Code for 10% discount on Blu ray DVD Players @ Laskys !

Code for 10% discount on Blu ray DVD Players @ Laskys !


There's some good prices there already, so an extra 10% makes the prices really good.

HDDVD for me all the way i am afraid!
Dont wanna have a technology thats 1st generation of players are not able to be updated!

Betamax, minidisc, umd, mp3 walkmans, all long lasting formats from the company thats bringing you blueray!


so the cheapest on there is 320ukp, so that's 32ukp off.

is this supposed to make up for the broken BD+ copy protection that means you won't be able to play even legit discs?

way to go sony/mpaa!

think i'll stick with hddvd via the xbox360

Sorry, HD DVD for me too I'm afraid, especially now Universal have started showing their HD DVD Spielberg movies including: E.T, Jaws and Jurassic Park.

Universal player or PS3 for me. I wouldn't recommend buying either a dedicated HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player myself. HD-DVDs are just as likely to fail as Blu-Ray. At least with my PS3, I've got a decent games console/media centre if blu-ray fails. Now for some games.....

I'll just wait until either:
A) There is a clear winner (I hope it's HD-DVD)
B) A player that plays both blu-ray and hd-dvd's is under £200.

So quite a few years then

I'd say by xmas next year. They're already around for about £800.

Out of interest, why do you hope HD-DVD wins? Technically it's not as good and the only advantage is that's it's cheaper to make the players and discs compared to blu-ray. Not that prices are cheaper mind.
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