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Dali speaker deals, e.g. DALI SUB E-9 F subwoofer for £299 at Creative Audio
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Posted 31st Mar 2019Posted 31st Mar 2019
Dali speaker deals, e.g. DALI SUB E-9 F subwoofer for £299 at Creative Audio£299£39925% off
Got this email, which seems to have some amazing prices. Also some great deals on open box stuff (especially Q Acoustics 3010i 5.1 for £645 - I also bought one of those). These gu… Read more

Perfect. That’s the time to do it! I just bought this house a couple of months ago and it doesn’t really need it. Maybe in a few years! Q actually make ceiling speakers too. But I am after something simple to sit on top of my fronts up firing. Believe this isn’t going to be as effective as down firing though. Which is pretty understandable. I would love to hear if it’s still worth bothering with if set up to bounce down off the ceiling from someone who’s tried it.


We are renovating right now... Cables are all going through the walls/ceiling.


Nice. I don’t really wanna do the in ceiling thing though. Will be a right pain in the ass. (lol)


Try these for affordable Atmos! This is what I bought.


Yeah the Denon i got supports Atmos too and I've been building my iTunes collection with movies in readiness. I have already been looking at the Dali Atmos speakers in white at £200 as sadly Q don't offer anything to match. The Q compact sub is perfectly adequate in terms of filling a small to medium size room. However, i do find it lacking in definition, for music especially it feels a little muddy and loose sounding (not sure I described it that well but hopefully you get me (lol) ). I was expecting this though as the sub is literally the only negative thing anyone can find to say about this set up. Overall very happy with it and I do recommend it. Great bang for buck for what you get. Think the sub just suffers slightly from its compact form factor. Here's part of my set up along with another couple of HUKD purchases! (lol)

Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2 network receiver&DALI ZENSOR 7 (5.1) speakers £1499 @ Creative
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Posted 17th Sep 2018Posted 17th Sep 2018
Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2 network receiver&DALI ZENSOR 7 (5.1) speakers £1499 @ Creative£1,499
Recently bought the Denon AVR-X2400 which I've been super impressed with, been looking for a deal on Dali speakers and came across this bargain, the speakers alone are £1619.00, … Read more

Its now down to £1499. Are they reading this post!!??


Dropped again to £1549.


They've dropped it from £1599 to £1579 :)


Deal available again. Hot.


Just had a price drop pop up on Google for this at this price, seems like it can be unexpired :)

Tannoy XT 6F floorstanding Speakers at Creative Audio - £599
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Posted 15th Dec 2016Posted 15th Dec 2016
Tannoy XT 6F floorstanding Speakers at Creative Audio - £599£599
Don't know the retailer (although reviews look ok) but these speakers are amazing. I have had a pair for a year and they have brought my music collection to life. Huge dynamic ra… Read more

Good budget speakers. have some heat!


John184. The DC6T signatures are nice, auditioned a pair and they are well worth £500. Good spot.


I bought from these before and they were great.


The Tannoy revolution signature DC6T looks gr8 value at £499. Nice find.

Naim Mu-so Qb £525.00 + 2 year guarantee (Open Box, Mint Condition) @ Creative Audio
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Posted 14th Dec 2016Posted 14th Dec 2016
Naim Mu-so Qb £525.00 + 2 year guarantee (Open Box, Mint Condition) @ Creative Audio£525
Discounted by at least £70.00, simply because the box was opened. One of the Guardian's Top 30 Gadgets of 2016. Comes with: 2 year guarantee 3 FREE months of Tidal Hi-Fi, worth £1… Read more

I want to buy two of them as I own two naim mu-so's and pair them all together, but I wish I could buy two for £900.


I just bought one of these from Richer. It's pretty good. I think my room is a bit too big but it works very well in a smaller one...


Thank you.


I recently got this from richer sounds who price matched a curry's £20 off audio voucher. I looked everywhere for a good deal so I'm a bit gutted you've posted this ha. the Qb is pretty amazing for its size, bass and highs seem brilliant but mids are lacking for me a little but hopefully once broken in it'll improve as mentioned by other customer reviews. This thing goes loud and stays clear. The build quality is outstanding. so far ive tried Spotify connect and Bluetooth which both work perfect. naim app seems good easy to use with lots of functions. quickly tried playing tunes on my nas over lan which worked fine but need to try that out more. it was a doddle to set up internet radio presets and was pleased to find out my bird can easily turn her radio station on using the touch controls on top of the speaker rather than having to get phone out open app etc(to be fair if our lass can easily play Spotify or radio on it then then it must be simple to use. I did an insane amount of research into the best one unit network speaker and everywhere gave this speaker rave reviews. I tried out lots of comparable products such as Bose sound touch, Samsung R7, panasonic allplay, b+w zeppelin, b&o Neolithic 15, Dennon heos (this one surprised me, i was impressed with all the Dennon heos range, so much so I got the heos sound bar and sub in a half price deal). the naim blew every other speaker away for sound quality and build quality.


Heat from me. It's an astonishing speaker for its size.

Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 Portable Bluetooth® Speaker with Teleconferencing Capabilities Was 249.99 now £99 @ Creative
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Posted 20th Sep 2016Posted 20th Sep 2016
Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 Portable Bluetooth® Speaker with Teleconferencing Capabilities Was 249.99 now £99 @ Creative£99
Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 Portable Bluetooth® Speaker with Teleconferencing Capabilities Do not own one but looks decent deal. Was 249.99 Now 99

had this awhile back......ended up sending it back cos it was a bit pants :( I do have the rather spiffing creative soundblaster Roar......In my limited experience, it's infinitely better. I simply cannot believe that it was being sold for £249?!?!?!.....Thanks for tsking the time for posting though......and thats coming from someone who posts f all!!!!! 8)

Creative WP-450 Bluetooth® Headphones @ creative link in comments for £34.99
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Posted 29th Jul 2016Posted 29th Jul 2016
Creative WP-450 Bluetooth® Headphones @ creative link in comments for £34.99£34.99
Not bad price and decent reviews on amazon who are still more expensive. Was £119.99 on the Creative site (so they say) BLUETOOTH® HEADPHONES WITH MIC Enjoy excellent audio qual… Read more

Will these work with PS4?


Most of the range seems to be reduced, anyone know how Creative headphones are generally?


I've tried updated the link but still throws up the error, I've updated the post. Maybe a MOD can take a look? Thanks


Tempted, I had a pair of WP-350 and my son snapped them :( Link didn't work for me, this should though;


Had a pair of the WP380 for a couple of years and they're brilliant, assuming these are better :)

Denon AVR-X2200W AV Receiver @ Creative Audio
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Posted 24th Dec 2015Posted 24th Dec 2015
Denon AVR-X2200W AV Receiver @ Creative Audio£399
This deal is back on again at Creative Audio at £399, £100 off for this highly rated amp. Five star rated from the experts at What HiFi?, this is a great opportunity to get an Atm… Read more

£379 at many places including Richer sounds - £375 here

Sound Blaster Axx 200 Cheapest ever £39.99 @ Creative
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Posted 3rd Dec 2015Posted 3rd Dec 2015
Sound Blaster Axx 200 Cheapest ever £39.99 @ Creative£39.99
Bluetooth speaker (NFC enabled), external Sound Blaster for your computer, teleconferencing capabilities, a Super Megaphone™, a built-in microSD Card music player, and voice record… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Anyone have this, thoughts? Would have jumped at this price, current deal with bundled base for £99 seems normal...


it's £99


How is performance?


How is performance?


Awesome. Bagged. Thanks!

Denon AVR-X2200W amplifier £399 delivered @ Creative Audio
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Posted 30th Nov 2015Posted 30th Nov 2015
Denon AVR-X2200W amplifier £399 delivered @ Creative Audio£399
great price for this amp £399 delivered its a £100 cheaper than everyone else i purchased this sunday from link above its a staff email but all is legit and have just had the dispa… Read more

Just bought one with a Dali 1 5.1 system - any recommended settings? I've tried to turn off any processing stuff as I want video/sound as it should be.


The receiver is excellent I've had mine set up for a few weeks now no complaints mine is paired with b&w mt-60d 5.1 set up and bass is excellent I did make an adjusted to the sub to improve the bass.


It's only for a small room at the moment so they might be ideal. I'll take a look. How about the receiver itself - Have you had any experience with it? Good reviews all around however some say it lacks bass?


well depending on the size of room id go with the Tannoy Hts101 it fits your budget and there well suited to a smaller room if you stretch a little more take a look at the q acoustics 2000i they can be had for around £450 they are excellent and great value but your need a decent sized room for them


£300 if you can get 5.1 with that? Could you get 5.1.2 for that amount?

Canton DM 50 Soundbase (Glass Top design) £249 at CREATIVE AUDIO
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Posted 6th Jul 2015Posted 6th Jul 2015
Canton DM 50 Soundbase (Glass Top design) £249 at CREATIVE AUDIO£249
This seems to be a great price for the glass top version of the What HiFi 5* rated Soundbase. Specification: 200 watts total system power 2 x 4 inch bass drivers 2 x 2 inch mid… Read more

Great piece of kit.. Bought mine last week for the same price. Then it was £399 on Amazon, not too sure now tho. Made a massive difference to the sound of my TV. Great investment for my set up. Looks great too although slightly on the large side.


DM 75 is also worth a look at around £25 more . . .

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