Found 28th Mar 2011
Coupons from Co-op. No limit to number of each printed.

Coupons actually work in any supermarket.

I got 50p off Ambrosia Devon custard (500g) in Tesco. Total = 25p!

Different coupons every month.
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Please move to voucher section, posted in deals by mistake.
I tried to check out the site but apparently its not compatible with Chrome and I'm sure if I got past that the software wouldn't be too happy with Ubuntu. Annoying since i shop at co-op regularly.
Ok on ubuntu with FF4.

edit: site works but there's a stupid exe to install - what's wrong with just showing pdf!
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I got a post deleted the other week because it involved beforeishop which is the same as this which involved downloading. HUKD seem hit and miss
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