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Kawasaki z1000 pre reg £8999 @ Colchester Kawasaki
2634° Expired
Posted 25th Jul 2020Posted 25th Jul 2020
Kawasaki z1000 pre reg £8999 @ Colchester Kawasaki£8,999
142ps supernaked. Great price for a great bike. Sculpted bodywork brings the aggressive and unique sugomi inspired Z design to the next level, stripping off all unnecessary flour… Read more

I had a 2008 model and it nearly ripped my arms off. I would love one of these bikes again. My current bike’s finance is up in October so maybe if a deal can be put together ‘to my liking’... :/


Why buy a new motorbike when you can buy a second hand push bike for a tenner


Nice heat from me! Allbi need now is a license


Whilst naked bikes have a great fun factor, in reality any journey of any length is going to leave you completely knackered, so the z1000sx is probably a more pratical ' all rounder' or that zx14 ;)


I had one when I was 19......loved it. Sold it when the radiator pipes that went through the chassis corroded. Replaced by a Rover p6 3.5.

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe 2019 £8799 @ Colchester Kawasaki
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Posted 2nd May 2020Posted 2nd May 2020
Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe 2019 £8799 @ Colchester Kawasaki£8,799£10,64917% off
0 miles pre re. Cracking retro inspired bike. Eagerly anticipated following sight of the Z1 inspired Z900RS at the Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki targeted the EICMA show to debut ano… Read more

They certainly had plenty of mass, best part of 250kg with a tank of fuel on board! Awesome looking machines though, and a bit of an investment these days.


So why would you think one of the heaviest and most powerful cruisers on the market has anything to do with "cafe" bikes?


This seems a better deal, no?


Ian, did you mean a BSA Rocket 3, rather than the 2.5litre Triumph monster of more recent vintage?


Totally - a real munter

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX 2019 £12,999 @ Colchester Kawasaki
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Posted 1st May 2020Posted 1st May 2020
Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX 2019 £12,999 @ Colchester Kawasaki£12,999
Leave everything you thought you knew about Sports Touring behind with the Supercharged Ninja H2 SX and Ninja H2 SX SE. Surge across continents, along autobahns and through mountai… Read more

I am 48 now but has a go on a GSR 750 race bike when I was 18, I has a Suzuki RG125 which did 110mph but I never got out of 2nd gear on the GSR, I can't imagine how powerful this Kawasaki is. It is amazing how power, handling and brakes have developed. I love my 4 wheels now, I had a 205 Gti when I was 20 and now have a BMW diesel with lods of power and torque which would kill my Gti but I still think the Gti was more fun!


That's why I like Trump ;)


Clearly you don't need me for this conversation so I've muted you. But do carry on... (y)


Read this, and learn something :) Knee down clown


And you sound like you're reading from a magazine ;)

Kawasaki Z900 2019 new pre reg 0 miles £7599 @ Colchester Kawasaki
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Posted 6th Feb 2020Posted 6th Feb 2020
Kawasaki Z900 2019 new pre reg 0 miles £7599 @ Colchester Kawasaki£7,599£8,54911% off
I have one of these and its an absolute beast! If you are a biker it’s well worth the money. Iconic Z900 name re-born. A cutting edge rider-focused Supernaked wih the sublime bal… Read more

Hi guys, I am thinking of buying a motorcycle to go to work (live in london work just on the skirts), any advice on having a motorcycle in london? is it safe to park in the streets? thanks in advance!


I had an MT07 before this. An my07 is a good forst bike bike but this is a different league to that. More comparable to an MT09 which it also better than. Yamaha build of new models is appalling and why i got rid


Wouldn't you pick out of this and an mt09 ?


(lol) Great


i am on it, the'll be one lucky guy one day, he can take my nickname of the tripod with the organ

Kawasaki Ninja 650 new 0 miles £5499 @ Colchester Kawasaki
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Posted 6th Feb 2020Posted 6th Feb 2020
Kawasaki Ninja 650 new 0 miles £5499 @ Colchester Kawasaki£5,499£6,69918% off
With its new trellis style frame, twin-cylinder water-cooled engine, low seat height and distinct Ninja personality the new Ninja 650 is a stylish and practical answer to the needs… Read more

Should be good then and the bike looks better, id go for it if i was looking for a bike mainly for A/B roads to commute etc


Slightly tweeked for euro4 3bhp less but up on torque


If its the same 650 twin engine i had in my Kawasaki er6n then its a great engine pulls really hard upto around 100mph and has tonnes of low end torque from around 3k rpm, i used to keep up with bigger bike easily off the line to about the 60 mark and front wheel would be lifting up in 1st and 2nd, i really liked it


Still better and safer than doing real crack though, innit (y)


He needs a 636 not this

Kawasaki Ninja 400 pre reg brand new 0 miles £4599 @ Colchester Kawasaki
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Posted 6th Feb 2020Posted 6th Feb 2020
Kawasaki Ninja 400 pre reg brand new 0 miles £4599 @ Colchester Kawasaki£4,599£5,49916% off
Can be ridden on an A2 licence. Loads of fun in a light chassis with a decent little turn of pace. Kawasaki proudly introduces a new sport model into this highly competitive aren… Read more

If its 12-14 litres 250 miles


What mileage could you expect from a tank riding sensible on this bike?


Probably would with that engine.......


Total rubbish. Take this round Cadwell until you can go under 1 min 40 seconds. That won’t take you a week! It’ll take you years


Judging by all the bike posts by adsthompson, I’m guessing he works at the dealer and is on commission (lol)

2018 Kawasaki Z1000SX Touring model with good freebies! £9,999 On The Road @ Colchester Kawasaki
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Posted 1st Mar 2018Posted 1st Mar 2018
2018 Kawasaki Z1000SX Touring model with good freebies! £9,999 On The Road @ Colchester Kawasaki£9,999
Just received this in an email from Colchester, the dealer where I bought my 2013 model Z1000SX Tourer back in 2014. I personally found them to be excellent in terms of the whole … Read more

Brilliant offer my hubby is one happy bloke his arrived yesterday. He hasn't stopped smiling since. :D


Fab offer!! Have some heat ❤🏍




It isnt me with issues, is it, Mr 'My handle refers to my Biceps'? And I could beat any stock evo owner point to point between any British Cities or towns on a grands worth of tweaked 20 year old 350 power valve. This kwacker would widdle all over that but you know nothing about bikes,only price tags. NOW you can run away, Mr bullied big biceps,(probably still gets laughed at a lot). Preferably to a motorcycle school. Very sad and un knowledgeable individual indeed.


Indeed. The only transport for me as a kid was a bicycle, and that is likely where it goes wrong with recent generations (esp females) the parents cart them about everywhere. I rode a pusher from 5 until dawn on my 16th birthday. No choice. Buy the push bike.You will know when you are ready for something a little faster,but also know every hour spent on a pushbike will increase your self preservation skills on a powered 2 wheeler. X3 experience in traffic. You say 1-2 years? See how confident you feel at 15 months. (Traffic areas) 20 months (country areas). Dont do anything you aint confident with (its bluddy easy to get killed on a push bike as a novice) If you have to ride around an empty car park to start with, do so.Its really important you gain autonomous reflex control.(instinctive) then use quiet routes,if that is your current level. How fast you will learn I cant say but you should be on something with an engine by 20 months max and its not like the bicycle wont pay for itself,is it?

0% interest Kawasaki motorbikes @ Colchester Kawasaki
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Posted 20th Aug 2016Posted 20th Aug 2016
0% interest Kawasaki motorbikes @ Colchester Kawasaki£99
Good deal on kawi wheels,99£ deposit and 0%for 3 years on all models,(one h2r in stock left). No point to write a novel about 2 wheels motorised vehicles,tester available.



Yep, and then it only goes up 1 .


Heat added as a myriad of Kawasaki bikes can be bought in 0% finance.


Not learned much then,?


So you can only vote hot? What is the point of this site if you can only vote hot?