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Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus Home with patio cleaner, 6 year warranty & £30 cashback £349.99 at Cleanstore
Posted 11th Mar 2020Posted 11th Mar 2020
Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus Home with patio cleaner, 6 year warranty & £30 cashback £349.99 at Cleanstore£349.99£449.9922% off
Found this K5 Premium Full Control Plus £100 cheaper than on Karcher’s own shop with £30 cashback as well so works out at £319.99. Free delivery & 6 year warranty

Now full price at £430 all barring 1p. Best deal I can find at the moment is B&Q £278 and buy the T5 patio cleaner separately fo £60.


£264.99 now but it’s different model without the patio cleaner - looked there before Cleanstore


Screwfix =£279


Nilfisk was the only other brand I was considering, heard good things about kranzle but they are a lot of money for the model I was looking at.


I'm still researching and will be buying a pressure washer when the weather gets a bit better.

Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer £77.99 / With Car Pressure Washer Bundle £95.99 + Free Spray Kit @ Cleanstore
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Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer £77.99 / With Car Pressure Washer Bundle £95.99 + Free Spray Kit @ Cleanstore£77.99£87.5911% off Free P&P Free
Not quite as cheap as before, but there's now a free spray kit that adds at the checkout automatically. Didn't think it was bad for what it is. Personally I'd go for the car cleani… Read more

Ordered 👏


I ordered this from here a couple of weeks back. As long as you've got a hose with a Hozelock style connector you're good to go. I did note in the "instruction manual", if you can call it that, there was an image of a large bucket of water apparently being used as a source, but I've not needed to try this.


Does this work by drawing water out of a bucket? Or does it require special attachments that are not included?


This or the TITAN TTB1800PRW 140BAR from Screwfix?


I was actually about to ask what's better for the light use (lol)

Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer - £71.99 delivered @ Cleanstore
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer - £71.99 delivered @ Cleanstore£71.99 Free P&P Free
1400W Universal Air Cooled Motor 110 Bar / 440 Litres Per Hour 5 Mtr High Pressure Hose Click & Clean Foam Sprayer Tornado & Powerspeed Nozzles In the box: Nilfisk Compact… Read more

Some forums seem to think it could be from the filter inside the hose connection. I've just cleaned mine out as it was pretty scaled up so I'll see how it goes. Can't test at the moment as my hose broke.. hence why finding this thread looking for a new one.


Ah, fair enough. I was assuming it’s a seal leaking inside somewhere, like an o ring or gasket that’s perished. Don’t know whether it’s worth opening it up or not. I guess I’ll keep going with it for now.


Mine does exactly the same! No fixes that ive seen yet either.. just a quick finger on the off switch!


Something like this: Or any B & Q store will have them (y)


Hose is on the side of the house, reel it out to the front and disconnect the brass sprayer to connect to the washer. What I would like to do is have a brass splitter on the bib tap and have a separate hose going to the front of the house specifically for the pressure washer so I do not have the disconnect the original brass fitting which is for the rear of the garden.

Nilfisk Compact C110 Home & Car Pressure Washer Bundle - £87.99 delivered @ Cleanstore
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Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
Nilfisk Compact C110 Home & Car Pressure Washer Bundle - £87.99 delivered @ Cleanstore£87.99 Free P&P Free
1400W Universal Air Cooled Motor 110 Bar / 440 Litres Per Hour 5 Metre High Pressure Hose, Click & Clean Foam Sprayer Compact Patio Cleaner, Wash Brush Tornado & Powerspeed… Read more

I have owned my Nilkisk for 6years. It's the same model as this one. Very good for the money


That's my favourite attachment. You need to treat the patio first and then it comes up really well.


Use this at work no issues so can't understand comments


Have some Heat OP <3 Can't go wrong with "Blue", especially at this price with all them accessories (y) , I've had something similar for gawd knows how many years now and not missed a beat yet (y) For those thinking of the yellow equivalent, na, I've seen enough of those stripped on workbenches! (lol)


it is from the other sellers

Nilfisk Premium 180 Pressure Washer, 610 lpm, 180 bar £349 @ Cleanstore
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Posted 13th Aug 2020Posted 13th Aug 2020
Nilfisk Premium 180 Pressure Washer, 610 lpm, 180 bar £349 @ Cleanstore£349£3859% off
Nilfisk Premium 180 Pressure Washer £349 ( £413 on Amazon) High flow rate of 610 is great when cleaning the car and flexi hose makes life easier 2900 Watt Induction Motor 180 … Read more

Don't feel like this is a great deal anyway. It's right in the middle, too powerful for a car but not full blast for patios and decking. If you want power you can get 272 bar for £350 without a power lead. Proof:


Just be careful if using on the car, i went from an 1800w unit to 2500w, and it took a load of lacquer of my car!!!!


This is right, I never mentioned this is not a good deal, I just suggested there is a big jump from a under £100 pressure washer to this. So far this has the best specs I ever came across, but the price is in line with the specs.


Thanks! I may have a look, lately I did my shopping at Lidl and I found it once. Took my time to decide if I want it, the following week was OOS. I have not seen this again since 2-3 months ago, but I didn't go to Lidl over the past 2 week. I may pay them a visit, I need one with a patio cleaner, not sure if Aldi or Lidl do one with a patio cleaner or a different patio cleaner will work with them.


If u dont have good water pressure the extra bars dont mean alot.

Nilfisk E145 pressure washer - £199.99 delivered at Cleanstore
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Posted 23rd Jun 2020Posted 23rd Jun 2020
Nilfisk E145 pressure washer - £199.99 delivered at Cleanstore£199.99£249.9920% off Free P&P Free
Forget your Karcher or Aldi special, spend a bit more and have this..... 2100 Watt Induction Motor 145 Bar / 500 Litres Per Hour, Reliable Aluminium Cylinder Head 9 Mtr Soft Textil… Read more

Different hose. This is not as good as the superflex which is on the E160 and above at 10m long.


Hi. Does anyone know if the 9 metre hose this comes with is the same as the 10m super flex one the e150 comes with (other than length). This one says soft textile hose the e150 says super flex hose? Cheers


Yeah it does a cracking job. I use a watering can to get a slight covering and then agitate a bit with a hard brush. Gets it looking as new.


I've heard that if you get the 15% stuff and dilute it 50/50 with water and then use a garden sprayer to put it down, it should get rid of the black spots. I'll buy some and give it a try.


Looks great! Loved ping patios that have a dramatic change. Get some sodium hypochlorite to cover the slabs with and it will remove all the black spots and stains!

Karcher k7 compact - £359.99 @ Cleansore
-234° Expired
Posted 6th Jun 2020Posted 6th Jun 2020
Karcher k7 compact - £359.99 @ Cleansore£359.99£399.9910% off Free P&P Free
First Post.... :o I'm after a new pressure washer and this seems to be the best option currently.

Thanks for sharing @timphillipsma


Spend a little more and buy a Kränzle instead. Reliability on the Karchers seems to have dropped a lot when you read the forums.


Thanks, I waited for a response before voting. In case I had missed something. These tiny induction motors tend to be nowhere like as efficient as their big,air-cooled, sisters. One of those is going to weigh more and cost more than this entire machine. So you can't expect this to work as well as a professional, garage-type, one.


Advantage is, cleanstore have stock, these guys don't...


It took me about 20 seconds to find this: for £332.72 including delivery. With the same 4 year warranty. So, what advantages are there in buying from Cleansore/Cleanstore? BTW these induction motor compact pressure washers are superbly engineered. It's more torpedo motor engineering than anything - how they produce a tiny motor that would self-destruct were it not for the integrated water cooling. Don't let them freeze. Put a note in your diary to use them, even for a short while, every couple of months at least. They are precision bits of engineering but that means that they need cossetting.

Nilfisk Premium 180 xtra pressure washer £399.99 at Cleanstore
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Posted 31st May 2020Posted 31st May 2020
Nilfisk Premium 180 xtra pressure washer £399.99 at Cleanstore£399.99
Next cheapest I find is at Costco for £30 more This is for the top of the range consumer model



I'd have a look and see what professional pressure washer places are near you (or Kranzle dealers) Give them a call as none of the deals I've seen on here are really that good - also if you have a local place you know you have the backup etc. (They can still go wrong but are worth fixing unlike pretty much any sub-£200 washer..)


Can you send the link? Have held off as seen a karcher professional xpert Hd7125 for same price with all accesories. If there is a kranzle with all accesories for same price well that changes things!


Honestly - buy a Kranzle for that price!


Avoid the break down frequently

Kranzle K1050P Pressure Washer £341.99 at Cleanstore
181° Expired
Posted 27th May 2020Posted 27th May 2020
Kranzle K1050P Pressure Washer £341.99 at Cleanstore£341.99£369.998% off Free P&P Free
2200 Watt Induction Motor 160 Bar / 450 Litres Per Hour 8 Metre High Pressure Hose Reliable Brass Pump & Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Pistons Stainless Steel Flat Jet Lan… Read more

It looks good value to me ,I had a k7 karcher same power but more money and had problems ,I now have a k5 not as good but good enough until it stops like all other karchers , not heard of this brand before but it has great reviews and k7 power also so seems a good deal to me


I use to do a lot of detailing a few years ago, so it was used a fair bit. Not so much these days. It seems to manage 5 cars on a weekend with the snow foam lance to. I guess it's horses for courses. (y)


I like quality but you need to have a need for it. My Nilfisk is used every few weeks so I don’t have that much use and this great device would be an overkill but heat for quality.


I think the worry is if you are going to be using it for hours every week and especially in the summer. How much use have you got out of it?


Why so angry, I never said Kranzles are bad but not everyone wants to pay this much or more. Plus, my Karchers have been fine, handed on and still running. But I look after stuff, some do not. Just got it out for the summer because the hose is better, it will fit the Karcher as well but need to do a mod. (y) in

Kranzle K1050TS Pressure Washer - £413.99 @ Cleanstore
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Posted 19th May 2020Posted 19th May 2020
Kranzle K1050TS Pressure Washer - £413.99 @ Cleanstore£413.99£4498% off Free P&P Free
2200 Watt Induction Motor 160 Bar / 450 Litres Per Hour 8 Metre High Pressure Hose, Stainless Steel Quick Change Fittings Reliable Brass Pump & Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel P… Read more

I just bought a Kranzle 2195 off Amazon for £695. I hope it will last a lifetime but can anyone advise whether I can run off a 13Amp socket, or do I need a 16Amp plug. I think it pulls 14Amps on start-up but then runs at around 12/13. Don't want to blow a capacitor.


No I'm subbed to him, he knows his stuff, I have same products and alot of the same kit to. Use pure di water fir last rinse too. It was another knowledgeable you tuber who was recommending products who then recommended the k7 karcher if you wanted to do detailing in a budget. Absolute joke, considering they are £570.00. I didn't pay much more for my kranzle tst1152. By all means pay 100 or so for cheap karchers but if spending 400 plus get a much better make like kranzle.


Elite car care, Bourne end. They are professional car retailers and stock kranzle stuff.


My bad, thought you were on about Car Cleaning Guru


Wrong you tuber

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