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Comvita - Authentic Manuka Honey made and packed in New Zealand - From £11.19 (+£4.40 Delivery) @ Comvita
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Comvita - Authentic Manuka Honey made and packed in New Zealand - From £11.19 (+£4.40 Delivery) @ Comvita£15.59
3 for 2 at the moment so If you buy 3 500g 10+ UMF which is 263 MGO, it will cost you £96 which is amazing price for authentic Manuka Honey.

There is nothing for £15


still active




any honey would work surely but it has to be honey :) you think super market honey will help? 95% honey in the market are less honey mixed in syrup. This include MGO grading Manuka as well actually as you dont know what they mixed in it as MGO is not official grading standard for Manuka Honey by New Zealand Gov.


UMF rating Manuka Honey can not be faked. New Zealand government have given license to 110 companies to make Manuka Honey, other than those companies, Manuka is not original. check the link below:

Free sample of Medihoney by Comvita
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Posted 19th Sep 2015Posted 19th Sep 2015
Free sample of Medihoney by Comvita
Fill in the form below to receive your FREE sample The Medihoney® Natural Derma Cream has been designed by Comvita to help care for your sensitive, dry or eczema prone skin using … Read more

for those suffering from eczema try removing aspartame from your diet


Agghhh missed it.



thank you



Propolis toothpaste 55% off - £2 @ Comvita
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Posted 17th Jan 2014Posted 17th Jan 2014
Propolis toothpaste 55% off - £2 @ Comvita£2
Comvita propolis toothpaste is 55% off. Free delivery over £20. Could not find this toothpaste for this price elsewhere.
Get deal*Get deal*

Ordered 10 to avoid paying delivery fee. Excellent reviews on Amazon and I like the fact that it's natural. Many thanks, OP! :3


Should include £4.70 delivery charge in the title


Will grab some for the horse

Omega-3 Fusion £1 @ comvita instore
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Posted 22nd Jan 2013Posted 22nd Jan 2013
Omega-3 Fusion £1 @ comvita instore£1
purchased 10 of these for £1 each, even though it says £5 on website but in store they are only £1 each down from £21, they have the kids ones also down to a £1 Expiry date is May … Read more

Thanks ordered.


maximum of 3 products at £1 online, still a very good deal

Children's Manuka Honey & Lemon Lollipops  £1.50 @ comvita
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Posted 18th Jan 2012Posted 18th Jan 2012
Children's Manuka Honey & Lemon Lollipops £1.50 @ comvita£1.50
Contains UMF® 10+ Manuka Honey. Natural active ingredients. Soothing. Great taste - Lemon & Honey.

I went to my local branch and picked up 4 packets, all my kids are ill so this will def help, treat at the same time and they taste nice Standard delivery: Usually takes between 3 – 5 working days. £3.00, still not bad as they are on offer


how much is p/p ??

Comvita Manuka Honey BOGOF £10.99  @ comvita uk
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Posted 6th Jul 2011Posted 6th Jul 2011
Comvita Manuka Honey BOGOF £10.99 @ comvita uk£10.99
An old offer code still works for – type in the code Comvita5 at the checkout and it will get you 2 for the price of one Manuka Honey UMF 5+ 500g.

You're being stung by a bee....... I'll get my coat.


Hi all, Manuka honey has great benefits, both for digestive health, skin problems and for cold and immune problems. There has been loads of news on it lately and I would highly recommend it. This offer is a bargain for those looking for this specific honey. xxx


blimey. ive heard of some things but in this age of con-ridden health products you never know what to believe eh?


If you are interested I would advise googling the benefits. I recently bought 750g for £15 to cure a pus/spot problem on my 4year old son. After popping the biggest of the 20 or so 'spots' and smothering it in this stuff, 1 week later they have pretty much all gone.


i've never spent over about £3 on honey. can anyone explain if/why this is worth the extra? im genuinely interested?

Olive Leaf Complex Capsules was £28.99 now £18.99 @
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Posted 9th Apr 2011Posted 9th Apr 2011
Olive Leaf Complex Capsules was £28.99 now £18.99 @£18.99
The ultimate natural antibiotic. Cheapest thus far as most store charge £29+
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It doesn't seem to say how much of the active ingredient (oleuropein) is there - usually it's expressed as a % with 18% being the highest I've seen at sensible prices. Some brands are as low as 6%. For this kind of thing I tend to use anyway as even though they are in the US the prices are generally much lower (just keep the order items value to less than £18 before postage charges).

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