Costco UK Deals Coupon Booklet  11th June to 1st July

Costco UK Deals Coupon Booklet 11th June to 1st July

Found 14th Jun 2012
Costco's latest coupon booklet in an easily viewable PDF file.…pdf
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"A drawing error occurred".

Never mind, it worked now. Not a good start - Walkers deals that are more expensive than supermarkets. The Doritos deal is bad - I think all the "big 4" supermarkets are cheaper than that at the moment for them!
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"A drawing error occurred".

i got that , so i clicked ok and then it came up
Why has this been moved to Vouchers? You don't physically need any of them to print, the discount is automatic at the till instore.
Thanks for the report. just reviewing the link further it does say :

"There is no need to cut out the coupons, you just need to bring this book to the checkout"

so you do appear to need to print off a copy to get the discounts according to their terms, not sure how strictly this is enforced store to store
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Never seen it happen. The discounts are all posted with the items instore, there's no need to hand anything over. This is also just a scan of the leaflet you get instore anyway or sent in the post, it's just a 'heads up' same as any supermarket leaflet you get through the door.

This was left in Deals last month, and it's the same thing:…467
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Thanks for this - we are part of a business account and don't get the brochures sent - it's great to see them here! Cheers!!
Can you only go to costco if you are part of business ?
Not necessarily, but you have to be a registered member of certain professions otherwise.…ip/
You don't need to be a business or a profession for a costco account anymore, they have opened it to the public but its £30 to join. Makro on the other hand u need to get through a business or a profession to obtain a card but that membership is free
and Makro becomes Booker as they sold out the UK business to them
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