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** BMW 3 SERIES TOURING 340i 5 door M Sport - £29947 - Save £10,038 Coast2Coast**
75° Expired
Posted 14th Jan 2016Posted 14th Jan 2016
** BMW 3 SERIES TOURING 340i 5 door M Sport - £29947 - Save £10,038 Coast2Coast**£29,947
Huge discount off the top of the range BMW 340i Touring M Sport. This is the new LCI model with upgraded 322bhp engine and updates including LED lights. 340i M Sport 18" light al… Read more

did anyone buy this


fantastic deals. Thanks for taking the time to highlight to everyone, :)


I stand corrected , end of next year is when the new model is expected to launch in the US , unlikely to see it on our shores until 2018 ;)

The 335d offers more performance and 4 wheel drive with better economy for a little more albeilt worse handling. High mileage users may prefer.


Hmm, I may fire off a few emails and see where the market really is. Thanks for the heads up

Ford Focus RS 2.3T - £24,934 (£5060 off RRP) @ Coast2coast cars
Posted 21st Nov 2015Posted 21st Nov 2015
Ford Focus RS 2.3T - £24,934 (£5060 off RRP) @ Coast2coast cars£24,934
Great price for the latest generation Ford Focus RS. Click the link and scroll down to the 2.3T Ecoboost model 4WD 0-60 in 4.7 seconds 350bhp 165mph top speed

As an owner of a 2010 MPS its really not. The MPS has more class but the RS is more out an out performance and handling. I'm fairly sure I will be ordering an RS early next year unless the new MPS finally materialises. The mk2 MPS is closer to the ST although it is a bit quicker


Looks like a lot of outlay for OLD BILL stopping bait to me.


I've had a reply saying that there is no discount. So someone delete this thread!


Exactly why I ordered the RS3. don't hate me!!X)


​And fury dice ;) lol

Brand New BMW 3 Series 320d Sport £23585.66 @ Coast2Coast Cars (Broker)  - Saving £6,189.34
Posted 28th Oct 2014Posted 28th Oct 2014
Brand New BMW 3 Series 320d Sport £23585.66 @ Coast2Coast Cars (Broker) - Saving £6,189.34£23,585.66
A couple of threads recently on BMW's prompted me to keep an eye out on this company I know of. Their website was down for an update last night so I think these could be new price… Read more

Great reduction for a very nice car. The xDrive version is only another £1500 I think. I wonder if the local BMW dealer would offer the same deal, or simply say "good find chap, sadly I cannot offer the same" ?


I think this is a substantial price reduction, about £2k less expensive than what it was 12 months ago when I was hoping to be able to afford one. It's an excellent deal, voted hot!


Still available at this price, can't find it cheaper elsewhere.


Mine's a 2012 e92 msport coupe mineral white with red leather. I've had it for about 2 years now. List price was 45k. I got it 6 month old with 6k on the clock for about 30k from local dealer. Unlike you I have to confess to being a German car fan. I've had a string of VWs and Mercs. Normally I'm bored of the car within six months but with the BMW I'm content to keep it longer and as you say this is almost entirely down to the engine and gearbox. The paddles change gears really quickly, and I'm not sure I could ever drive a manual again it's so good. The auto in my previous car (a merc c220) was horrid and nearly put me off them for good. Performance is staggering, it even makes a decent noise (rare for a diesel) economy is a little disappointing as I get about 30 around town and 40-45 on long journeys but it's a small compromise I know the new model is better on performance and economy and now 8 speed box too.


Awesome tool? Doesn't touch a Swiss army knife...