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Citroen c3 flair 24 month lease deal 1 plus 23 months of £179.99 = £4,319.76 @ Citroen Birmingham
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Posted 17th May 2018Posted 17th May 2018LocalLocal
Citroen c3 flair 24 month lease deal 1 plus 23 months of £179.99 = £4,319.76 @ Citroen Birmingham£4,319.76
From Citroen Birmingham north, great deal, Citroen C3 flair edition, comes with air con, rear camera, front camera to record driving, soft side door bumpers, plus lots more, choice… Read more

Yes i know. If its suits you my ds engine which is the same 1.2 has the same output...


No because i do not drive:/ :/ :/ if i knew would i be asking this question


Because when you get to a narrow gap (one near me springs to mind that I drive down every day, country lane that narrows significantly at one point) and you meet another car coming the other way,very useful for those few seconds to save a £200 broken mirror bill !!


Why on earth would you want to fold the wing mirrors in whilst driving!!


Of course you still have to pay for it!!!! Have you heard of insurance and gap insurance??

Citroen C1 Airscape Flair Personal Lease 24 months for £3113
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Posted 20th Mar 2016Posted 20th Mar 2016
Citroen C1 Airscape Flair Personal Lease 24 months for £3113£3,113
Citroen C1 Airscape Flair lease deal First things first.... You won't own this car or have to option to purchase at the end. It is more expense than a £2k old heap that you can ow… Read more

Does it include insurance?


Technically it's Czech but never mind...


Bedford and can get any colour Inc metallic. Only thing I couldn't choose was the roof colour, this was standard.


Which Citroen main dealer have you seen this with and is there a choice of colours inc metallic clours or is metallic extra? thanks


vehicles for business in wales do a better deal i think

Free 24 hour test drive Citroen DS range
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Posted 8th Oct 2015Posted 8th Oct 2015
Free 24 hour test drive Citroen DS range
24 hour test drive. free hire car for a day perhaps

Always fun going on a non obligational test drive. DS5 is a nice car, though not conventional. Though at least the parking brake is in a sensible position, or not needing to operate it with you eyebrows.

New C1 1.0i VT 3dr £6380, was £8095 save £1715 @ Citroen retail group.
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Posted 22nd May 2014Posted 22nd May 2014
New C1 1.0i VT 3dr £6380, was £8095 save £1715 @ Citroen retail group.£6,380
Just seen this offer. I haven't seen it cheaper. A very good little economical car. I've added the Parkers review below: - While Citroën has concentrated more recently on its lu… Read more

or you can pop the hood and check the engine to see if it is the same.


Yes. Buts it a bit like putting an Audi badge on a Seat. If it was a Vauxhall that you could get cheap as a Spark then OK. But is looks like it will be a cheap Spark that you will over pay for to get a Vauxhall badge. Only time will tell. :)


they are all GM.


Well you might snag one for £6k but I doubt they will drop too much as they stopped production on 6th March to ready production of the new triplets. So unless they overestimated how many they would need (by a lot) there won't be any silly cheap. Would guess the last lot will be sold bulk to car hire firms and the like.


Citreons are decent, just bought a new DS4 but all their cars are solid enough with good engines.

Free test drive on Citroen DS5 for 24 hours
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Posted 30th Jun 2013Posted 30th Jun 2013
Free test drive on Citroen DS5 for 24 hours
Citroen are giving a 24 hour test drive on their rather nice lookin DS5 model. I. Just booked this for this wkd and must say was really nice drive and pretty looking. Only needed m… Read more

What about the front pillars? My vision seemed limited by them.


I think there is a 150 miles limit. Worth asking if you plan on doing more. I did the drive test, and recommended a friend for it. The friend was told on the phone about a 150 miles limit. Can't find it in the paper I signed though.


I have a DS5 - it's a really great car. As for dealerships, most are franchises so might not be offering the 24hour test drive, it will depend on the individual dealer, I have to say that my local one in Milton Keynes has always been very helpful.


just returned my 24 hour test drive. the car is excellent. I was very impressed by the car.


I took advantage of this. they called and booked. I just returned the car today. I was very impressed with the car.

Citroen wipers £29.99 fitted
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Posted 3rd Jun 2011Posted 3rd Jun 2011
Citroen wipers £29.99 fitted£29.99
Participating Citroen agents will supply and fit wiper blades for £29.99. Doesn't sound that great for smaller cars, but mine takes 26" blades with built in washers. Simple (non-wa… Read more

The blades are the aero type, and you cant fit any other type, eg chepo wilko ones or the Goodyear ones in Cost co.


Nah, at that price it must include the windscreen.


is this the whole housing or just the blades?


Or you could just go to wilkinsons pay £1.98 per wiper and use some grey matter to fit! Not that it requires much for some wipers!


... or drive a Citroen :p

Citroen Free MOT Offer
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Posted 27th Apr 2010Posted 27th Apr 2010
Citroen Free MOT Offer
FREE MOT OFFER If your Citroen vehicle is 4 years old or more, you are eligible for a FREE MOT! All you need to do is book your test by completing the registration form with you… Read more
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hi i took advantage of this free deal..unfortunately my c3 didnt pass due to two bulbs need replacing as the orange paint is fading off...jeesh talk about scraping the still it was useful to know as my mot isnt due til end of may and so now at least i know what doesnt need doing when i send it for my full service and mot with nationwide auto(compliments of tesco vouchers).


Spot on! I will MOT mine but i know that i need washer jets looking at and i keep getting a warning about my side lamp being faulty although they all seem to be working ok?!?! +REP!


Good luck! I had my free MOT yesterday, and am happy to say that my Citroen passed with no work required.


just filled in fingers crossed it goes through thanks op


Thanks for the post. I had my free MOT yesterday after applying to my 3 closest participating dealers (to which I only received the one response.) They kindly but begrudgingly fitted me in for a short-notice while-you-wait MOT, which my 4-year old Citroen thankfullly passed with no work required. My intention had been to take it elsewhere to be re-tested had it failed for any reason, which would have been at no real loss to me, except for the time involved (the pessimist in me was thinking that there's no such thing as a free lunch!) The 'Money Saving Expert' website provides good general advice on MOTs (, recommending council run MOT test centres for cars in moderate to good condition, because these don't do repairs, so have no vested interest to fail more than is necessary.

Free Citroen MOT
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Posted 27th Feb 2010Posted 27th Feb 2010
Free Citroen MOT
Citroen are currently doing a totally free MOT if your car is 4 years old or older (Citroens only sorry!). My wife had a phone call last week offering her one for £40, then I found… Read more

[COLOR="Red"]hiya there, this is just a con, dont be silly why would they do this?! dont do this! many thanks lauren xx [/COLOR]


I've got a J reg citroen that's been in a barn for several years, tempted, but the nearest garage is 20 miles away, I might not make it there. Insurance costs too. Thanks OP though.


Actually you can get an MOT every day if you like - 365 days a year! (You never heard a Arfur Daley type character say ' It'll be £200 as is, or for £250, I'll add an MOT on it'? - point being it can be done any day - everyday) WRT the website info you are referring to - I have heard 2 things about this. 1 - This is more of a guideline - makes sense to do it early (might fail after all) 2 - If you MOT in the month before, you 'preserve' your MOT expiry date for 2011 i.e. if you don't go for the deal and decide to get MOT'd on 01/04/10 - it passes - then your new MOT will expire 30/04/11 - 13 months in effect. I guess you you did take it in on 31/03/10 and it passes, show them the cert (V20?) and they might just preserve your date if you ask nicely. If it fails, well you'll go into April anyway no doubt, you get to pay nothing for the test and get a near 13 months MOT following re-test. Here's hoping you fail (a little bit)! The rest of your points make absolute sense. Let us know how you get on!


i had the same thing on my escort by a quick fit dealer wont name them either they wanted over £400 quid for brake drums brake discs and shoes toke to my local tyre center who do brakes as well they strip it down and said nothing wrong



MOT for £27 at Citroen Dealer
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Posted 1st Oct 2009Posted 1st Oct 2009
MOT for £27 at Citroen Dealer£27
MOT offer As part of our 90th birthday celebrations we are offering, for vehicles aged 4 years and older, an MOT for just £27.00 when you book your test between 7th September and … Read more
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Got my MOT done today, charged £30 in total, £3 for a couple of lightbulbs.


Wouldn't take my push bike to Citroen. I've been to alot of different branches in the past and they all try to rip you off or not do the job properly


Depends on the branch I guess. My dad always uses Kwik Fit for the little thing (not an MOT), just because several time's taken his car in for little menial repairs and he's paid nothing because the paperwork's more hassle than it's worth :thumbsup:


The whole procedure can certainly be a lottery, I think your choice of MOT centre can also be dependant to some extent on the car in question, I have a Porsche Cayman that will be due its first test in March next year. Given the sort of specialist nature of the car quite honestly I would only feel comfortable taking it to a main Porsche dealership. As difficult as it may be the bottom line is that you need to do a bit of homework and find someone you feel you can trust. Ideally a recommendation from a friend, family etc.


Never get an MOT done at Kwik Fit. They will fail your car in order to carry out unnecesary work.

Free six month subscription to Gardeners' World Magazine when you test drive the new Citroen C3 Picasso
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Posted 17th Aug 2009Posted 17th Aug 2009
Free six month subscription to Gardeners' World Magazine when you test drive the new Citroen C3 Picasso
Call free 0800 262 262 quoting reference GWFREE, and receive your test drive invitation form by return. Then simply contact your local Citroen dealership to arrange a test drive of… Read more
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Wow! Possibly the least desirable HUKD offer EVER (for me). I have no desire whatsoever to test drive a Citroen C3 Picasso, OR subscribe to Gardener's World. You just saved me £15.75 for NOT getting the Gardener's World subscription AND saved me £11,495 on the Citroen! Heat and Rep! :pirate:CJ:pirate: