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Meccano (6033323) 10 Model Construction Set – Dinosaurs £21.36 @ Comwales
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Posted 7th Dec 2018Posted 7th Dec 2018
Meccano (6033323) 10 Model Construction Set – Dinosaurs £21.36 @ Comwales£21.36£35.4640% off
Have fun building and re-building all of the awesome dinosaur models in this great set from Meccano!

Says 29.99 RRP on the website


+£6.49 postage 😧


Ordered a set for my 10 year old, this was the cheapest I could find, next best was Amazon.

VTX Radeon R9 380X 4GB Graphics Card £136.61 + £5.41 del @ comwales
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Posted 6th Sep 2016Posted 6th Sep 2016
VTX Radeon R9 380X 4GB Graphics Card £136.61 + £5.41 del @ comwales£136.61
Seems a decent price for a gpu that trades blows with a gtx 970 in some scenarios. Brand new gpu too! Gpu specs: Key features Graphics Engine R9 380X Video Memory 4GB GDDR5 … Read more

Title needs updated to include Postage.


No, there's a very big gap between the 960 and 970. No need to use "common sense" when you can use facts and benchmarks! ;) The 970 is over 30% faster than the 380X at 1080P and 1440P, which is about the difference between 40-45FPS and 60FPS.


Using common sense, if the 380 is about 5-10% faster than 960, then this 380x can't be too far off a 970? oO Seems a great deal, this is much better than the lowly 460, but would recommend getting a 470 is you can spend a few bucks more.


It's a good price, if you can't fork out for the basic RX 470 @ £165. Though I would advise to go for the better RX470/480 or GTX1060, for the extra £30-£60


You're right, there's generally a big gap between them with the 970 way out in front. The OP's also right, there are a couple of scenarios where the 380X does catch up to the 970. Hitman in DX12, for example, the 970 just barely noses ahead at 1080P, and then the 380X just about beats it at 1440P! Extremely rare scenarios, but they do exist. So everybody's right! Hooray! We can all be friends! :)

CoolerMaster Storm Quickfire Pro MX Red mechanical keyboard £52.84 @ comwales
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Posted 16th Sep 2014Posted 16th Sep 2014
CoolerMaster Storm Quickfire Pro MX Red mechanical keyboard £52.84 @ comwales£52.84
Great deal on a mechanical keyboard, Cherry MX RED CONS: German Keyboard layout edit: URL changed from to http… Read more

Bunch of jokers this company, they used to have a store near me years ago. This shop is TINY there is no way they stock these items.!1s0x486e17a485305921:0x915cf8ca22749a66!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i100!3m1!7e1!4s!5scomputing+wales+-+Google+Search&sa=X&ei=kpoYVKDhG8_taKyfgsgM&ved=0CIwBEKIqMAo


These are probably the weakest of CM storms keyboard offerings.. not terrible but would avoid this and spend an extra £10-15 on a UK version TKL.


Good price this for an absolutely excellent keyboard. Thanks op.


H0axx, where can you find a UK one shipped for £58-£59? I'd love to know!


I use a german keyboard day to day at work and the top right corner is a mess of jumbled up buttons, very confusing. Its weired like I press the buttons without looking and its fine, soon as I look I am lost.

Brother Latest QL-700 Label Printer cheapest online for £60 + brother official £30 Cashback bringing it to £30 for Printer @ ComWales
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Posted 4th Sep 2014Posted 4th Sep 2014
Brother Latest QL-700 Label Printer cheapest online for £60 + brother official £30 Cashback bringing it to £30 for Printer @ ComWales£60
Buy Label Printer at any of the following stores: £60 Effective £30… Read more

moved the link and increased the price


"This product is sold out and currently unavailable" :(


**** bought the 570 a few weeks ago...


Although not a deal breaker, you still need to add £4.50 postage to the total. Good deal though! I've been looking for a label printer suitable for use with Royal Mail's PPI label and addresses but think the labels this produces may be too small.


Hi, Yes I had given a ring and they did confirm that the products purchased through them are eligible for cashback!!!