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Co-operative Bank current account - Everyday Rewards
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Posted 20th May 2020Posted 20th May 2020
Co-operative Bank current account - Everyday Rewards
This is my second post please check my first post for the other current account if you in Ireland, these are replacement to Santander Current Accounts… Read more

Council tax, gas, electricity, water, broadband and TV paid by landlord! Gym complete waste of money, never had a loan or credit card in my life. I only have my contract phone on DD and a very rare PayPal purchase here and there. I guess it's just not for me


At a minimum: Council tax, gas/electric, water should be paid by DD (3 or 4 depending how you do your gas & electric) Also include if you have them: mobile phone, landline/broadband, TV package, gym membership, loans, credit card repayments, any Paypal purchase paid by bank account would count as well.


4 direct debits though, that's quite a few?!


looks better then Halifax there reward account has changed again recently its not worth having anymore..

Breakdown cover , travel insurance, phone cover £15.00pm potential £9.50pm @ CoOp Bank
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Posted 6th Jan 2020Posted 6th Jan 2020
Breakdown cover , travel insurance, phone cover £15.00pm potential £9.50pm @ CoOp Bank
Potentially 9.50/mth if you open a joint account works out £4.75 each So I was with nationwide shopping around for better deals after they got rid of there interest. Co-op Bank'… Read more

Has anyone actually made a claim for travel insurance on either of the two provides? How was your experience? I'm with neither and my annual travel insurance is due for renewal. It keeps on going up every year to the point that I may consider getting one of these accounts as I take out breakdown cover as well. Thanks.


The real moneysaving thing to do would be to use the Coop account to get your £5.50 a month. And then use Nationwide Flex Plus for the rest, thus saving £2. So that's what I do.


Breakdown will be hit and miss depending on the area you're in. Nationwide has contracts covering a particular area. In my area, the company they use is running some neanderthal outreach programme. Both times they were useless. In the first instance, they acted like my car was running normally when it wouldn't even reach 40 mph. On the second occasion a few days later when it broke down completely, I insisted they tow it to a garage I trust. En-route I was surprised there was onboard entertainment. Unfortunately that entertainment was a rotund aesthetically-challenged gentleman driving telling me that various pedestrians would 'get it'. Those poor ladies, I suspect they never got to experience the undoubted delights of the Casanova seated beside me. Funnily enough, my trustworthy garage found there was a problem and fixed it, and low and behold, my car was able to reach the dizzying speeds of 40+ mph once again. For me, within my area, I rate Nationwide's breakdown cover as next to useless. They will not attempt to fix the issue. They will not even take a look for you. If I was really desperate, I might let them tow my car again depending on how far I am from civilization. However, in most instances, I'd sooner push it to my favoured garage myself. Maybe some passing ladies would be impressed enough for me to 'get it'.


I've done a phone claim, albeit for a damaged phone, not lost or stolen, with Nationwide. Easy to claim and phone back good as new in about a week.


The best travel insurance I think it Aviva but it always costs around £25 for 5-7 days which adds up quick when you are going away a few times. Is there any particular product you recommend which covers everything like this bank account? Or even individual policies which may work out cheaper?

Switch to a Co-Operative current account, get £125 plus £25 to charity
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Posted 13th Sep 2017Posted 13th Sep 2017
Switch to a Co-Operative current account, get £125 plus £25 to charity
Get £125 in your account when you switch, with another £25 going to Centrepoint – a youth homelessness charity and our charity partner. All this, plus a 5-star current account. Sw… Read more

Doesn't sound good. How long did it take for the cash to pay out


In short, no: The Co-Op group now owns a token 1% of the bank though... I switched a few months ago to get the £125, they didn't have the charity offer included then. The switch process was messed up, even though I did it online their system screwed up and I had to complete the switch via phonecall. My complaint went unanswered. Coming from First Direct the Co-Op app is just passable, they have committed the stupid mistake of not being able to change the payee reference in the app and only on the desktop online login. Will probably switch away from them soonish to someone else with a decent switch offer.


Did this years ago, never got a penny and they are a terrible bank. I refuse to use them


Is this bank still looking for a buyer?


Credit:- MSE

£125 switching incentive PLUS £66 in rewards PLUS £25 to charity if you switch to a Co-op current account
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Posted 1st Aug 2017Posted 1st Aug 2017
£125 switching incentive PLUS £66 in rewards PLUS £25 to charity if you switch to a Co-op current account
The Co-operative Bank has launched a new current account switching incentive offering £125 for switchers PLUS a potential £66 a year in rewards for carrying out everyday banking ac… Read more

2 x DD's to your Tesco Saver accounts ( 1 to each ) 2 x DD's to link your Paypal accounts (1 for each) Easy done and once setup the same can be done for ANY of your bank switches , handy ;)


Be mindful if you have a joint account, I switched online to Halifax and half way through it said I would need to go in branch to prove my identify and my wife's. We had to wait 3 weeks for the appointment and spend 2 hours faffing with paperwork.


I just left because of that. Probably all the free money they keep giving away. (popcorn)


They are in serious financial trouble. I know your money is protected up to £75k with banks but I'd rather not. Looks like I'm not alone.


Can you get the switch incentive if you have previously had one from smile (owned by Co op)?

£110 Switching Incentive to Switch to The Co-Op Bank
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Posted 4th Feb 2017Posted 4th Feb 2017
£110 Switching Incentive to Switch to The Co-Op Bank
£110 when you switch to our current account. Making your 2017 that little bit brighter. New customers must complete a full switch to The Co-operative Bank using the Current Accou… Read more

Been with them for years ( Smile Account) never had a problem it's been my main account amongst the other accounts I hold, I can give them a thumbs up.


Nothing required for current account, it's the rewards account that needs dd's and £750 a month


HEAT, this could literally help fund my new Nintendo console purchase!


There seems to always be a lot of these account switching incentives going around. To maximise profit you'd need to keep switching and pocket the money...just how often are you allowed to switch accounts to be eligible for these incentive payments?


Everybody with a halifax cc should look at doing a switch. £3 reward is only 36 per year. If the Co. op pays 110 it's worth 3 years of halifax rewards. It might not be the best on the high street but it hammers the Halifax. heat from me.

£150 Switching Incentive + £70 Cashback = £220 to Switch to The Co-Op Bank
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Posted 20th Sep 2016Posted 20th Sep 2016
£150 Switching Incentive + £70 Cashback = £220 to Switch to The Co-Op Bank£220
£70 from Quidco and £150 from Co-Op Bank. T&C's apply- see Quidco Page.

Yep, finally they coughed up. Time to ditch and switch!


My £70 cashback has been paid out too


Yeeehaa! Just checked Quidco and my £70 cashback has been confirmed and I have arranged transfer to my bank account. I hope everyone is as successful.


My cashback claim is still showing as being in the waiting to be confirmed stage, though it is not due for payment until 18th May. Would your payment be earlier because you are a Quidco premium member? Anyway I'd try to ask for a further explanation, say you want more details as you want to take it to the banking ombudsman, that may get them to pay a bit more attention to your request. I would have thought the Co-op would be as responsible as Quidco for the switching incentive and therefore may actually be under the consideration of the ombudsman. If you actually wanted to check that out the banking ombudsman offers a phone line advising what they cover on 0800 023 4567


Anyone else's cash back been declined? Mine was due to be released on the 6th and today just noticed it has been declined because apparently the retailer does not accept cash back claims so quidco are unable to investigate either.

£150 Cash to switch your Current Account to Co-Op Bank until 1st August
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Posted 19th Jul 2016Posted 19th Jul 2016
£150 Cash to switch your Current Account to Co-Op Bank until 1st August£150
£150 Cashback when you switch your Current Account to the Co-operative Bank- T&Cs apply. You will be considered a new customer if you do not already have a Co‑operative Bank … Read more

Not really a great deal, unless you have a completely useless current account specifically opened for switching. I have a fairly under used (zero balance for almost 6 months) current account with Nationwide. But they offer a very good credit card deal, 0.5% cash back on all spendings. The cashback alone would give me £80-£120 every year. Not worth the hassle to switch to CO-OP, considering they do not have similar credit card deal. I will have to open a new current account to take advantage of this deal, :,(


I spoke to them on the phone today about this offer and got some good responses. They also clarified that there currently is no set closing date for this offer, which is good news for those wanting to set up direct debits to get ready for this offer. I'd also say the title should probably be modified since there doesn't seem to be a hard deadline on this deal yet. Also, is anyone able to confirm if there is a minimum pay in attached to this deal? As the person I spoke to on the phone made no mention of one and this thread doesn't but a related thread I saw on HUKD ( ) states a £800 minimum pay in, in addition to the 4 DDs, I sincerely hope it's wrong(?), otherwise I'm out as I just don't have enough spare cash sitting around for that unfortunately....


About 4 times this year I have had my online purchases blocked with Halifax as they think its a fraudulent transaction. I then have to phone them up and go through about 30 questions just for them to activate it again. Now I woke up to a voicemail again this morning regarding my card. I wouldn't mind if it was being used by a fraudster (well I would) but it's not, it's just me buying stuff online. Highly annoying, although I did get £100 for switching to them and get cashback via retail stores/companys on their online banking cashback section. £10 is due at end of month but this deal expires then, so need to switch over on 31st and make some DD mag subscriptions. That's why I want to know when they become active :D


Yes, i'd be interested to know that too, also how long after ordering them until the DD is classed as "active"? I could use my main account, which already has enough active DDs running but am wary in case of any issues upsetting vital DD payments like monthly bills. Whilst I have been with the bank (RBS) for over 16 years and haven't had any major issues, I have no particular loyalty to them either, and as they are changing into a completely different bank in the next year or so I may be wise to move. Also what happens to your credit card when you switch accounts (mine is with my bank)?


Do these magazine subscriptions create a direct debit Do these magazine subscriptions create a direct debit on the trail or just charge a £1, then create a direct debit if you carry on after the trial period? Also when is a direct debit created, when I make the order or when the first issue is dispatched/received?

£150 cashback from Coop Bank (POSSIBLE £50.40 TCB also)
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Posted 4th May 2016Posted 4th May 2016
£150 cashback from Coop Bank (POSSIBLE £50.40 TCB also)£200.40
So.... Seen a lot of posts on Bank cash backs offers on HUKD. This looks like an easy one. Warning this could be a long post. Spotted £150 cash back offer from Martin Lewis em… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Waited for my cashback from TCB which is due around January 12th if the predicted payment date is correct, and its been pending for months but it just got declined for no reason today, noticed that they no longer offer cashback on TCB, submitted a ticket but I don't hold out much hope.


I received my £150 from Co-op today. Just went to check the status of my Co-op claim and it very much looks like they have deactivated my account. I'm therefore out this amount plus another £40 something from a Zen cashback offer. That's £90 they're trying to dodge paying me...!


me too mate , i didnt close old account or switch anything over for that matter and it was paid today , so maybe still some hope yet :) £151.50 for 5 mins filling it in online and just opening the account :) i will take that thanks :) they did change it after i signed up that you had to do 3 direct debits and stuff guess i got lucky :)


Replied to you PM. :)


how do you put in the switch details, do I have to wait for the account to be opened ?

Co-Operative Bank Current Account..earn up to £5.50pm
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Posted 19th Jan 2016Posted 19th Jan 2016
Co-Operative Bank Current Account..earn up to £5.50pm
Enjoy everyday rewards for everyday banking things on this current account. pay in a minimum £800.00 pm stay in credit or in nominated overdraft limit log into mobile or online b… Read more
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moneysupermarket is offering £100 switching deal - 4 direct debits from another account is all that's required.


This was posted just a week ago


Yep, I thought this one was poor... I just wonder if more banks will introduce more requirements to try and squeeze each others customer base.


Doesn't seem very competitive. For example the Halifax Reward current account pays £5 per month for paying in £750, holding two direct debits and staying in credit without the other conditions. They also offer a £100 switching bonus.


If I need 4 direct debits, that's all of them I'll ever have isn't it? 1 council tax 2 gas & electric 3 water and 4 PayPal.

Get up to £5.50/month with 'Everyday Rewards' from cooperative bank
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Posted 11th Jan 2016Posted 11th Jan 2016
Get up to £5.50/month with 'Everyday Rewards' from cooperative bank
Everyday rewards from cooperative bank - details in first reply below Get up to £5.50 per month for banking with the coop and meeting certain criteria - see first reply. Opt in at… Read more

Tempted. I'm already with the Co-op and have plenty more than four DD's. The only thing I'd have to do would be to sign up for paperless billing.


Even if it's only useful for people that already have privilege/privilege premier accounts, or people that bank with the Co-op for some other reason (e.g. they like to visit the bank in person and it's the only bank with a branch near where they live) it's still worth posting on this site and worthy of a bit of heat IMO.


But its irrelevant to new customers as these accounts are no longer offered.


We chose the Privilege Premier account for a joint account as we wanted travel insurance, Europe-wide breakdown cover and mobile phone insurance. This looked like a cheap and low-hassle way to get that cover for both of us. I suppose it's possible that we could save a couple of £ per month by taking out all those insurance policies separately and moving to a different bank account, but I can't see the savings being enough to justify the hassle.


If you already have this as your main account then you would almost definitely be better with a different account: Halifax reward £5 a month but you only need 2 direct debits TSB has 5% interest, 5% regular saver and 5% cashback on contactless payments, no direct debit requirement It only makes sense to go for this co-op account if you already have a better account and are just getting it for the £4 monthly reward and can conjure up 4 direct debits.