Code to reduce any £85 formal shirt to £19.50 @ HewittandMay shirtmakers £4.95 P&P-70%

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Hot deal

£4.95 delivery, but still good.

Anybody know what these shirts are like?

Are they stretchy material?


Nice shirts! I got a couple from a shrift-shop a few years ago - and they're still going strong.

That chap on their website looks like he's trying to pull some "Zoolander"-type looks ;-)

Never bought a Hewitt & May shirt before but gone for it....

Hmm. many of the expensive ones are out of stock, and no option to shorten/lengthen the sleeve.

I bought 2 of these when they were on offer for £19.50 including postage a few weeks ago. I got two of the more expensive ones and they are a really nice fit, and easy to iron!

Just bought 4 savile Row Company shirts for £68 delivered, £58 after quidco, does anyone know how the quality compares, cos man £85 for a shirt they must be hot!

I bought two recently @ £19.50 and the quality IMO was far better than shirt i bough earlier in the year from saville row. The shirts i received were not fitted however they are gerat work/ suit shirts.. if i remember correctly the only shirt that look like it was fitted was a red and black striped shirt.

P.S The shirt on the offer screen is not that shiny (which is a good thing)!

Limited to 2 shirts max


Very poor when it comes to variety of styles. They also do not cater for large collar sizes 17.5+.

Hot deal.

cheers heat and rep added

This is a great deal. The shirts feel really special when they are delivered, folded nicely with the label at a particular angle across the chest. Easy to iron too. In instances where the shirt you want is £25-35, it may be worth using the code AGATE to get the cufflinks instead (worth £35, as opposed to saving the £10).

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