Theme Park Tickets from £41pp (£162 total) 2 adults / 2 children @ Chessington
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Posted 9th Mar 2020Posted 9th Mar 2020
Chessington Resort April Hotel Stay + Breakfast + 2 Day Theme Park Tickets from £41pp (£162 total) 2 adults / 2 children @ Chessington£162£27040% off
April getaway to Chessington with an overnight stay at the on site resort hotel with breakfast, plus 2 day theme park tickets giving access to Chessington theme Park, Zoo & SEALIFE. Pric…

That's a shame you had that experience. I've not had one the last year, but didn't really experience anything like that. We did always take our own food, so never had that specific issue. 😔


That was the plan. We had them a few times several years ago when my in-laws and wifes friends were starting to visit after we got married. Didn't work out much more expensive then paying for the sights and we got to use them for the rest of the year. Eventually everyone had seen all the Merlin sights, so we didn't get them anymore. It was only 2 years ago when my daughter turned 3 we got them again, thinking she could enjoy the rides/etc at that age. I work for myself, my wife works part time and we don't live far from the parks so we went off peak. It was a massive disappointment. After several visits to Legoland we gave up. Most days it was rammed. On the days you got lucky and it was quiet they shut lots of things down. Meaning despite being significantly less people there were still long queues for F&B and the few decent rides that were open. Chessington was a bit better, but still a disappointment. Again they only opened everything and fully staffed when the park was full. Off-peak times lots of things were closed and they were short of staff. It took an hour to get bloody doughnuts for example. Only a couple of outlets were open. The staff broke one of the machines after queuing and sent everyone to the other shack. Can't comment on Thorpe park as not much for her age group there. The London attractions were ok, but have limited repeat value. Sea Life was probably the best in that respect as it provides some quiet time during a day out in London. I appreciate what you're saying and I would have agreed with you in the past as we made good use of the passes off peak. But after our experience 2 years ago it was a waste of time and money. The off-peak days there simply wasn't enough to make it worthwhile and you still ended up queuing :/ Peak we actually just walked out of Lego land after realising it would take 2 hours to even get a bite to eat. I said to my wife we'd have been better off forming an orderly queue in our garden for a few hours and setting fire to the money. At least we would have avoided the traffic home.


If you have the pass you can just keep going back. Doesn't matter if you only do a few things each visit. Just chill and have fun. I love the passes for that. Removes all the stresses and disappointments.


(lol) (lol)


Shops and work are a necessity.

Chessington world of adventure annual pass sale £55 standard and £75 premium
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Posted 15th Feb 2020Posted 15th Feb 2020
Chessington world of adventure annual pass sale £55 standard and £75 premium£55
ANNUAL PASS SALE Buy your Chessington Annual Pass and enjoy a ROARSOME year at Britain's Wildest Adventure! Includes our INTRODUCTORY OFFER on our NEW Premium Chessington Annual Pass. Enj…
Get deal*Get deal*

Chessington Annual Pass SALE NOW ON! Buy yours here from just £55pp. Sale ends 20th April.


Any idea how long this deal is running for?


Cheers! I wasn't being (too) lazy, but when I clicked the link, my adblock blocked HUKD tracking cookies and the page wouldn't load


This year's (2020) standard pass seems to restrict Friday's / Saturday's / Sunday's in August. Last years (2019 was more restrictive)


So, premium allows 'entry over summer holidays'.... The regular passs does not?

Chessington 2020 tickets for £20.20 @ Chessington World of Adventures
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Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
Chessington 2020 tickets for £20.20 @ Chessington World of Adventures£20.20
Black Friday deal ends 2nd of December. Valid from 19th March 2020 - 1st November 2020.
Get deal*Get deal*

Well @ Deal-boy-Trotter the only point to add is that you have continued to dig yourself a hole and by the sounds of it are the type of guy that will continue to dig until he hits rock bottom. I wasn't & aren't questioning whether you have a disability or not I was questioning your abuse of the system. I love the fact that you justify the abuse by advising that you previously spent money on a fast-track pass! XD I have no issue judging you for abusing the system & as for my kids knowing that I would be judgemental of you for doing so that's a good thing - my kids unlike yours wont believe that what you did is ok and something to be proud of. (y) Apologies for not responding so quickly but I have a life beyond HUKD (highfive) PS - My children have ASD and are also eligible for these passes but I don't go around shouting about it & definitely don't abuse the system for my / their gain...


Lol get a life. So I used two tickets... woop e do... massive first world problems eh?... You must be the next messiah I take it as you obviously lead a blameless life and never ever done anything wrong at all. Wish we was all 100% perfect like you


I have no respect for people who cheat. You said you got a free fast track pass for your disability but that you also fraudulently obtained a replacement pass by saying your original was lost when it was not. Then you proceeded to use both fast track passes in parallel. That’s a totally scummy thing to do when there are hundreds of parents queuing with young children. Do you also park across two disabled parks in supermarkets?


Well @Gez2u ? Anything to add? You was quick enough to reply the first time.. 14 hours later and nothing ??? Want to man up about this? And @patrick_000 anything you want to add as you gave a thumbs up on he's post saying he's right and I'm wrong? Want to man up too and explain why?


And you know my disability do you? You also suffer from sclerosis? ankylosing spondilitas? Low immune system? Low bone density? Fractured and broken bones? Because your so perfect I take it then the whole world evolves around you.. and yes I do have kids. Pray you don't as any kid who has someone like you who judges people with out knowing the history... well... I feel sorry for them. And as for abusing the system... dont make me laugh.... I paid £300 For fast track when I didn't need to.. so they abused my disability for money... so you might want to get your facts right

Zootastic Sleepover with Overnight Stay, Entry to Zoo and Sea Life Centre + more from £99 for family of four (weekend stays) @ Chessington
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Posted 23rd Oct 2019Posted 23rd Oct 2019
Zootastic Sleepover with Overnight Stay, Entry to Zoo and Sea Life Centre + more from £99 for family of four (weekend stays) @ Chessington£99
Thought this was a fantastic offer for any little animal lovers in the family! Chessington are offering weekend stays from £99 which include Chessington Resort Hotel stay 1 day Zoo an…

When I spoke to them I think it was only a extra £5 for another child :)


5! Ouch, you must have the patience of a saint (y)


We r 5. Alway pay extra for the 5th. Also most places won't do 5 per room, so have to get 2 rooms


Great deal well worth it! If you book for less people you get it even cheaper! (


.....and not every family has a couple

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