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Stanley FatMax 8m/26’ Tape Measure £7.19 + £5 del at City Plumbing
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Subject to stock availability locally. Due to current lockdown as a result of Covid 19, Please avoid making unnecessary trips. The Stanley FatMax Pro Tape Measure is a high utili… Read more

My son collected his Estwing hammer today along with other reduced bargain goodies, he's an apprentice and his fellow work colleagues all wanted that hammer.... Whats so special about this hammer ? If it was a watch I could understand, but a hammer...?


Me too 😞


Lucky buggers! I really wanted the estwing hammer


Collected my haul today. Guys in shop said it was like black friday. They hadn't even been notified of the sale prices so had no clue wtf was going on.


Picked mine up yesterday. Even the guy behind the counter was like you've got a real bargain there!

Nest Cam Indoor £83.99 @ City Plumbing
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Nest Cam Indoor £83.99 @ City Plumbing£83.99 Free P&P Free
I know these have been cheaper before, but this is the cheapest I can see at the moment.

No idea what Yi is, but I already have several other items from Nest so have gone with this as it will work with my existing set up and subscription.


Yup, looks like it’s gone back up to full price again now. I purchased yesterday so will keep an eye on shipping confirmation to ensure they honoured it.


Out of curiosity, what is the difference between this for £80 odd & a yi for £20ish?


It comes up as full price for me when I add to basket?


I don't need this now so going to wait until it's cheaper. Good price if you need it very urgently and just can't wait.

DeWalt 240V 3 Mode SDS Plus Hammer Drill - D25033K-GB - 129559 £86.39 @ City Plumbing
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
DeWalt 240V 3 Mode SDS Plus Hammer Drill - D25033K-GB - 129559 £86.39 @ City Plumbing£86.39£93.187% off Free P&P Free
The DeWalt 3 mode SDS Plus Hammer Drill is strong enough to drill anchor and fixings holes into concrete and masonry of diameters ranging from 4 - 22mm. Manufactured in an ergonomi… Read more

When it says light chiselling, it means it. Don't confuse this with a breaker. Powerful when breaking but overheats easily....and fatally. Don't ask how I know this.

Google Nest Hub (Chalk) - £59.99 @ City Plumbing
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Google Nest Hub (Chalk) - £59.99 @ City Plumbing£59.99 Free P&P Free
Google Nest Hub gives you help at a glance, thanks to a 7" touchscreen smart display. Control your compatible smart home products with your voice like smart lights, cameras and the… Read more

Add something for over 1p and it will.


This doesn't have free delivery right?


It's great as a photo frame. You add photos to Google photos on your phone or computer and they 'magically' appear on this device. I gave those to remote family members for Christmas so they can get updated photos of kids/grandkids.


What a world! even plumbers started selling


It used to be... But with the new software "update" everytime you go near it, it shows the weather, the calendar and routine etc... They couldn't leave good enough alone

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £143.99 @ City Plumbing
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £143.99 @ City Plumbing£143.99 Free P&P Free
Product Information 2 Year Guarantee [1] HD Talk And Listen. Using The Nest App, Hear Visitors Loud And Clear And Have A Conversation. Or Use Quick Responses – Choose From A Lis… Read more

Back up to £227.99 ;(


JL just price matched for me! Heat!


Yep, the hubs play a short chime and then announce 'someone's at the front door' or whatever you've named it and will show you the camera feed. I haven't found a way to make a chime sound only. In terms of the transformer, I opted to buy a plug in one like this one below, rather than having to find a suitable mounting point for the one you linked to. It's much easier than messing around with the consumer unit or getting someone in to do it. It's then just a matter of routing the low voltage wires to the doorbell.


I do have a Google Nest Hub & Nest Hub Max so could use those, am I right in thinking that if the doorbell is rung, they can only verbally announce as opposed to playing a chime? If I don't have an existing wired doorbell infrastructure, is something like this all I would need to be installed prior to getting the Nest Hello?


If you don't mind having Google in your home, you can just buy a Google nest mini and it will tell you when someone has rang the bell. You can also mute the mic on it, if you prefer to have it only for announcements. You can generally pick them up for around £20 in the various sales

DeWalt 18V XR Brushless Compact Combi Drill + 5 ah + charger + case - DCD796P1-GB - £148.79 (delivered) at City plumbing
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
DeWalt 18V XR Brushless Compact Combi Drill + 5 ah + charger + case - DCD796P1-GB - £148.79 (delivered) at City plumbing£148.79 Free P&P Free
When looking for drills, based on a few comments here, went looking for this one. Bought it from another site, however wasn't able to post the deal as it didn't meet the posting cr… Read more

DCF's are Impact tools and they're all brushless... maybe there's a different identity scheme for Impacts. Basicallt though the general theme seems to be bigger numbers are better :)


The second number 8 means brushed? I bought a DCF787 and it says it is brushless... Does it apply to all dewalt power tools?


Try and get the 887 if poss, with the 3 different torque settings.


Thanks a lot, will give them a look!


As I was starting from scratch and would be using for screwing and occasional driling (not sure that sounds right but anyway....), I went for However I got 10% discount hence cheaper than screwfix, as well as i couldnt find any stock at toolstation. Basically gave me a fair amount of what I needed and also a handle to use as screwdriver handle to use manually plus a spirit level. Only drawback is that the mansonary bits are fairly small, ie upto 6.5mm. I had thought about getting something for inside the case but was already over budget, however this may be useful

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DeWalt 100 Piece Drill & Screwdriver Set DT71569-QZ £31.19 + £5 delivery / Free Delivery on orders of £50+ @ City Plumbing
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Posted 18th Dec 2020Posted 18th Dec 2020
DeWalt 100 Piece Drill & Screwdriver Set DT71569-QZ £31.19 + £5 delivery / Free Delivery on orders of £50+ @ City Plumbing£36.19£39.949% off
Free Delivery on orders of £50 or more. Combination set of both drill and screwdriver bits. Includes bits suitable for drilling in metal, wood, plastic and masonry along with all t… Read more

This was actually cheaper for me...bc,it was local click and collect. I ordered two of these,but they only sent one to store.I complained to the manage,who then gave me a £10 discount = £52.38 for two.


I have gone for this: DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set, Impact Ready, FlexTorq, 40-Piece (DWA2T40IR), Black/Silver Impack Ready FlexTorq Screw Driving Set, 40-Piece


Can be had cheaper: £33.95 at UK Planet Tools £33.99 at BuyaParcel


£5 delivery charge excludes the item would cost £37.19 delivered.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £164.39 delivered @ City Plumbing
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Posted 12th Dec 2020Posted 12th Dec 2020LocalLocal
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £164.39 delivered @ City Plumbing£164.39 Free P&P Free
Its a nest video doorbell!

I ordered one and used 9% topcashback on top of the great offer.


Not sure if I'm allowed to drill though..


Did you use a Nest-approved Pro? There are too many electricians out there who think they know best and fail to adhere to the specific transformer requirements of the Nest Hello. I didn't really want to have to pay for this installation - I was going to have a go myself - but I thought it best to accept the advantages offered by a Pro, rather than face frustration caused by multiple footage losses and the associated time problem solving. I've had great coverage for over two years now.


I'll give you a clue. It begins with 'd' and ends in 'l'.


All I asked Google for was help to see what the problem is but in the 5 months of waiting I haven't had anyone from their tech support contact me. The only thing I've had are approximately 30 messages on twitter from them saying that someone will contact me via email.

Adey MagnaClean Pro2 Magnetic Filter 22mm £76.43 inc.del. online only @ City plumbing
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Refreshed 27th Nov 2020Refreshed 27th Nov 2020
Adey MagnaClean Pro2 Magnetic Filter 22mm £76.43 inc.del. online only @ City plumbing£76.43£94.9920% off Free P&P Free
Update 1
Further price drop to £76.43
Gone down by over £5 in the last few days from £81.89 Note that this price is online only, price in store is £109.19. Free delivery but you can also click and collect. Now £94.99… Read more

I didnt put any new inhibitor in so maybe I should do that. When it was new I was taking the top off without removing the body , but when it got stuck I did have to take the full body off like in the video (y)


Add a bottle of inhibitor concentrate every year and lightly plumbers grease the inner O ring on the top part before putting it back on and you'll be doing it like a pro. In case of difficult access or opening, see link below:


Ha ha I was the same...suggest you do it every 6-8 weeks for first few months. TBH I stopped checking mine because it got so clean and all was good until recently when I had an unrelated problem. I hadnt been able to get the top of the filter when I last tried hadnt been checked in about 18 months - but the problem made me get it done and I had similar amount to your pics which was a relief.


As others have said, youve missed the point and I was the same when I first heard of magnetic filter My new bolier failed after 4 years, bolider was fine it was a debris issue. Had the bolier clened and one of these fitted and ot pulls out all the metal bits from the water - I was getting a 1-2cms build up around the magnet monthly for the first 6 months and now it just pulls a small amount out per year


Now we have Couch plumbers. These are great.

Drayton Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat - £35.99 @ City plumbing (Free C&C)
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Posted 16th Nov 2020Posted 16th Nov 2020
Drayton Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat - £35.99 @ City plumbing (Free C&C)£35.99
Prices have been holding fairly steady at £40 since I started looking 6 weeks ago, these are the first I've seen drop below that price. Maybe worth holding out to see what else Bla… Read more

Possibly/probably/yes/no - if it shows it in the app then I suspect it'll use weather data but to what extent will depend on how you have it installed and your boiler model. Or it may just show you the weather because it's easy to do but actually not use the info at all! Full weather compensation will compare the inside and outside temperatures to get an idea of the rate at which the building will lose heat (as your house will lose more heat when it's colder outside, so the boiler needs to work harder). The system then learns how best to heat the space most efficiently - so you don't have to guess when to turn the heating on in the morning to make sure it's warm for when you get up. You tell the controller when the house should be at temperature, and on colder days it will start heating earlier and fire the boiler harder to reach temperature, but when it's warmer it will delay the start and/or use much lower water temperatures and save gas. The controller also works out how long your house takes to cool for any given outside conditions, so can switch off your heating earlier and let the building "coast". In order to get the full benefit, you'll need to have your boiler talking to Wiser via Opentherm - but if your boiler is more than a few years old (and even if it's brand new, many still don't) chances are it won't support that. Opentherm allows the controller to tell the boiler to run at reduced capacity - for example if you need 10 kW of heat your 24 kW boiler can do this either by cycling on and off or by running part of the burner to give the 10 kW continuous output. "Traditional" boiler control can only do the former, and that wastes gas as it's inefficient. You could still get the benefit of the optimised start etc, but not the part load performance. Tado appears to support more protocols (like the WB EMS protocol, which captures a lot of boilers in the 5-15 year old range) but I'm not sure to what extent it does weather optimisation either.


Looks like I can message everyone except you :(


The wiser OS does include local weather information - isn’t this the same or similar to a weather controller


Thanks i can't message you for the same reason. I don't remember opting out nor I can find how. I will ask the mods. Thanks


I have a FW-100 weather-compensating controller with outdoor sensor to go with my WB Highflow 440CDi (the same controller is available branded Worcester-Bosch, Bosch and Junkers). I believe it's now discontinued at least in the UK, but may be available in Europe or second hand under one of the other brand names. I can't message you as you've opted out of PMs.

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