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Send, collect and return parcels with the help of Collect+ any day of the week. CollectPlus is the country’s biggest store based parcel service. The service’s network consists of over 5,500 convenience stores, newsagents, petrol stations and supermarkets. You can drop off and pick up parcels beyond the regular working hours of 9 am to 5 pm so there is no need to stand in long queues or to make rushed lunchtime trips. 90% of people live within a 1 mile radius of a CollectPlus store.
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10% off 2-5kg Economy and Standard for New Customers w/code @ Collect+
New customers get 15% off 5-10kg Economy and Standard … Read more

Just saved me 60p, cheers mike (highfive)


What is it ? Get it posted on here Please (y)


There's a 15% code I used this morning


Heat added, perfectly timed to as I have a good few parcels to send a little discount is just what I need. Thanks. :)

Free CollectPlus click & collect at Aldi on wines & specialbuys
INSTRUCTIONS: Shop online at Aldi for wines or Specialbuys and get FREE delivery to your nearest CollectPlus store (there are 6,000+ around the UK). Wines and specialbuys includ… Read more

Thanks, all lowercase works.


Hi guys - looks like the code is case-sensitive and needs to be written in all lowercase letters. Good luck!


Not expired but only let me use the code once. Did you use it already?


Has this expired? says 'Please check you've entered your voucher code correctly and that it's still valid.'

10% off 2-5kgs parcels / 15% off 5-10kgs using voucher code @ Collect+
INSTRUCTIONS: Enter one of the two voucher codes at checkout 10% off 2-5kgs for first time customers - ncd1025 15% off 5-10kgs for first time customers - ncd15510



Great voucher, worked just now 30th Jan, 2017. thanks so much.


Still active - 23/01/16 Thanks to the OP


Used this code today (16/01/2107) and still working. :)


Ive used this code about 5 times now, on different email addresses, and using again today.

-13% Discount
-13% Discount
13% discount on all economy parcels until 15th December (now only £4.25 for upto 2kg) postage plus £1 cashback through quidco using promotion code @ Collect+

Unfortunately they do seem to have withdrawn from both TCB and Quidco. Bit of a shame. :(


I used collect+ yesterday for the first time simply because I saw the code on here. Really impressed with them, the economy service got delivered the next day!


there is no cashback with this anymore!




Thank you, just used now. Works perfectly.

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Store to Door Delivery now from £2.79 @ Collect Plus (Yodel)
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
Store to Door Delivery now from £2.79 @ Collect Plus (Yodel)£2.79
Collect plus have lowered there delivery prices for sending uk parcels Up to 1kg - £2.79 1-2 kg - £3.79 2-5kg - £5.49

True. That way, you can focus your attention on every parcel while it is been scanned by the shop keeper. Still need to check details on the receipts carefully. Because 1. The shop keeper can print receipts from previous scans. 2. The shop keeper could scan the previous parcels without you notice if they are good with their hands.


Just a suggestion, get 1 reciept per parcel each with different tracking numbers etc if u have more than one parcel.


The scam I experienced today at Collect+ is more damage to customers. The customers will not get any compensations from Collect+ if they fell for this scam. If I did not notice the scam, all record would show that I only posted 4 parcels, I never dropped off the other parcel at the shop. Not sure if the shop has CCTV, whether the CCTV pointed at the counter and recorded how many parcels I gave, and how long they keep the CCTV record. If I did not notice, it will be my words against his. And I would lost the parcel, and no compensation from collect+. They are so bad. Do not trust them blindly! Check your receipt agrees to the parcels you gave the shop keeper is my advice.


I had several parcels scanned at collect+ store a few years ago. I don't think he did what you said, but one parcel was a DVD recorder. Shop keeper asked me why parcel is so big/heavy, I stupidly said what it was, he then asked must be expensive dvd recorder, I said it is. I asked him was it to big etc to send but he just laughed it off! Of course It went missing! Collect+ investigated but just got my full compensation £100+ after waiting about two months.


I would like to draw your attention to a scam I just experienced in a collect+ shop. I already reported to Collect+ and ask them to investigate. I gave the shopper 5 parcels to scan. He gave me a receipt of 5 trackings. Only after detailed checking, there are duplicates in the trackings. He scanned some parcels more than once, and he did not scan some parcels. He will steal those parcels he did not scan. He made sure that the multiple scans of the same parcel appear in different places, not next to each other. So you cannot easily spot. I know a lot people would just trust the shop keepers to do the right thing, and probably not even bother to check the receipt. Some even not ask for a receipt at all. In this case, not only you have to check the number of tracking numbers are the same number as the number of parcels, but also you have to check that all tracking numbers on the receipt is unique. Otherwise, you will fall for this scam. (Collect+ postage receipt printing duplicate scans of tracking number which already scanned as new parcels make this scam more easily performed.) The scam is well thought and performed. The shop keeper was quite good at doing it and did not raise my suspection until I noticed the same tracking on the receipt. He must had done it before and had plenty of practise. He made sure that 1. The number of tracking printed on the receipt is the same number as the parcels you handed to him. 2. The duplicate scans of the same parcle are not done next to each other. So you do not spot easily. Collect+ needs to stop using those dishonest shops/people.

Get free tracked returns to Over 300! retailers using Collect+ even on unwanted items
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Refreshed 4th Feb 2019Refreshed 4th Feb 2019
Get free tracked returns to Over 300! retailers using Collect+ even on unwanted items
So I found this out interestingly this week Only restrictions are parcels under 10kg in weight and with maximum dimensions of 60x50x50cm You simply print the label, take it to … Read more

This was crazy hit 2K and then went quiet now its just shy of 4k!


With you. Thanks @MrSprkle I thought it was a specific label. Makes sense now.


You click the link Andy, select the retailer, so Argos eBay for example and it will give you the option to print in store or it will email you a label. each one is individual because you input your returns reference, RMA, Order number etc. example of hte label emailed here


@MrSprkle Do you have a link to the label or a larger image that the members can print off. I've enlarged the one you added but it's still too small to work I suspect.


Hot just used it

It's back (after 1 year!) - up to 15% discount on CollectPlus & 10.35% cashback on top - heavy parcel 5-10 kgs normally £8.39 for £6.39 ('new' customers) - c/b via TCB
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Posted 4th Feb 2017Posted 4th Feb 2017
It's back (after 1 year!) - up to 15% discount on CollectPlus & 10.35% cashback on top - heavy parcel 5-10 kgs normally £8.39 for £6.39 ('new' customers) - c/b via TCB£6.39
'new' customers = new email address ncd1025 = 10% OFF the code that gives 10% off 2-5 kgs ... + cashback ncd15510 = 15% OFF the code gives 15% off labels from 5-10 kgs ... + cas… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*



Thank you


Thanks OP!!! came at the perfect time


Thanks op


I got 2 of the glitch super king duvets delivered last week and our Hermes agent just left them outside in the rain on my front door step in view of all passers-by :( lazy cow couldn't even be bothered to ask a neighbour to take them in

10% discount collect + couriers **Please do not post / share referrals**
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Posted 16th Jan 2017Posted 16th Jan 2017
10% discount collect + couriers **Please do not post / share referrals**£4.99
Hi I just had an email to say I have 10% discount on collect + deliveries I know from before they are pretty good

Where's the deal here? The OP received an email. Not much use to the rest of us I'm afraid.


I had the email, you have to click the email link to activate the discount.


Or maybe it is specific to your account, hence why they emailed you and told you that you have a discount??? If it were for everyone, it would not be a discount, but rather a price reduction ;)


There wasn't any code so maybe it's for everyone


Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm, care to post the code? Although it's probably the same 15% and 10% discount codes which have been floating around here for yonks

20% off your first order @ Collect+ from £3.91
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Posted 22nd Jun 2015Posted 22nd Jun 2015
20% off your first order @ Collect+ from £3.91£3.91
Searched for this & couldn't find it - it IS there from 5 months ago but didn't pop up. Reliable service that usually arrives next day whichever service you choose. Plus they d… Read more

Sorry to sound stupid but is there a code for this as I setup a new email account - and as another commented it did find all my old details but the price isnt discounted?? thanx


Good. Did a check on my Monday package and it was delivered on Tuesday - that's Economy! :)


Thanks worked for me


I did a check a few months ago to check delivered on time. 4 out of 5 Economy parcels were delivered next day just like the premium service. For those thinking of using Collect+, although this service is (to my mind) much more convenient than queueing in the Post Office, the price point is what makes it valuable. Today I sent a tracked Economy parcel weighing 2.5kg (so: slightly overweight) for £3.91. The Post Office equivalent was about £6.50.


Been using this since October last year, great service 20% also comes off added insurance and signature, Quidco never tracks so don't bother Use to a year ago or so not anymore usually takes 3 days from collection. True, and if the size is over as well.

Collect Plus - Save 20% for new customers (existing customers need a new email address [GMAIL users follow instructions below])
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Posted 20th Jan 2015Posted 20th Jan 2015
Collect Plus - Save 20% for new customers (existing customers need a new email address [GMAIL users follow instructions below])
If you have not used this service before then you get 20% off If you have used it before but don't use GMAIL for your emails then you need to setup a new email account If you have … Read more

Think this has expired, no mention of the 20% and just showing the standard pricing now. Back to hermes for me as collectplus is only cheaper with the 20% off :(




TCB/Quidco now offering up to 9% cashback on top for new customers. Quite a good deal!


Is it not fraud to claim a new customer discount everytime you use them when it is clear you are not a "new" customer?


Comment nope.. Ur address remains same even though u create many accounts

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Standard (2 Day) delivery for same price as Economy (3-5 Day) with Collect+
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Posted 22nd Aug 2014Posted 22nd Aug 2014
Standard (2 Day) delivery for same price as Economy (3-5 Day) with Collect+£4.89
Until Thursday 4th September you can use their 2 day Standard service to send parcels for the same price as their 3-5 day Economy service. 0-2kg £4.89 2-5kg £6.19 5-10kg £8.29

I will give this a try, thank you.


And now for the REAL reviews from Trustpilot...Personally I'm very happy with the service Collect Plus provide. Only had trouble with one parcel and they sorted it quickly and easily.


What is so good about this offer? you get 2 day delivery for less with MyHermes? I have so far posted 500+ parcels with myHermes, can say 90% of them delivered within 2 days, only 3 parcels had problems so far.


Its ok if your parcel gets to the other end. Seems that both Hermes and Collect+ both have messed up BIG time of late for me. I'll gamble on the homeless junkie in town to deliver my parcels next time[image missing]

20% off for first orders at Collect Plus, Delivery starts from £3.91 for 2Kg 3-5 Day Service
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Posted 21st Apr 2014Posted 21st Apr 2014
20% off for first orders at Collect Plus, Delivery starts from £3.91 for 2Kg 3-5 Day Service£3.91
SAVE 20% ON YOUR FIRST ORDER Say goodbye to long lunchtime queues and lost Saturdays and enjoy having the freedom to send your parcels at a time that suits you, with 20% off your … Read more

well heres an update the first parcel i sent was 1-3 day delivery and was delivered from ne scotland to glasgow in less than 24 hours but i sent another parcel and tried the economy way 3-5 days handing it in on the 28 th at 10am and to the same address but alas it has not arrived yet and after 2 phone calls today i found out that there is no parcel hub in scotland they are put to west midlands or yorkshire and the 1st day apparently doesnt count and neither does sat/sun and they said i would get a update by email in 2/3 hours today which surprise surprise i didnt and they are now telling me that it will probably be delivered by friday but no promises as they dont want to let me down and as it is not late yet for the 3-5 day delivery ??? it also takes 24 hours to get a response so folks beware


Back doors are too large to sent by Collect +


use them all the time for anything over 1kg as RM is now too expensive great service for the money only had one item damaged and I got a full payment for the item plus the delivery cost heat added


i used collect+ last week and if you want £50 cover with myhermes you have to pay an extra £1.25 but it is standard with collect+


Wrong! Both Collect+ and MyHermes offer £50 as standard.

Collect Plus UK couriers 20‰ odd for new customers. Just use new email address - automatically applied
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Posted 20th Apr 2014Posted 20th Apr 2014
Collect Plus UK couriers 20‰ odd for new customers. Just use new email address - automatically applied
New customers get 20% off collect Plus courier service just use a new email address even if you're an existing customer! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I use collect Plus for my little Facebook business. Ordered 10 labels before and got them for £40 instead of £50 :-)

10% off at Collect+ using their referral system (Email yourself) * No personal referrals allowed*
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Posted 23rd Dec 2013Posted 23rd Dec 2013
10% off at Collect+ using their referral system (Email yourself) * No personal referrals allowed*
Get 10% off your next order with Collect+ Your friend has sent a parcel using the referral code you created. To say thank you, here is a link giving you 10% off… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Has this ended now because the option doesn't appear for me.


yeah i noticed they disappeared off quidco, and since myhermes is cheaper for a lot of things i send, they've lost my business ... for now! heat added, good way around the problem!


Aaah good...the usual cold voters :). If those voting cold have any better way of discounting Collect+ sales, please do say.

Newest CollectPlus Discount Codes:

DiscountCollectPlus Discount DetailsExpires
% off10% off 2-5kg Economy and Standard for New Customers w/code @ Collect+30/01/2019
% off15% off 5-10kg Economy and Standard Delivery New Customers W/code @ Collect +30/01/2019
% offFree CollectPlus click & collect at Aldi on wines & specialbuys24/03/2017
% off10% off 2-5kgs parcels / 15% off 5-10kgs using voucher code @ Collect+16/02/2017
10%10% off any delivery @ Collect+ with code!12/09/2015