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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off WorkGearUK range (Black Friday sale) at CNS Powertools
20% off the WorkGearUK range* over at CNS Powertools. Discount is auto applied at checkout but it excludes trousers by the looks of it. Available on main workgearuk site but HDUK… Read more

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Makita DRT50ZJ 18v Brushless Cordless Router/Trimmer (Body Only) £178.80 at CNS Powertools
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Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Makita DRT50ZJ 18v Brushless Cordless Router/Trimmer (Body Only) £178.80 at CNS Powertools£178.80 Free P&P Free
Seen a few deals posted on here for this router and since I've been thinking about getting one myself I've kept an eye out for any deals, this seems to be the cheapest one around a… Read more


Little bit cheaper here, seems the same model?


Easy mistake, given the poor website. Credit for bothering to post the deal even if it isnt the cheapest.


I stand corrected when I added it to my cart it clearly said included Vat but when I went to pay for it they've added the vat on top. Bit naughty really


when i clicked on add to basket, it came up with an error saying "add quantity" which showed price as £149 with and without vat. but when you added the quantity required it changed to the proper price in the basket. so you obviously didn't go all the way to checkout, or you would have seen the proper price.

DeWalt D25033K 240v SDS 3 Mode Hammer Drill 710W - £74.40 @ CNS Powertools
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Posted 4th Jun 2020Posted 4th Jun 2020
DeWalt D25033K 240v SDS 3 Mode Hammer Drill 710W - £74.40 @ CNS Powertools£74.40
OVERVIEW Ideal for drilling anchor and fixing holes into concrete and masonry from 4 to 22 mm in diameter Rotation-stop for light chiselling applications in brick, soft masonry a… Read more

Hi yes I rang the company and they apologized and told me it was on the way I then received it the next day


You heard anything yet?


maybe call them?


Haven't received an email I mean


How do I contact this company I have received an email or anything since I ordered one of these and need to find out when it will be here? Not impressed

Bosch professional drill with 2 x 2.0ah batteries, charger and case (CNS Powertools) - £95.99
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Posted 29th Oct 2019Posted 29th Oct 2019
Bosch professional drill with 2 x 2.0ah batteries, charger and case (CNS Powertools) - £95.99£95.99
Managed to grab one as a Christmas present for a family member. Great price for what's included! Free delivery too 👌

Out of stock.


Great price. Unfortunately paid £120 for it 6 weeks ago. Great drill tho. Not too heavy. (strong)


Decent price, but the 2.0 ah battery’s don’t last long at all


4 weeks


I know how you feel.

Makita 5ah Battery New £59.99 delivered @ CNS Powertools
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Posted 13th Mar 2018Posted 13th Mar 2018
Makita 5ah Battery New £59.99 delivered @ CNS Powertools£59.99
Genuine 5ah battery, free shipping.

Also, for what it’s worth, the OP link is for the one without the battery life indicator (BL1850) The power tool world link is for the BL1950b


Marginally cheaper here:


You’d only need to charge this once a year...!


Isnt this average price?


Thanks for sharing your first deal, @LC1990 - nice find! And welcome to the community :)

Bosch GSB 18VLI2W Combi Drill with 2x2Ah Batteries, Wireless Charger & L-BOXX (CNS Powertools - £102 delivered)
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Bosch GSB 18VLI2W Combi Drill with 2x2Ah Batteries, Wireless Charger & L-BOXX (CNS Powertools - £102 delivered)£102
Bosch GSB 18V LI-2 Combi drill with 2x 2Ah batteries, wireless charger & L-BOXX. May benefit those of you who missed out on the Axminster deal posted last night.

Cheers mate! Worth waiting for brushless deal or not much difference?


This is brushed


Is this the brushless version or the non-brushless one?


Legend mate blagged one earlier after I was gutted I missed out on Axminster deal by minutes!


Joggler, you are correct. I've just received an email from CNS saying the cashback deal is no longer running for this item and was incorrectly advertised. Apologies for this, I will update the post.

Bosch GSB10.8V & GDR10.8V drill & impact driver set incl LBOXX & 2x 2.0ah batteries - £133.99 incl delivery @ CNS Powertools
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Posted 29th Aug 2016Posted 29th Aug 2016
Bosch GSB10.8V & GDR10.8V drill & impact driver set incl LBOXX & 2x 2.0ah batteries - £133.99 incl delivery @ CNS Powertools£133.99
Good price for this drill/driver set. Have never used the impact driver but the drill is very good and surprisingly powerful for it's size, can do anything my Bosch green 18v drill… Read more

how would this set posted compare to this set on the link makita g series


£150.00 Incl. VAT now


That's a bit condescending. I'm not "in the trade" but I prefer to buy good, durable and effective tools rather than cheap stuff. A good tool is a good tool, whether you use it once a month or every day. If longevity was the only issue, then you might have a point. I bought a cheap SDS drill, because it was only likely to be used for a single job, but all my other kit tends to be DeWalt. And not just because I like the colour. Oops, sorry, I mean the colour doesn't enter into it.


Im a serious DIYer with some commercial use. I have this set and a cheaper 18V set. The Bosch 10.8V is great and dont be fooled by its lower power. The drill will easily go into red brick and i have had no problem driving 100mm screws into wood for framing with the impact driver. Dont get me wrong the 18V is better but you dont always need that much grunt! The reason i got them was due to weight saving over the 18V stuff. Im very happy with them and would recommend to anyone.


Comparing this to an 18v is like apples and pears. This is a specific tool for specific job. Those in the trade will know what im talking about, most DIYers can get away with the cheap B&D drill that will get used once in a blue moon. This is a good deal however and I do have a lot of the Bosch blue 10.8v range. It does crack me up when I see some DIY fan dust off their professional tool to use and it's in immaculate condition, save the money if you don't use it every day like us in the trade.

Makita DHP456 Combi Drill with 2 Batteries In Metal Case £107.99 @ Cnspowertools
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Posted 14th Jan 2016Posted 14th Jan 2016
Makita DHP456 Combi Drill with 2 Batteries In Metal Case £107.99 @ Cnspowertools£107.99
Picked one of these up today, cant find this drill with 2 batteries for cheaper. Comes in a metal case and its not the light duty DHP453 I have looked at previously, looks and fe… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

+Heat. Ordered. Thx.


picture shows 2ah batteries. Love my 18v Makita kit.


It does say 2 X 2.0Ah Batteries on their website (_;) Have some heat.


The kit I picked up had 2ah batteries in :)


actually quite a decent price even if the batteries are only 1.5ah heat

Garmin smart fitness watch. £130
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Posted 11th Dec 2015Posted 11th Dec 2015
Garmin smart fitness watch. £130£130
Been looking at there for the last couple of days and this site popped up and it's a lot cheaper than anywhere else on the web. Just ordered one and considering ordering another a… Read more

Not sure why this is cold, cheapest price, good reviews, ordered one and arrived next day :)

Makita 4.0 Ah battery £60 @ CNS Powertools
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Posted 26th Sep 2014Posted 26th Sep 2014
Makita 4.0 Ah battery £60 @ CNS Powertools£60
Best price ever for 4 Ah Makita LXT battery

I got one couple a mths ago DTD146+3.0Ah batt+charger+carry bag for £144 ;)


Looks like the offer is still on, just got myself a nice cheap DTD146z impact driver from there too :)


Makita DHP456RMWX 18V Li-Ion Cordless LXT Combi Drill with Battery TOOLG4609NM £136.99 1 £136.99 Subtotal: £123.29 Shipping (Free Shipping (2 Days)): £0.00 Tax (VAT 20.0%): £20.55 Total: £123.29


Sorry looks like there was big demand so the price is back to £78. EXPIRED


£78 now....

makita dtd146rf £144 at cnspowertools
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Posted 27th Apr 2014Posted 27th Apr 2014
makita dtd146rf £144 at cnspowertools£144
Hi, Makita impact drill the DTD146 replaces BTD146, I think it is a good deal as it comes with body, charter and batteries. Anyone knowing a cheaper equivalent deal pls let me kno… Read more

This was the lowest it has ever been


Sorry, ignore my last comment. Didn't read that this included a charger. However this has the 4.0ah battery for a few quid more. As far as I'm aware BTD vs DTD is literally just a label change for this model


£139.95 with a battery:


Great just ordered


Good price. great find.

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