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Fixed mortgage initial rate 1.15%, 2 years and £999 product fee at Coventry Building Society
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Posted 23rd Feb 2020Posted 23rd Feb 2020
Fixed mortgage initial rate 1.15%, 2 years and £999 product fee at Coventry Building Society
Currently stumbled on this Initial rate 1.15% Fixed rate to 31.03.22 Followed By Standard Variable Rate, with a discount of 0.50%, to 31.03.2025, to give a current rate of 4.49% Ma… Read more

Usual issue, no one mentions the critical info the amount being borrowed which is critical in analysing any fee/no fee deal. Along with planned payment that determines the break even over the fixed term


No worries, this 215 is additional to that 250 which is paid directly to you from the lender, it comes from the broker sharing part of his 470 quid commission from the lender with you


I never knew that and didn’t even think there would be cash back through topcashback! For my mortgage amount it would be £215. The lender I’m potentially using through the broker is offering £250 cash back at this moment so not too different. Might contact the other guys and see what rate they could get though. Thanks for the heads up


Plenty of mortgage brokers are not only fee free now but even offer you a share of that 470 quid! EG (not in any way affiliated other than using them and having a great experience with them last year) On the other side I think plenty of people still subscribe to the view that paying more automatically means the product is better, or are naturally suspicious of any free service, so maybe that's their thinking...


They are essentially equivalent to the sort of deals Three and Virgin Media did. 1/2 price for 6 months then full whack for the rest of the 18 months.

2.20% - new lowest 10-year mortgage fix, 50% LTV @ Coventry Building Society
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Posted 30th Aug 2019Posted 30th Aug 2019
2.20% - new lowest 10-year mortgage fix, 50% LTV @ Coventry Building Society£999
You can leave after 5 years on this deal without paying a hefty early repayment charge (ERC), unlike most other mortgages. Beats the previous near-600 degree deal by 0.05% https… Read more

Going for a 5 year fix but I'm sure I'd be kicking myself for not getting this in 10 years, there's no way rates can stay this low


Because someone else pays them more for them to borrow


They are not taking a hit. They are able to borrow at negative interest rates, probably lower than what they offer their customers. All they do is pass this rate on to their customers.


Supply and demand. People still want houses and not enough are being built.


I do not want to pay for appreciation. I want the best rates and will move accounts at any time. I have no loyalty. Rates may be good for children, but not adults. I pulled out significant sums. Check adult rates on All rates are pathetic. Coventry rates are more pathetic. 1.5% for instant savings is standard. Eg Cynergy & Marcus Coventry is 1.2%. I miss 7% Libor interest rates. Best days! What is the need of a branch? Online is best. Who wants to queue? Coventry branch experience. Me: I want to deposit this cheque Cov: All done Me: I have a £2 coin, can you change for 2 x £1? Cov: No, we do not just change. Me: I want to deposit £1. Here is a £2 coin. Cov: Here is £1 coin change. Me: I want to withdraw £1. Cov: Here is a £1 coin. Me: Did you see what I just did? I now have two £1 coins and you did extra work. Do you feel a fool or a jobs worth? Cov: Smile!

Coventry Building society launch best buy easy access ISA @ 1.5%
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Posted 6th Mar 2019Posted 6th Mar 2019
Coventry Building society launch best buy easy access ISA @ 1.5%£1
great for anyone needing an easy access solution that they don't want to pay tax on if earning over £500 in interest a year, or £1k for basic taxpayers. Usual isa terms apply (20k… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

So contradicting your own advice. Yeah. You have a great weekend too.


I was taught never to assume! Actually (how very English!), People with 20k savings perhaps more likely to be retirees, not high earners. The annual interest on 20k at 1.5% is only 300 £squid (unless compound) so you'd have to have 70k-ish to hit the higher PSA and if you've half a brain you'd be using your BOH allowance as well. I am not convinced by the saintly Lewis' endorsement of this now defunct product; MSE (I know, I mentioned it first) sometimes only cover bits of the market that they like and they're owned by Moneysupermarket, a COMMERCIAL entity happy to accept money to advertise, so View what MSE says with a pinch of salt and cross-check and look elsewhere before you jump. Have a great weekend!


actually, @StudentGrant , it isn't entirely accurate. In fact, if you look MSE endorse putting in this deal, and martin lewis has "done a U-turn" (his words, not mine). In terms of an easy access ISA, this was the best (until it was pulled). And as the only other best easy access no fix account was marcus at the same rate, it would make total financial sense to put it in here until you've reached the 20k first, so it is protected from tax forever, then using your tax free PSA interest allowance. Don't forget, when you start talking about sums of £20k plus being saved, it is fair to assume these people may be higher rate tax payers, and only get half the PSA of basic raters.


Oh dear. I disagree that my input was misleading, and as a Community Member I am entitled to add such an update, as we all are. This thread is not about easy access savings in general; it is specific to this particular savings product with honourable mention of tax and savings in general, pointing to a reference source albeit not entirely unbiased. Oh, and as a Community Member you can expire a post yourself instead of whingeing, check the EXPIRED button helpfully provided below the Deal posts, including above!Take a chill pill, or if you think something really is wrong and that you can justify that opinion REPORT THREAD to a Mod!


@StudentGrant this is misleading advice to be pinned to the top of this thread and probably contributes to this deal being 600 degrees less than the Marcus account, which is unjustified. This thread was about easy access savings, and you could only very marginally beat Coventry BS (@1.51% and thats only if you had over £15k you needed instant access to.) Assuming the rate is the same, most people should use an easy cash isa over a normal easy access savings account for their required easy access money. This is even if they dont pay tax on interest yet. Something may change in the future and you cant put money into previous years isas, therefore using the Coventry building Society isa was literally the best option. However, Coventry BS have now dropped this deal, so this should be expired.

2.25% for 10-year fix at Coventry building society, 50%+ LTV, £999 fee
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Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019
2.25% for 10-year fix at Coventry building society, 50%+ LTV, £999 fee
Possibly the lowest ever 10-year deal? Another positive is the lack of early repayment % charges except for 125 quid, in the last five years of the deal: 2.25% Fixed rate to… Read more

What a deal!!!!! 🔥 🔥


Arrrrggghhh!! I got a ten year fix from Coventry in November...but at 4.7%!!! ;(


Buy that Bruce street flat for £4k cash, put some alcoholic stoner in there, no shortage of them in Scotland, £250 pcm on Universal handout, £3k in a year as the advert says then it pays for itself, air B+B it after a couple of years or keep it as a holiday getaway location,cheaper than a static caravan. Everybody wants a roof over their head, especially in Scotland. Kerching....


Your right , £4000 buy's you a flat in Bruce st.


£8000, where in the Port can you buy a house for that ? Glasgow road ?

Coventry Building Society - Junior Cash ISA 3.60% tax-free p.a./AER
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Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
Coventry Building Society - Junior Cash ISA 3.60% tax-free p.a./AER
Coventry Building Society are offering Junior Cash ISA for 3.60% as of September 1st 2018. Its worth switching, every little counts. This may come across as cold deal but I think i… Read more

Yes, they will provide you with a form to fill in and they will do the rest


I have a JISA open with another provider. Is it easy to switch?


Better with a stocks and share ISA this rate is just above inflation so in 5 years in real terms you have made next to nothing


Good point and very true. Also worth remembering that with a cash isa you are currently guaranteed to get less at the end of the current year when you account for inflation. (Not disagreeing with you though) I think it’s interesting when even with a guaranteed investment period of 18 years, some of my friends with newborns haven’t considered stocks and shares. There are definite risks, but to not consider them when the investment period is so long is not a good idea. Another point to consider is that you can’t access a junior isa unless your child dies or has a terminal illness. The child can access the funds when they turn 18 (legally they can, you can’t). Therefore, if you aren’t currently filling your own isa allowance, plus spouses isa allowance if applicable.... you may be better off using these allowances first. You can still save for your child’s future. But if you need the money you can access it.


Please remember the value of investments can go down as well as up, so you might get back less than you invest with stocks and shares.

The Coventry Building Society Junior Cash ISA 3.5% Variable
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Posted 10th Apr 2018Posted 10th Apr 2018
The Coventry Building Society Junior Cash ISA 3.5% Variable
The Coventry Building Society Junior Cash ISA pays a clean 3.5% AER on new money and transfers. Kids can save £4,260 per tax year in a junior ISA

I would agree that saving for them is a good idea but I wouldn't be putting it in their own account. If you have it when they are old enough to need a car or deposit on a flat then great but I wouldn't close the door on needing it for them in the meantime. I would want the option if I had saved that much of considering private school or if I needed it unexpectedly if they had medical care needs. Or if you change jobs and need the money to relocate closer to work so your kids do get time with you in the evening. I just don't see the advantage of not being able to access it. If the money is there when they turn 18 you can put it in a joint account and require both your signatures to draw down.


Don't forget that when your kids are 18 they'll need to insure a car, potentially put down a deposit for a rented flat, even buy suitable work clothes and it's so much better if you do have to pay for it!


money saving expert (MSE) Martin Lewis always has good deals for ISA on his site.There are so many around with different criteria, Always do your own homework when it comes to investing - especially larger amounts (y)


Thanks for that. Very thought provoking comment. I'll mull that over.


Fab idea to start when they're tiny. However I'm yet to be convinced of the logic of saving for 18 years to just hand them all the cash without any controls or safeguards. Just think carefully about whether you are happy about this or if you'd feel more comfortable saving in your name and retaining control. I'd also like to add that I've known two families who lost their homes through redundancy whilst sitting on thousands of pounds in savings in their kids names, filled when times were better, that they couldn't access. In both cases having the ability to release the funds would have made all the difference!

Coventry Building Society - 1.99% Flexx 5 year Fixed Rate Mortgage to 30.09.22 - With no early termination fee
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Posted 4th Sep 2017Posted 4th Sep 2017
Coventry Building Society - 1.99% Flexx 5 year Fixed Rate Mortgage to 30.09.22 - With no early termination fee
5 year fixed Mortgage with Coventry Building Society @ 1.99% with no early termination fee. 50% LTV. Initial Rate: 1.99% 1.99% Flexx Fixed rate to 30.09.22 Followed by 4.24% Fol… Read more

Early Repayment Fees are standard practise in fixed rates, during the deal period. That's the security the lender has in return for the guarantee the lender gives with the fixed rate during that period.


There also seems to be a no fee 1.99% 5 year fixed fee, but does have early repayment fee. So £499 if you want no early repayment fees or £0 if you don't mind repayment fees5.00% of the balance repaid until 31.12.18, then 3.00% until 31.12.20, then 1.00% until 31.12.22You can repay up to 10% of the capital p.a. without an early repayment charge HSBC still looks better though


First Direct- part of hsbc are doing a fee saver 5 year fix at 1.84 unlimited overpayments without any penalties...good luck


The HSBC deal is portable and has no upfront fee therefore af a lower percentage it's a better deal in my eyes. If you want flexibility an interest rate tracker from HSBC would be a better deal. At the the current time with Brexit and the low interest rate, the banks need a margin and so I can't see better rates coming up, if you are jumping between fixes and paying upfront fees all the time then you are just lining the banks pockets ps HSBC is 60% ltv so again suitable to an increased customer base over this deal


The point is if you wanted to move away within your fixed period with HSBC you cant, unless you're happy paying their early termination fee. This clearly may not be suitable for you, but if you wanted the comfort of a 5 year fix, but during this time you wanted the flexibility to move away to a better deal for example, you can.

Coventry Building Society - Flexx for Term 1.39% variable rate for whole term - Max LTV = 75%, Product Fee = £999
Posted 4th May 2017Posted 4th May 2017
Coventry Building Society - Flexx for Term 1.39% variable rate for whole term - Max LTV = 75%, Product Fee = £999£999
Found this deal while I was looking around to Remortgage. Comparing it to some other deals. It doesn't beat the 2 year fixed deals. But it's better than alot of 3 and 5 year fixed… Read more

​We'd all love a time machine otherwise I wouldn't​ have been stuck on a 4.49% fixed for 3 years after the crash!


good rate, seems a good deal. The interest rates won't move for a while.


Not with that fee it isn't. Unless you've got a massive balance outstanding it's not worth it. Could go up at anytime, not even a tracker tied to the base rate


it may be the best available today tho. I also got a better deal. but that was before the crash. 0.17 over base rate tracker. fee free. but you'd need a time machine to get it.


Fee for a variable rate? No thanks. I am on a tracker with Nationwide for 1.54% that was fee free. It is now 1.49%

Coventry Flexx for Term mortgage 50% LTV; 1.25%, £999 fee
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Posted 31st Jan 2017Posted 31st Jan 2017
Coventry Flexx for Term mortgage 50% LTV; 1.25%, £999 fee£999
** updated as rate reduced to 1.25% ** This deal isn't for everyone - just those that have built up 50% equity in their property through property price rises, mortgage capital rep… Read more

Apologies, I'll need to clarify. The Flexx for Term product is a long-standing product of Coventry. In the past, the product information referred to it being a tracker, tracking a certain percentage above an internal Coventry Base rate. It's this that has always mirrored the BOE rate. They have recently updated the marketing material to remove any reference to 'tracker' as it was confusing some customers. A little under half of their mortgage book is in products like this so it would be financial suicide for them to pump up the rate before the BOE rate increases as all the mortgages are exit-fee free. This is 100% incorrect, hence you are making very misleading statements. At one time, C&G offered a tracker at 1.01% below base. Woolwich, at one point, were offering trackers at 0.68% below base. There were others but the above are the two that spring to mind. Do you not remember the newspapers having stories related to mortgage borrows on rates where, in theory, the bank should have been paying them interest? The reality was that the banks stopped at 0% and borrowers just had an interest-free mortgage.


Flex for term is a bit misleading, makes you think it's for a fixed term, I.e the usual 2,5,10yr fixes


I vote hot simply because it does offer good rate in comparison to other banks


what a weird product. it's SVR but with a good rate. problem is there is no certainty. if only they put it as "lifetime tracker" then I'll jump in. this way... I dare not to put my fate into their hand to call out the svr rate in the future


"Coventry base the rate on their variable rate as opposed to the Bank of England base rate - but they've never raised this above the BOE rate in the past and to do so in the future would be a very poor commercial decision from them" What on Earth are you talking about? BOE base rate is currently 0.25%, this is @ 1.25%, hence you are making very misleading statements. No lender in history has ever offered a mortgage rate that was lower than BOE base rate, THAT would be commercial suicide! I think you meant to state that CBS never made an incremental increase at any time more than the BOE increase, however this is nothing special and is par for the course most of the time with the vast majority of lenders.

Coventry Building Society Mortgage 2.00 APRC 85% LTV
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Posted 16th Nov 2016Posted 16th Nov 2016
Coventry Building Society Mortgage 2.00 APRC 85% LTV
I’m on the hunt for a first time buyers mortgage and this seemed like by far and the best deal I could find on the market. Their Flexx for Term mortgage is essentially, max 85% L… Read more

Thus ones seems set indefinitely


Are we saying this looks like a good deal then for a first time buyer? Most other options seem to be around the 3% APR mark. I suppose one thing to note is that it racks their own interest rate not BoE. They could theoretically increase it at any time.


What Loan to Value are you looking for on the BTL?


any tips for buy to let with high LTV ?


Big fan of Coventry. Have a look at their offset mortgages too.