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Up to 80% off Lunar Sale - eg GRID, DIRT 2.0 ETC (PC Steam) for £4 @ Codemasters
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Up to 80% off Lunar Sale - eg GRID, DIRT 2.0 ETC (PC Steam) for £4 @ Codemasters£4£4090% off
BIG SALE ON CODEMASTERS for the Luner period - Up to 80% off. DIRT 5 | 60% off - £18 F1 2020 | 68% off - £14.50 GRID | 80% off - £4 F1 2019 | 80% off - £6 DiRT Rally 2.0 | 80%… Read more

Apologies, updated 😃


Would have been more useful to list the prices. Only GRID is £4.

Onrush Free Weekend (PS4) 6-9 July
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Refreshed 6th Jul 2018Refreshed 6th Jul 2018
Onrush Free Weekend (PS4) 6-9 July

Currently on sale as PSN for that. Took three months from your comment.


Good fun, will probably pick it up once it hits the £15 mark.


Enjoying this atm (cheers @Bure11 ) but I can't see much life in it past this weekend... There needs to be some customisation on performance and attacks and the boost system is a bit laughable - a couple of patches could make it great though (y)


This plays just like Rumble Racing on the PS2


Just spent an hour playing. It was enjoyable and I like the frantic and combative gameplay. I am not sure how much depth there is in the game, but it is easy to get sucked in. One thing that annoyed me was that, when you do a takedown you don't have control of your car through the animation and you can slam into a wall that may have been avoidable. I remember in burnout that when in the takedown animation the game would keep you on course and steer you around obstacles. It feels a bit unfair.

Dirt Rally Pc - £7.99 @ Codemasters
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Posted 10th Jan 2018Posted 10th Jan 2018
Dirt Rally Pc - £7.99 @ Codemasters£7.99
Dirt Rally Pc only 7.99 also Dirt 4 available for 17.99

Yeah RX is crap. More Wrc Stages would be better


Just wish there was more content or they focused on the rally stages as opposed to the rallyx and hill climb


This is worth every dollar / pound / euro 😊


DW its a download


Is this the physical copy only?

Overlord (full game) download FREE @ Codemasters store
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Posted 30th Mar 2017Posted 30th Mar 2017
Overlord (full game) download FREE @ Codemasters store
Full game download of Overlord now available for FREE from the Codemasters official store. I believe it's limited time only.

Thanks :D


Oh well, already had the game. Here's a key if anybody wants it: IHRK6-HJNZ4-YXY2X <3


Yes, it worked this time. :3


Sweet!!!! Thanks OP my code updated about an hour ago, and I validated on steam. I remember playing a demo of this and thinking I get this eventually... Still trying to decide on either, ME Andromeda, Nier or Wildlands. Any thoughts


I've added my email to a waiting list...looks like they have all gone for now UPDATE Available again

Dirt Rally PC (Steam) - Codemasters store £19.99
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Posted 7th Aug 2016Posted 7th Aug 2016
Dirt Rally PC (Steam) - Codemasters store £19.99£19.99
Lowest price i could find, link to steam code page is part of the confirmation email you get.

was on G2A or Cdkeys i do believe. if u brought it during the Early Access , u would have paid £17.99 O:-)


Good price


Where is it cheaper

Dirt Rally (PC - Steam) £22.79 @ Codemasters Store
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Posted 1st Apr 2016Posted 1st Apr 2016
Dirt Rally (PC - Steam) £22.79 @ Codemasters Store£22.79
Best price this has been in a few months, although not quite as good as the £1.51 Amazon misprice (best deal ever imo)

Nah, you definitely won't be having any issues with that build, hardware wise. Possible files corruption maybe ? I'm sure the texture issue was AMD cards only. When I get home I'll take a screenshot of how mines looks and PM you the link.


I'm running it on a GTX 980/i7 6770/16gb ram so it should run it fine. What is the texture bug? As the game I'm playing plays really well but looks really terrible for a 2016 game. In fact looks worse than previous games they have released when you'd think it would be better.


I'm guessing you may have the texture bug. Running this game on ultra looks mint, no popping with terrain or trees, high res textures in cars and out, nice tessellation on the road and scenery. I did read a few months back if your card can't keep up, the textures can screw up. Did you run the benchmark to see what the optimum settings are for your rig ? I play this along side Project Cars and Assetto Corsa and its not quite as good as these but its no way a disappointment for 2015/2016.


thanks. i see it now in the op. i blame my late night fuddled brain whilst dealing with a new born baby.


Yes, it's a Steam code - Dirt Rally isn't on any other PC platform.

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Codemaster's Digital Store Opening Offer, 50% Off Everything
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Posted 17th Apr 2015Posted 17th Apr 2015
Codemaster's Digital Store Opening Offer, 50% Off Everything
Codemasters have dipped their toes into the world of the digital market, with their online store. For the time being it only contains self-published games, but to celebrate the ope… Read more

Where's Fruit Machine Simulator for the ZX Spectrum?


I bet their whole inventory could have been had in bundles for about...... You know it....... Treefiddy X)


I got most of car racing games from and in fact I bought the Born To Race Bundle last night, seconds before it expired :-)


Yeah, their 50% off prices would barely pass for realistic RRPs, never mind anything else :|


I dunno why but I kinda hoped that micro machines would be on there. Lol

Free F1 2012 Video Game Soundtrack @
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Posted 9th May 2014Posted 9th May 2014
Free F1 2012 Video Game Soundtrack @
Seems like I am only posting free music :D Well enjoy another one :)
Avatar deleted1041899
Get deal*Get deal*

Keep em coming!

Free GRID 2 Soundtrack @
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Posted 30th Apr 2014Posted 30th Apr 2014
Free GRID 2 Soundtrack @
Free GRID 2 video game soundtrack from official website. Enjoy, Syphire
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Get deal*Get deal*

Sorry meant to vote hot, i slipped and voted cold!! 8) SORRY


Cheers OP


Just downloaded and listened, its not too bad at all. Thanks.

Lord of The Rings Online: Lifetime Subscription for only £75 ** PC ** @ Codemasters
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Posted 10th May 2010Posted 10th May 2010
Lord of The Rings Online: Lifetime Subscription for only £75 ** PC ** @ Codemasters£75
As part of the 3rd anniversary celebrations Codemasters/Turbine are offering existing and new players a chance to have a lifetime subscription for half the usual price. Players tha… Read more
Avatar deleted18470
Get deal*Get deal*

for one month free in eve you need about 300 millionabout about 10 million a day if you do 4 (level 3 )missions each day you will earn enough you will hear people saying they earn 40-60 or more mill a hour but they got loads of experience in eve myself as a complete noob with a new account from the steam sale and trained up a gallant battleship in a month and on my 2nd month was earning 10+mill a day easiest way was to do lvl 3 missions which i completed about every 30 mins and got about 2.5 mill from salavaging and kills hardest part was earning the money to get your first battle ship but it comes quick if you just keep doing level 1-2 missions as you can earn a mill a mission from these but you need 80 million to set a battle ship up in the begining i tried trading and you can make millions a hour but you got to know what to your doing most i ever made was 600+million in 1 hour but only happend once but was a very good hour of play for me but on average i found i didnt make very much but like i said the easiest most consistent way for me was doing missions as your skills improve you can move to lvl 4 but i would wait till you can afford to lose your ship ps get a free 21 day trail from a current player then you can play for 51 days for only one months sub


Lord Of The Rings Online is going FREE to play... Beta Sign up here: :thumbsup:


IGN Stated that LOTR online is going free 'to play' soon... Does that affect this deal at all?


Booo! I got that in my inbox this afternoon and was pretty delighted as I got to lvl 50 (or 60) then got bored of the game and cancelled subscription! Was quite looking forward to hitting it on a free basis. Didnt realise its only until you get to lvl 50 :(


Remembered seeing this deal.... They have just announced that online charges have been pretty much been dropped! 'From this autumn players will be able to play up until level 50 for free. Past this there will be an additional fee required, with paid-for credits also available to exchange for in-game items. Players will also be able to choose between paying for a monthly subscription or micro-transactional credits up to level 60'. Think I'll be signing up soon :)