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FREE Dylon Colour Catcher
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
FREE Dylon Colour Catcher
Dylon are giving away FREE samples of their colour catcher sheets! Just pop one into your mixed load of laundry and it will stop the colours running! Only 1 sample to be claimed p… Read more

I know, but, sometimes it is tricky isn't it? I have a black cotton dress, but it is a covered in white flowers. What wash load should I put it in? I don't want to put it in the white wash because it is black and if I put it in the black wash then the flowers can go grey'ish. That's what I meant about it not just being black and white and why these sheets come in handy as I don't have to try and decide (confused)


Hi, I understand, that's what I meant too actually, but I only said about white vs coloured :)


The trouble is, it isn't always a clear cut case of white vs coloured. I, personally, have lots of shades of clothes. I can't wash them all separately so they go together and, sometimes, they run. It used to be that laundry soap manufactures said white & black. Then it was white, coloured & black, now it is white, light, bright, coloured & black. Pop one in your machine and see what happens when you wash anything. I think you'll be surprised. To the other poster - Touch wood, I have never had one catch in the door or anywhere else whilst using them. Are you putting them in the bottom of the tub before putting the washing in, as it says?


I had the same problem with the sheets getting stuck in the door and clogging the machine. So now I just pop them into the little net bag that you put your washing tablets in (I actually bought 12 of these from eBay for a couple of quid because my husband was fed up of unclogging the washing machine!). It has completely solved the problem. The net doesn’t get trapped in the door. Hope this helps


Love these and think they are the best make. Have never got thr courage up to mix white and coloured though.

Free Dylon Colour Catcher Sheets
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Posted 4th Feb 2019Posted 4th Feb 2019
Free Dylon Colour Catcher SheetsFREE£0.01
Free Dylon Colour Catcher sheets. Just enter your details to request a Free Sample (y)

Mine arrived last week. The link is still active.


Mine just arrived this morning, I’d forgotten all about it.




Very true my pump has been blocked and i've had to strip the thing twice so the girlfriend has been warned on pain of death - no more stupid color catchers! And if it gets beyond the pump however rare you can get a blocked pipe and then washing machine stops working. I have had the same issue especially if the burd uses too much washing powder the pipe gets blocked and these things if they pass the pump will make it worse. Why use em anyway - i havent clue what they are supposed to do but then i'm a guy and these things are a wummans gizmo! Bit like the triple,quad, quintuple blade razors - totally overkill - i hear they are now bringing out a new blade with a heater attached to mimic a turkish shave - No joke google it! Madness to make the sheeple spend more! (shock)


May be one off bad experience. I and others have had success. Nothing wrong in trying

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Posted 4th Jan 2018Posted 4th Jan 2018
CLAIM YOUR FREE SAMPLE COLOUR CATCHER® is a revolutionary sheet that prevents colour runs, allowing mixed colour washes. Find out for yourself by requesting your free sample tod… Read more

You can buy the whole box for a couple of quid, minus giving them your personal info... No thanks cold


You never get these anyway


I’m with bubbzy, 1 x colour catch sheet for all that data seems like a bad idea. They are good, just go and buy some for a couple of quid.


run a mile, nothing to do with Dylon its just an information harvest


Thanks OP :)

Free Dylon Colour Catcher (Sample)
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Posted 16th Oct 2017Posted 16th Oct 2017
Free Dylon Colour Catcher (Sample)
Dylon is giving away FREE samples of its Colour Catcher sheets for washing machines. Just pop the little sheet into your mixed colours load and it will stop colour runs. Fill in yo… Read more

sorry i didn't mean that i thought you had made the thing up..i just meant it seems strange because i always find the sheet when i take my clothes out the machine. maybe the issue with your washing machine happens to certain machines?who knows...


The engineer showed me the shredded sheets he took out of the machine so I have no reason not to believe him and the washer worked fine afterwards. It was a model that I couldn't access the filters myself it had to be taken apart. This happened to me I didn't make it up. I was sharing my experience to help folk but im not a washing machine expert & that's why I suggested to ask your washing machine manufacturer if they recommend that you use them or not.


⬆ actually that doesn't make sense that your washer broke because of these because whenever i put one of these in, i always find it with my wash when i take the clothes out of the machine


omg i always use colour catchers.has this happened to anyone else?


Never received any I requested

Dylon Colour Catcher sample
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Posted 19th Sep 2016Posted 19th Sep 2016
Dylon Colour Catcher sample
Take 3 week for delivery. Its been posted before but old posts are expired. But it's still available

I received it a few days ago.


Brilliant thanks, so handy to keep in


Thanks, I did it before and got three free sheets in an envelope.


Just done..I'll see if it gets here..Cheers..:)

Dylon Colour Catcher Freebie
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Posted 27th Aug 2016Posted 27th Aug 2016
Dylon Colour Catcher Freebie
Simply fill in the form on the provided link. Delivery = Up to three weeks Enjoy :)
Get deal*Get deal*



Cheerz again! ;)

Free Dylon Colour Catcher Sample
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Posted 13th Feb 2016Posted 13th Feb 2016
Free Dylon Colour Catcher Sample
Just fill out form :) Aims to be delivered within 3 weeks.
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you


:) thanks


Thanks OP!


Cool, I will add this one to my collection.


You get 1 sheet!

Free Colour Catcher Sample
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Posted 3rd Aug 2015Posted 3rd Aug 2015
Free Colour Catcher Sample
Claim free Dylon colour catcher sample - simply fill in the form and receive it within 3 weeks.




Free colour catcher sample!
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Posted 16th Mar 2015Posted 16th Mar 2015
Free colour catcher sample!
Free colour catcher sample! Click the link and claim!
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Ta :)


Nice one!

claim your free color catcher
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Posted 12th Dec 2014Posted 12th Dec 2014
claim your free color catcher
COLOUR CATCHER® is a revolutionary sheet that prevents colour runs, allowing mixed colour washes. Find out for yourself by requesting your free sample today! This offer is only o… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you








Damn I just tried to get some and it said my email has already been used. I'm sure I've never sent off for any of these, weird