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Costa Coffee is a name that is well known to coffee lovers all over the UK. Visit the official website to know all about the coffee shop and to see what’s new in coffee and the food menu. Find a location close to you by using the store locator feature or find out about limited period deals. Also find out about Costa at Home - the range of at home drinks brought to you in conjunction with Tassimo. Know more about Costa Coffee Club, and about reward points and Wi-Fi facilities that it entitles you to. How to redeem Costa Coffee Shop vouchers
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Half-Price Frescato at Costa

Just bought and enjoyed a very tasty one on this sunny day - yum! Thanks bargain peeps!:thumbsup:


just bought 5 also for people at work, tx for the post, much appreciated. Summery Berry flavour is superb!!


Just bought 5 for the guys at work...obviously they paid. 5 per voucher. Roughly £1.50 each with the voucher.


Really? Now I always thought those green boxes represented how much you have posted. Thanks for clearing that one up for me Emma :)


You can't see their score, but the green boxes under a persons username give an indication of their reputation.

Best Costa Coffee Shop deals from our community

Spend £20 on Costa Gift Card & receive an extra £5 for free / Spend £40 get £10 free / Spend £60 get £15 free - from 14/06 @ Costa Coffee
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Update 1
Now live
Important: Whenever you buy a gift voucher for use in the future, there is always a risk of businesses not being around for you to redeem it. Wewill try to include T&Cs related… Read more

It's says in the terms and conditions that offer only applies when you select delivery "asap" does it mean its no applicable to e-gift card?


You use it on your phone and they will scan the qr code on your email when you purchase in store. You can check how much you have left using the giftcard number and pin. There’s a link on your email that says ‘check your balance’.


It was fine. I got my dates wrong, bought it in March 2021.


Can someone answer me question, that if I purchase an e gift card that’s sent to my email address, do you print it off to use it or how do they keep track of how much is left, especially as it will be printed on paper.


New account 65vrk free drink

Double points on all Click & Collect orders - June 3-17 @ Costa Coffee
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Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Just saw the ad on the display at my local shopping centre. May be account specific and at participating stores (in my experience, a few franchise / motorway locations are excluded… Read more

DGID8 (y)




I think the coffee isn't bad but I agree about the reward system. Nero has the simplest and the best amongst the major chains. McDonald's as well.


Worst coffee and worst reward system .. unless 50p, would make me return :D

Iced Drink Deal Stack - Any 2 free iced drinks when you create a new account in the Costa Coffee App @ Costa Coffee
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Method Create a brand new account on the Costa Coffee app . You will be credited 100 points as a welcome points. Then they can be redeemed to buy 2 x 50p Iced drinks for FREEE!!! Read more

Yeh some branches rejected the use of points for this promo..but in a subtle manner I briefly mentioned the other branch allowed it.. she then turned to her senior caved and let me use points hehe (:I


Its better to pay the 50p i find £2 for your original real account ( which now is a healthy balance 300 points on a new account which will buy a coffee as well as you get 200 points for your first purchase . 50p basically equalled £5 worth of costa credit


I like it!!! It's not as good in cold drinks as the hot ones though


The peach iced tea is great but the iced mocha was just cold watery coffee (:I still oddly enjoyable though - I don’t know if I liked it or not


I wouldn't even have paid 1p for the drink they served me today lol. Regular price was £4.15... Daylight robbery at that price.

50p cold drinks - Iced Coffee / Cold brew or Iced tea (via app) - 11th to 13th May @ Costa Coffee
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Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Update 2
13/05 - Ends today
Costa are running a 50p promo on cold drinks from 11th May to 13rd May. Includes Iced Latte, Toffee Spiced Iced Latte, Cold Brew, Iced Americano, Iced Flat White (inc Flat Black), … Read more

I could certainly taste the tannin taste from the tea. It’s not as strong as a Earl Grey tea. The girl that prepared mine took a lot of considerable amount of care, time and effort. I thought it was a decent balance of flavour. I enjoyed mine. I’ve given positive feedback to Daria in Costa Northwood. :)


But could you actually taste any teeeea? Seemed like they brew them for seconds. I guess I'm the type to always brew his tea (green/fruit/black) a good 5-10mins. Oh well.


Yep it’s the strawberry infusion tea. I know the person that made it and she never makes a mistake. I enjoyed it. :) (y)


Is that the strawberry infusion tea? I found the one I got so bad.. however the peach one was divine. I think they forgot to put any of the actual strawberry syrup in it as it jus tasted of red water... Couldn't detect a hint of tea either. I didn't bother complaining tho as the store was mad busy.... just chucked it.


Oh dang...just realised you don't get any bonus points for new accounts when ordering via click n collect... However at cashier you will get the bonus 200points for both accounts. Depends which one you value more.

Buy a medium hot drink for price of small one on Costa app (account specific) - click & collect
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th MayLocalLocal
Not sure if it's been posted but can't find it so here goes. Found the offer in the Costa app: Buy a medium drink and pay for a small one - Purchase a medium size barista made hot… Read more

I did the same, not sure. I still have a lot. Good point actually. Could add points if you have any receipts with them on.


So generous, how will I ever repay this generousity?


No on my account either


Off topic, last summer I signed up a few email (accounts) for a 300 points offer! I’m guessing these will all expire after a year in a July, having seen no activity?


Not for my account.

Costa Tassimo Pods / Ready-to-Drink coffee in a can / roast & ground coffee / roast & ground coffee pods for 50p with app @ Costa Coffee
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Refreshed 29th AprRefreshed 29th Apr
Update 1
Now live
Nice offer which is valid on Thursday as part of their 50th birthday celebrations. The fill list of items can be found below (credit @nathan). Some decent items are included, these… Read more

Unfortunately I did observe and ask about this also. 3stores I tried, 2 of them had half the stock to the third one. I really wanted the ground cofee bags and the gift set ideally...but no luck. Got single bag and some tas pods though.




I have friends who are Store Managers and they were absolutely appalled by the management of this promotion by Costa - they were only sent one box of each item (and not allowed to order any additional prior to the offer starting), so there was clearly no way that could sustain the amount of customers wanting to redeem. (annoyed)


I'm so happy i'm part of this site otherwise I would have missed out on this!! Thanks OP and Hotuk.. sorry not sure how to tag/hashtag malarky. Cheers muchos (y)


Costa Latte 24 for 50p at Costa. No rush, no messing, no embarrassment, staff that were really happy a regular was getting an obscenely good deal. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again, Costa.

£1 off next visit offer via their app selected accounts 24-25th April @ Costa Coffee Shop
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
£1 off next visit offer via their app selected accounts 24-25th April @ Costa Coffee Shop
Received an email to say this offer on my account, part of their 50th birthday offers.

I received the offer but my other half didn't get it this time


These Costa cheap deals are cack couldn't even get the 50p deal.


Nothing on mine yet, thanks.


Drat! Just checked my app and found that I'd had the same offer last month and hadn't seen it. Nothing this time around.


So you need activity to keep those points alive? If there has been no earning or burning since last July, points will expire?

Costa Coffee - Breakfast Bap for £2 when you buy any Medium or Large Drink (before 11am) - Selected UK stores.
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd AprLocalLocal
Pick up a Bacon Bap, Sausage Bap or Egg & Mushroom Bap for just £2 when you buy any Medium or Large drink (before 11am). Ends 2nd June. Selected UK stores. Buy either Briti… Read more

Hi thanks for sharing your first post @oSmiler - good for those members popping into Costa to pick up a breakfast snack and drink :)


If it was £2 for a coffee/roll, then that would be a good deal. Like others have said, stick to greggs for a cheap breakfast roll/coffee fix.


Not great im afraid, about £5 for a medium coffee and bacon roll and as above, roll is usually a bit stale in my experience and the 'bacon'! Ha ha, greggs £2:30 and better come on costa sort it out!!!


There’s so little bacon in these, they are almost suitable for vegetarians.


Yeah this is up there with the worst. Black mountain coffee works beans all the way! Don’t buy Costa (y)

All Hot drinks for just 50p Each April 13th-15th (Selected Stores) @ Costa Coffee Shop for mobile app users
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
All Hot drinks for just 50p Each April 13th-15th (Selected Stores) @ Costa Coffee Shop for mobile app users£0.50£2.6981% off
Update 2
Ends today
Costa will be making all hot drink for 50p to celebrate their 50th for a limited time. From Tuesday 13th April until Thursday 15th April 2021, registered Costa Coffee Club mobi… Read more

You've clearly never been to a Morrison's cafe. ;)


You also don't expect the supermarket to make the drink for you (skeptical) would love to see the business car crash if you and that accountant set up together.


The correct price


Lol watered down drinks. Do you really think rushed off their feet staff are going to faff about "watering" them down or coca cola is going to order watered down milk. If they run out they just say its out of stock, the conspiracy theories on this place are laughable sometimes.


I am enjoying my reheated Ruby hot choc from yesterday, have kept it in fridge since it cooled down yesterday. Nice to try a drink you wouldn't normally go for when they're cheap

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