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Christopher Ward is the online store with a simple aim: to put premium quality watches within the buyers’ easy reach and a mission to create ‘the cheapest most expensive watches in the world’. The idea was to do this by taking advantage of the Internet which makes it possible to sell luxury watches at unbelievable prices. The online store sells watches in 70 countries today and allies with partners such as their ateliers in the Jura, Switzerland, to bring buyers the high quality products that they do. How to redeem Christopher Ward vouchers

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£100 Discount
£100 Discount
£100 off Christopher Ward if you spend over £500
As per title. Not as good as the sale, but this way you have a choice of any watch you want. Posted mainly to counter people trying to sell this voucher on eBay.

I bought from them before. Watch was faulty, they tried to fix it twice, failed, then gave up. Their 5 yr guarentee, isn't worth the paper it's written on.


Hot. Just tried to add the code to sale items and unfortunately it's not accepted

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
Christopher Ward Watches 15% Off with code
British design ✅ Swiss movement ✅ Luxury watches ✅ Free delivery ✅ 15% Off✅ What more one could wish for?

It’s still active on their web hence my post of it


Ahhh right you are. I filter out expired deals so didn't even see it.


Previous post on the 22nd




Previously posted

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% off everything @ Christopher Ward
Quality watches, competively priced, excellent customer service. Trustpilot average rating 4.5/5 stars based on 9000+ reviews. 15% off everything (excludes the C60 BLUE Limited Ed… Read more

They sell fancy watches, just in case you're like me and had no idea who this guy was.

£100 Discount
£100 Discount
Christopher Ward £100 off voucher
£100 off voucher off Christopher Ward watches. Only valid for September. seems to be valid in October too.

c60 Sapphire would be down to £700 with this very tempting...


They also sell alot of the watches at half price once a year. I bought a Makira Pro a few years ago, nearly bought at 700 then it went down to 350 on the sale. Its a regular occurrence with them.


Very true, but if you visit a dealer you can haggle and negotiate downwards. You can't do that online which is a pain as there are a number of watches I'd like. You have to sit it out and wait for codes/reductions .


To be fair, outside of a very select few brands / models, all watches are overpriced at RRP (or at least by the definition of a discount being the norm).


This offer is available almost monthly. It's great you get £100 off a £500+ watch, but the regularity of the deal makes you think there watches are too expensive at RRP.

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Up To 50% off Watch sale @ Christopher Ward
781° Expired
Christopher Ward has just launched its up to 50% sale... seems some very good bargains on the site... too many too list... More Stock added..... 25.01.21 - another 29 added today… Read more
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No longer on the website.... looking forward to the next sale...


Is that the C3 Grand tourer?


They will have a similar sale in early July. They usually do 2 a year. They do sell watches at 50%off, generally end of line and lots of 'nearly new'(customer returns or review watches) at 30% off.


I guess this sale is pretty much over now. There are only five watches in the sale section, and the discounts don't seem like the £1k down to £500 that's been mentioned with the other sale watches. Is the next big sale early January 2022?


Waqas, starting to see a pattern.... 1pm GMT now there is 9 on offer

Christopher Ward Black & Also Brown Deployant Clasp 18mm Leather Watch Strap £24.75
166° Expired
Christopher Ward Black & Also Brown Deployant Clasp 18mm Leather Watch Strap £24.75£24.75
A bit niche and only 18mm available but as the strap has a deployant clasp, it’s a bit of a steal and it means that every new replacement leather strap can be fitted with the quick… Read more

Deployment clasps fit each person differently, if you're lucky it will sit nicely. If not, you've two options 1. Traditionally deployment clasps are fitted reverse, so try it both ways round. 2. fit a standard buckle clasp (they're only small spring bars). CW are a very good brand quality wise, near Tag but more similar to Ball in quirkiness and standard. I've a well paid friend who says his best watches are both CW and he treats himself ££. If you can't afford this one Watchgecko often reduce their deployment clasp in the sale, I have three, bargain for <£11


Damn I wish they had a 20mm at a decent price! Heat added, ridiculously low price!


Many thanks ordered in brown (y)


Sheesh...maybe if they have something for about £200 someday! Or tomorrow!


There is a whole search thing going on just now with pre sale stuff not appearing. Assume you can search on manuals though? So like here, a listing of all manual watches does not show the 65 Trident Diver on offer. LINK

Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver watch - £397.50 delivered @ Christopher Ward
140° Expired
Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver watch - £397.50 delivered @ Christopher Ward£397.50£79550% off Free P&P Free
Be quick, these will not last long at this price.

I got it straight from CW for just under £400.


How much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking? I'm keen to get the new version, but I'm also considering buying one like yours used from ebay. Trying to figure out what would be a fair price.


A nearly new one was on there about 30 mins ago for £1029, blue and black version. Sold quite quickly it seems! The blue gmt version is still there for £1200 though.


Must be a bronze kinda day


It is a shame that some buy just to sell while others buying to wear miss out. Here's the C65 Trident Bronze I got in the sale which is maturing nicely.

quartz and automatic sellita movements E.G C5 Malvern Automatic MK III Watch £290 @ Christopher Ward
175° Expired
quartz and automatic sellita movements E.G C5 Malvern Automatic MK III Watch £290 @ Christopher Ward£290 Free P&P Free
Half price quartz and automatic sellita movements C65 am GT

That's how all the cw sales go. They take away the half price watches tab when its finished. They do occasionally add the odd extra ones but it's not guaranteed so just got to keep checking. Is there one you wanted? They regularly have a £100 off code and %15 off codes which bring some watches close to the sale prices I've seen on the popular watches.


do you reckon they are still preparing for the sale and it's not officially on yet ? as I see a lot of issues with the page ? surely not everything could have sold out that quickly ? I dont thin kthey've made it live yet ?


Just saw them, but already gone. I think people just buy and then decide and then there's the ebayers, will be on there by the end of the day.


Lots of watches just came up on sale and went in a second, i was on the phone and missed it, couldn't get even one ;( ;(


With the success of the presale, and that they are mainly selling off older/less popular models, I don't think they are going to spend to much on advertising when they clearly don't need to. They have a half price watch sale section on the website, nothing new has been added today(yet?). The only watch there half price is the blue face c65 trident, you can pre order it for later in july. Nice watch and good price. If you subscribe, you'll get the emails about sales and discounts codes etc.

Christopher Ward C7 Rapide Automatic £347.50 @ Christopher Ward
22° Expired
Christopher Ward C7 Rapide Automatic £347.50 @ Christopher Ward£347.50£69550% off
Swiss made. Selita Sw200-1. Anti-reflective flat sapphire crystal. Water res 100m. 42mm. Case: 316L stainless steel and aluminium bezel. Lume: SuperLuminova SLN-T-C1. Unique engrav… Read more

These are some fine watches. Cheers


The blue face is available to order for mid January at same price.


Looks like the times run out....


Seems to be out of stock.


Out of stock

Christopher Ward half price sale e.g C65 Trident Diver Khaki £347.50 / C7 Rapide Automatic Blue/Orange £347.50
211° Expired
Christopher Ward half price sale e.g C65 Trident Diver Khaki £347.50 / C7 Rapide Automatic Blue/Orange £347.50FREE£695
Christopher Ward are having a half price sale some really nice watches available. Christopher ward are excellent quality and at this price a steal. C… Read more
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It think it was at first but sold out. If you subscribe, you would of had 2 days of early access before they went on general sale. I picked up this, always liked it and at 50% off, seems like a good price to me for what you get.


An ok brand if you get a watch in a sale.


I agree with a lot of the comments above. CW a good few years afo were an interesting brand at the lower of the market and entry level mechanical watches. Since they've dramatically increased their prices without the justification. Their quality, pedigree and heritage don't match their prices. They are overpriced for what they are. . They also have too many products in their line up. Their new logo looks like something dreamt up by a 5 year old. Also everything in their sale looks like turd imo, none of their actual popular models.


Not sure agree with your comments, owned a couple and they are overpriced at the very least at full price, even at sale prices I cant say I am really tempted, I do like the C7 Rapide though but even at £197 for a quartz watch with a leather strap is just an average price for a watch. What on earth makes this watch at full price almost £400?


Me too.

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Christopher Ward Ltd Edt Watch upto half price (not public until 7th) £397.50
-51° Expired
Christopher Ward Ltd Edt Watch upto half price (not public until 7th) £397.50£397.50
UK Independent Watch Maker Christopher Ward Sale! C7 Rapide Chronograph COSC Limited Edition model:S07-42QCC1-S0BB0-VK Tan Possessing a glorious blue and steel colour palette, t… Read more
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If it jumps two seconds at a time, means that the power is low. You should change the capacitor (it's a battery actually) and all should be ok.


I was looking at the new Xiaomi watches recently, which seem to use either a citizen / miyota or seagull movement. They're pretty cheap - what are people's opinions of them? I used to wear a Seiko kinetic (over 15 yrs old now), which broke (second hand job jumps 2 second now). Are modern cheap automatic watches actually any good?


I bought a CW in sale. Makaira pro 500. Well made, but CW always do this. I would be tamping if you bought one of their new releases only for them to cut the price in half 18months later.


I'm enjoying this thread - has a bit of everything: snobbery/inverted snobbery, voices of reason/voices of pure insanity etc etc. All on that most subjective of topics. Personally, I'd be happy to have a CW or 2 in my collection but only if bought at 50% or less of RRP and preferrably limited editions. I'm sure the quality is up there with the low end Swiss brands and they should last but there'll always be those that'll sneer at smaller "non-Swiss" makes (despite their having simliar movements, materials, quality control etc).


CW are ok. They're not Omega or Rolexes, nor will they ever be so. That said, you can get a CW containing the same movement as far more expensive watches, and build wise they're ok IMO. I own a couple of their pieces (I have ~20 watches) but wouldn't pay over £400 for any of them, nor will I buy anymore with the current logo as it's fugly IMO. That said, I'd much rather wear a decent CW than some of the hugely overpriced Tissot/bulova/Micheal kors shite, which often seem to contain some cheap internals and the build quality of which isn't as good as CWs. As others have said, only buy CWs in the sales getting 40-50% off turns some models into a reasonable deal. I'll also add the after sales service IME is excellent and puts others I've used such as TH & JLC to shame.

Christopher Ward watches, 30% - 50% off January sale
70° Expired
Christopher Ward watches, 30% - 50% off January sale
Christopher Ward watches, various discounts up to 50%.

You take that back! :D


About time, the old CW was just enough, but current one is awful. Thanks Andy


Nice to see they've switched back to some of their watches just having a logo instead of "Christopher Ward" on them.


Some lovely watches . The names a bit to much like Daniel Wellington though, (y) .LOL


Heat. Great watches. This is an absolute bargain:

Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic Mk III watch 39mm - £247.50 delivered, half price from £495
173° Expired
Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic Mk III watch 39mm - £247.50 delivered, half price from £495£247.50
Brilliant deal on these watches in steel black with three different strap options. The quality of these is a serious cut above what you'd normally see in this price range. Review … Read more
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Looks like two of the strap colour options have sold out - the one left is that pictured at the top of this deal.


Agreed. Insides are great for the price; outside not so much.


It's a nice looking watch... apart from the 'Christopher Ward' branding a 9 o'clock. Other than that, nice size, style and price :)


agree. i didnt want to see 'Christopher Ward' every time i look at my watch. it just doesnt hold the same prestige as other brands.


Hot deal!

Christopher Ward  up to half price sale prices start at £99.50
20° Expired
Christopher Ward up to half price sale prices start at £99.50£99.50
Up to half price lots of watches on sale prices start from £99.50 Free Postage. - bigbaz
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I received the watch about an hour ago, I've given it a good look over and all is well, for the price paid(£199.50) its superb value. This malvern is a limited edition the number is 93/100. It has a beautiful metallic looking green dial, a see through case back with a decorated movement, it being a dress watch the screw down crown is a nice touch. It has a good quality leather strap with buckle, I would have preferred a deployment but hey they have some straps in the sale, something I haven't seen before are the quick release spring bars which will make strap changes very fast with no need for tools, once again thanks op for a great deal.


Just bought the C5 Malvern auto limited edition @ £199.50. Free postage op, you should put that in the title.


Those moonphases are absolute bargains


the fact this has gone cold is no reflection of the quality of this post!


Too fast for me by the looks of it

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