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The Co-operative Group is a retail consumer co-operative based in the UK. It is managed by its members, and membership is open to everyone. The company's wide range of retail businesses includes food stores, funeral services, travel, electrical, banking, and legal services. HotUKDeals collects all deals from the Co-operative on a dedicated page. How to redeem Co-operative vouchers
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-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% Off Online Orders Over £40 / 10% off online orders over £30 with code (min order £15+ and delivery from 99p) @ Co-op Food
Update 1
15% off £40 code online is COOPV015C / 10% off £30 code online is COOPV010C
Co-op Food online delivers to certain locations for a grocery shop, and you are able to get a 2 hour delivery slot same day or later in the week. Minimum spend is £15 and delivery … Read more

This is the problem, their drivers don’t tell you about the substitutions they put the shopping on the doorstep goodbye and off like a flash


Tempted to get a delivery of their £5 bundle pizza deal thingy..,, but I am scared its a big gamble. One of the items out of stock and its a nightmare the price goes up ridiculously and customer service phone calls etc, pain in the arse


My store uses grabbit, so I've had mopeds and cars doing the deliveries. It's got GPS tracking when they leave the store, so it's nice to see exactly where they are. I'm over 6 miles from the delivery store.... Bit out of pedal bike delivery range I reckon.


Do they also use cargo bikes? I live in a city centre so I'd prefer my stuff was delivered this way, rather than be delivered in a van what with the pollution and traffic problems that can create. I mean they wouldn't even need to find somewhere to park.


Have used this service several times, first time same day delivery was free, then it went to next day for 99p, then no slots at all so had to drive to pick it up, this morning cost £1.99 and no slots until Saturday. On the plus side the discount code worked so many thanks to the OP

£1 Discount
£1 Discount
Spend £10 on food and drink, get £1 off with e-voucher (emailed to Co-op Members) in-store @ Co-op Food
Spend £10 on food and drink, get £1 off with e-voucher (emailed to Co-op Members) in-store at Co-op Food If you are a Co-op Member check your emails. Unique barcode so not include… Read more

Ooh resets password!


This seems to be for Central England based cooperatives only. FYI, there are different groups across the country that are essentialy run as separate entities that make up the 'coop' nationally. They'll have different offers, promos and rules etc. More info on the different member groups -


No probs, I hope it's useful for you (y)


Nothing from me e-mail wise but thanks again!


If you had that on the Co-op offers app I also suggest checking your emails as you may have this offer twice :) - this offer was emailed to me but not available on the offers app (for me). Thanks for the heat (y)

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off a £20 spend @ Co-operative online using code
Coop have started to deliver in postcodes across London and Manchester and you can get a £5 off coupon when you spend £20, and also FREE delivery.

is this still valid?


Used again thanks for the update.


Yeah looks so... Unless it's a Vouchercloud exclusive? I'm gutted that we don't have delivery 'oop norf' near me. My local (small) town has two biggish Co-ops but no delivery as yet. Most of the fields in and around the village here are owned/managed by Co-op. I really like their own brand products and their ethics :3


I tried it a couple of days ago and it definitely showed as expired. Also a heads up to anyone ordering. If they change up your order and the promotion gets removed, you can call their customer service to make them apply the discount manually.


I made a order on thursday night i checked voucher codes and it said it expired the 31 jan this was after i put it in the co-op website and it said it wasn't valid it must have become active again on friday ?

CO-OP digital coupons member app - 25p off / 50p off selected products
Every week the new co-op member app will let you choose 2 vouchers to redeem on products bought at the co-op. Every Monday the offers will change. This week's offers. (Offers may… Read more

Thanks for this - they were on the web. I've since uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. It is now loading up the offers and looks totally different. The app obviously never updated. All these offers I've been missing out on over the past months - gutted!


When I pay I give my discount card and it must take 2 minutes for the till to accept it. The tills are so slow and archaic at the coop, but never enough people at the till anyway to cause a fuss lol


Great thanks for posting (y)


Now that the trial had finished the nudge by email each week has finished. You just have to log in and choose what you want now (new choices every Monday, same as before) : My offers this week are different to those above too.


I haven't had any problems. You just load the vouchers to your coop card and scan your coop card :)

£1 Discount
£1 Discount
£1 off a £5 or more spend after shopping in Co-op (restrictions apply)
Hey Guys; After going to the Co-op, I received this voucher with my receipt (valid for a week from the day of purchase) where if you spend £5 or more in one transaction, you are e… Read more

how do you get voucher ....


Wow a whole pound. That’s awesome. Better than a double rainbow. Put it towards the New meal deal and get it for £4 that’s a bargain...


Oh, ok. That's what you mean. I've been there three times and got the same voucher three times over so, I figured it was the same for everyone.


Exactly what I was trying to say! A lot of people don't take their receipts at the tills and can miss out on these.


I think what NotALot meant was that different people get different vouchers. Even if I went in the same Co-op as you and bought the same items it doesn't mean the till would spit out the same voucher for me! I've not figured out how their system works yet and I've not had a voucher like yours yet but I do get a regular supply of 50p off vouchers for things I often buy, so thanks for posting and have some heat.

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
25% off all led at Co-operative Energy
Make your Halloween ‘hallo-green’ with 25% off all LED lightbulbs in our Co-operative Energy Saving store. Enter the code HALLOGREEN17 at the checkout to get your discount. O… Read more

Co-op electrical has the worst customer service provision on any company I have come across in the UK, so it is cold from me.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off a £15 iTunes Voucher @ Co-Operative Food Stores
Perfectly timed for the release of Mac OS X Lion! As the new Mac operating system will be distributed through the Mac App Store, this deal is perfect. It effectively saves you £5 … Read more

last day to do this


awesome - many thanks. picked up 5 and cashiers where happy to do each individually though they got sick of it and just scanned the last 3 in on transaction. had loads and loads on hand


Got 4 today without any problem....thanks


hot got 2 from Hither Green. ready for OS X LION TOO!8)


Got 4 tonight, all in one transaction with 4 vouchers ;) RESULT!

Best Co-operative deals from our community

Freezer Filler (Goodfella’s Pizza / Birds Eye Nuggets/ Potato Wedges/ Garlic Baguettes/ Magnum Classic Ice-Cream ) £5 or £4.50 NUS @ Co-op
20/07/2021Expires on 20/07/2021Posted 20 h, 21 m agoPosted 20 h, 21 m ago
Decent freezer filler offer just landed. Offer valid from 23 June - 20 July 2021 when purchasing all 5 products in one transaction, which includes Goodfella’s Thin Crust M… Read more

So what happens if someone doesn’t eat chicken? They’re excluded from the deal? Surely they should have a vegetarian alternative.


Remember to use your Totum card to bring it to £4.50.


All junk food really. Chicken nuggets…..does any grown man actually sit down after a hard days work slogging away and eat a plate of these ?


Too much hassle to have veggie options and in mine hardly anyone buys that vegan/ veggie stuff


Chicken nuggets is not suitable for a vegetarian so why don't they have options for vegetarians

Peaky Blinders Shelby Beer Gift Set reduced to £4.00 @ Co-op (Moulton, Northampton)
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd JunLocalLocal
My local Co-op has a few Father's Day gift sets reduced to clear. This one caught my eye. 2x 330ml bottles of Shelby India Pale Ale (5%ABV) and a lovely pint glass all for £4. If y… Read more

Thornbridge do much better ales than this imo. Frankly I’m surprised that they jumped on the PB bandwagon at all, as I don’t get the link between a Derbyshire brewery and a Birmingham gang. :{


Don't even start me on him. We don't talk anymore.


Was Arthur Shelby with you by any chance?


It's a no thanks from me. The last time I drank this I smashed the pub up and started talking in a brummie accent. (Hot!)

Wotsits Really Cheesy Puffs 6 Pack are £1 @ The Co-Op
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th JunLocalLocal
Wotsits Really Cheesy Puffs 6 Pack are £1 @ The Co-Op! 🌞 (y)

Nice price. Heat added. Wotsits also sells a Pack of 24. According to Trolley, B&M are selling this size for £3.


Go on offer every now & then. Otherwise usually sold at £1.50! :) (y)


Think the main stores all cycle through thus price in turn... Decent price but think it is neigh on the norm.

Pringles 200g all flavours - 90p at Co-Op (Members) Newcastle under Lyme - (81p NUS)
13/07/2021Expires on 13/07/2021LocalLocalPosted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Very nice Member price until mid July. With Nus card it's 81p. 4 flavours available. When were they last so cheap? 10 years ago? Spotted in Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire. R… Read more

There are many coop societies. Southern Coop is pretty big.


Quid at asda yesterday 😁


Don't call me shirley


Shirley not...


Makes a change from the major supermarkets who have gone for a 50% price rise on the Pringles 'deal' price in the space of a year.


99p in Farmfoods.


I buy these all the time, they are always on offer somewhere for £1


Think these were a £1 in Tesco if you have a club card .


Lovely and scrumptious but I have to have 2 at a time to get from 3 spoonful's to 6. I wondered why and just had a quick look. My usual pots are 145g but I guess they are not half as nice.

Doritos Mild Salsa Sharing Dip 300g - £1.50 @ Co-op
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
All other shops list this item for £2.50 with the exception of multi buy discount. See screenshot. Treat yourself with a movie and some Doritos :) Ref:… Read more

And they are just as good.


Go generic - much cheaper own brand options at Aldi and Lidl.


£1.25 in Tesco…

Pepsi max 24 pack 330ml £6.50 Co-operative
13/07/2021Expires on 13/07/2021Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
50p more than tesco club card, but still good piece on offer at Co op if more convenient. Deal until 13th July

Only £6 in Tesco if you have a clubcard (y) 🏻


Co-op must have printed off the wrong ticket. Surely it’s £9.50 (lol)


If you ge the coop membership you get £1 off every week plus more . Cost £1 to sign up


My store don't normally stock. But had a pallet full near the checkout, guess they've stocked it for promotion.


Great deal if you have a student discount card (I do :) ) and co-op nearby that stocks them (I don't😞)

Tullamore Dew £17 instore @ Co-Op (Walderslade Kent)
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th JunLocalLocal
Seen this in-store at Co-op today priced at £17.00

Frequently down to £15/17, one of my favourite cheap whiskies.


Tried another local store to me and it’s priced at £22 - so not national. Will check other stores as and when I’m there delivering. Might be a larger store promotion rather than convenience sized ones


Lovely stuff


Pretty sure this will be national

Jura Journey 70cl £22 in Co-op
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th JunLocalLocal
A refined balance of rich fruit and gentle smoky notes. Amber gold in colour with aromas of vanilla spice, citrus and a hint of sea spray, followed by cinnamon, pears, pecans and t… Read more

At a £3 difference I'd take the 10 every time. This is plain and light in comparison. The 10 is fruitier.


I was given this as a gift & it’s really disappointing. I agree completely with eskimosnow that it tastes very thin. To give an idea of how to better spend your money the Old Pulteney 12 is only £2 more, the Bunnahabhain Stiuireasair often only £3 more & the Glenfiddich 12 is only an extra £5. All different types of whisky that knock spots off this!


I got a bottle for the same price and agree would have been disappointed if I'd paid retail price. But £20 or thereabouts seems reasonable - though not really 'deal' territory. Thin is a good description .. but there are some great NAS whiskies too (just not at this price!).


How would you say it compares to the Jura 10?


I paid just over a tenner for this whisky and it's pretty disappointing, can't believe they charge 30 odd pound for it normally. It's worth a tenner, that's about it. As far as I can tell they don't give an age of the whisky, it tastes very 'thin' and just uninteresting. I've had better luck with Aldi and Lidl offerings. Just out of interest I looked at the master of malt reviews and they're not kind. Currently sitting at 2 and a half stars.

Newest Co-operative Discount Codes:

DiscountCo-operative Discount DetailsExpires
15%15% Off Online Orders Over £40 / 10% off online orders over £30 with code (min order £15+ and delivery from 99p) @ Co-op Food16/02/2021
£1Spend £10 on food and drink, get £1 off with e-voucher (emailed to Co-op Members) in-store @ Co-op Food13/08/2020
£5£5 off a £20 spend @ Co-operative online using code14/02/2020
% offCO-OP digital coupons member app - 25p off / 50p off selected products5/10/2019
£1£1 off a £5 or more spend after shopping in Co-op (restrictions apply)5/12/2018