Code for £5 off a £35 spend @ HMV-£5

Get code & visit site747


Excellent... thanks emma

Nice one, ordered Wii Play and Nunchuck for £39.98 in the hope that i can get a console early in the New Year for my wife's birthday.

thanks emma voted hot.

just used it with my vouchers, got the Wii classic controller and Wii far cry (pre-order) all for 41.98.


Thanks emma, always something i need from hmv

v handy thanks

Appears to have expired.

Anyone have any new codes for HMV ?? - I've tried all the ones under the 'Vouchers' section, but they all seem to have expired.


Original Poster

Code still working for me

Daniel, have you created an acount with them? The codes only work if you are signed in to their website as far as i remember, not just when you add items to the basket.

Hope that helps

Thanks, I will try again.

After submitting this particular code, I just get a page displayed that is missing all of the HMV graphics, and colour scheme (This also happens if I try and login) - and the code isn't applied

I will try using a different browser....


Works ok in firefox - thanks.

Does anyone know if you can only use this code once ??


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Yes, it's once per account I believe.

code still working :thumbsup:

And I've just used it again for another xbox 360 game so :-D

anyone else having problems receiving goods from HMV?

I ordered a game from them (with the code) on the 5th of December and it still hasnt come!! If it doesnt arrive by Tuesday im gonna go medievil on their behinds!

Phone/email them as it should have arrived by now. May have got lost in the post in which case they'll send out a new one, have you checked your order status on their website?

Gonna phone them 2morro.

Order status says complete on website and they have charged my card.

Been 2 weeks since I actually played the order and now 10 days since they said it had been dispatched.

If they offer to send me another as opposed to just giving me a refund Ill tell them exactly what I think of their service.

Had some great deals on HMV this year :santa: Thanks for this Emma :santa:

Their orders are being sent out a little slower than usual, I hope they all arrive in time, but I'm pretty sure they will :santa:

doesn't seem to work when trying to order Zelda for the wii Doesnt say invalid code or anything, just sets discount to £0.00

just used code to get discount on sale items, nice one.

Yeah Discount still works on a £35 order, as long as you haven't used it before...

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just used code to get discount on sale items, nice one.

And a warm welcome to HotUKDeals! Nice saving


Bump ...

Excellent post - Thank you got £5 off

Original Poster


Excellent post - Thank you got £5 off

Still going strong... good stuff!! Welcome to the forums karom

I've got something that £34.99! I need something really cheap?

thanks for the code, just used it to order Gears(yes i know where hav been, no moneyville). got gears ltd ed for £34.99 cheaper than play asia and any brick hut.

one thing tho, i cant use any other code listed it vouchers for hmv now?
i saw they can pre order forza2 but non of the other codes work, forza2 ltd ed 44.99 on there plus their game card points are worth more than Game shop.


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Glad this is still going


I've got something that £34.99! I need something really cheap?

to Jaz : try to search for a box - HMV have a nice selection of gifts packages - the one called "Cd Singles Box" is 0.79 GBP. Also you can try and put words like "paper" "va""case" etc., in search box (choose all products) and then to arrange by "price" "low". this way you can see the cheapest items available on site.

Tried this code but it's not recognized. I don't believe I've used it before. None of the 3 codes listed under vouchers works for me at HMV. Any other HMV codes out there?

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Just tested it, it's still working fine.

Yep, got the printed voucher here from when I bought some books at Waterstones. Good news is it runs till the 31st of March and the terms on the back has no restrictions on using it more than once in different transactions either.

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Sorry if it's a silly question nomdeplume, but do you have an account at HMV? As you can only see these vouchers when you are signed in.

And thanks for the info funki

Just to let you know that this one is still working - voted hot and feedback left! ..........and it worked for Pre-Orders as well

ggggggggrrrrrrrrr! doesn't work on my end and i know i haven't used this code yet..... :x


[SIZE=2]won't make you feel better g1ordano but i've just used it and it works ok[/SIZE]

Working fine here too.

I`ve just ordered 3 things and it still works.

this worked last night but i cant get it working now

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Did you make an order last night Knewbold? As it's only once per account I think...

EDIT - it's still working...

Yeah just checked it too and it's still working. You can only use it once by the way.
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