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Pack of 50 non-surgical face masks X 3 - 150 masks for £21.57 delivered @ Cromwell
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Pack of 50 non-surgical face masks X 3 - 150 masks for £21.57 delivered @ Cromwell£21.57
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more

I got back £2.50 bonus from TCB and 500 bonus Nectar points making my effective price £2.22 for 100.


I got 400 in total direct from China for just over £10 in September.


I use foil and it is also washable.


Better to put kitchen roll on your face (lol)


Paid about £7.22 for 100 on ebay inc delivery. They are all made in China so doesn't matter where you buy them.

Bentley Brushware Bulldozer Broom £11.99 + £4.99 P&P at Cromwell
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Posted 3rd Jun 2020Posted 3rd Jun 2020
Bentley Brushware Bulldozer Broom £11.99 + £4.99 P&P at Cromwell£16.98£20.6318% off
This deal has swept me away, their customer service seems great to. I ordered 2 of these. Description Stiff bristle bulldozer broom makes sweeping up faster and easier. Featu… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

£5.99 Home Bargains


I think you're right, yep!


Yes and also cheap quality ones unlike this rolls royce of the brush world.


Maybe people are comparing to smaller sizes of brush?


Nice first post @Smart_Shed Looked at some comparisons and seems the best price so heat from me! As for the cold, maybe a broom doesn't get people too excited but at least a few of us can appreciate it (party)

Bosch Combi Drill - GSB18-2LI Plus - 63 pieces & case - £124.79 @ Cromwell
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Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
Bosch Combi Drill - GSB18-2LI Plus - 63 pieces & case - £124.79 @ Cromwell£124.79
A Fantastic Lightseries Combi Drill complete with Quick Charger, two 2.0Ah batteries, 63 Bosch bits and drills and L-Boxx. Features: GSB18-2LI Plus • 13mm keyless chuck with bit ho… Read more

That drill is 55nm torque and is not built as well as the drill OP posted. Also selco is for trade only so would exclude most people.


£60 here:


That's April 2017. Probably clearance with only a few and knowing b&q. Unless you got time machine I'd say £85-£90 is about right for the set above.


The drill itself + 3 batteries + charger + a few accesories + bag was just £65 in a previous deal;


If you go down the reviews you do eventually find a 2 star one! I did not know they had gone completely **** up.

Irwin.10505944 QUICK GRIP XP 18" - £20.99 @ Zoro (Cromwell)
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Posted 19th Mar 2018Posted 19th Mar 2018
Irwin.10505944 QUICK GRIP XP 18" - £20.99 @ Zoro (Cromwell)£20.99£27.6524% off
Best clamp on the market - if only it was 36" version :( Part of the Cromwell group - cant go wrong

Again sorry - thats the baby version


Sorry thats the toy and hobby version 60kg version, this is the 250kg version - totally different beast


That's me clamped aain.


That's me clamped


I thought the same for a minute until I checked - different specs for both’ the XP one as per this post being superior in terms of clamping force (strong) Heat OP

Dewalt impact wrench £254.99 with code at Cromwell
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Posted 11th Oct 2017Posted 11th Oct 2017
Dewalt impact wrench £254.99 with code at Cromwell£254.99
Hi guys my first post on here, Cromwell have got the dewalt impact wrench on off at £299.99 but use voucher code OOCD15 and that takes 15% off bringing it down to £254.99,the code … Read more

I got in contact with Dewalt and they said to use the numbers which have an N in front of them, but don't enter the N in the box.


I think its the number after made in usa, well that's what i registered with. Yet to try mine out.


Just received mine, nice bit of kit but can't find the serial number for the 3yr guarantee? Anybody know where I can find it? Cheers


The only review on quidco says the person didn't get it and ts & cs says not in conjunction with other offers so would not rely on it but worth doing.


7.5% quidco for the next 10hrs too, takes it down to £235 Voted hot and ordered. Thanks OP

Dewalt DCF899P2-GB IMPACT WRENCH - £269.99 (with code) @ Cromwell
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Posted 7th Oct 2017Posted 7th Oct 2017
Dewalt DCF899P2-GB IMPACT WRENCH - £269.99 (with code) @ Cromwell£269.99
At the moment £299.99 Use voucher £30 off CWFIX250 Free Shipping

I think people get confused between impacts drivers and impact wrenches hence cold votes....


I wouldn't disagree regarding build quality of the Milwaukee's version,but this Dewalt is definitely capable of heavy duty use from personal experience I have had the Dewalt a year or 2 now its been hammered to bits hasn't faulted once removing plenty of hub nuts, the main reason I bought one was for removing stubborn hub nuts as I have no access to an air compressor. What it comes down to and why I would recommend this is simply the price point for what you get, its build is only slightly less than Milwaukee's that's not to say it wont last as long anyone I know who has one hasn't had it break or slow down.


I've got the Milwaukee, after the recommendation of a mate car mechanic who bought also one after he get bored using the same span-on every day for almost a decade without breaking. We use(and abuse)dewalt drills/screwdrivers at work, they are OK for the price, but are not heavy duty for sure..Ive got some old bulletproof dewalt grinders but for new tools I think Milwaukees are tougher..


Have you used either of them? Having used both the Milwaukee & the Dewalt I can see very little difference in them and I actually prefer the Dewalt just my own preference, I wouldn't even pay the price for the Milwaukee or Snap-On to begin with overpriced and over hyped most of the time. Plenty of reviews online regarding this Impact Wrench going up against the so called big boys and it performs just as well if not better in some instances.


I don't think this is anywhere near as good as a Snape-on or Milwaukee, good price tho...

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Posted 15th Sep 2017Posted 15th Sep 2017
Good piece of Kit and price - DCF899P2-GB. Latest generation 18V brushless XR Li-Ion high torque wrench featuring XR 5.0Ah Li-Ion battery technology. Powerful fan-cooled motor deli… Read more

SEPSALE17 is 15% off everything for today only.


Milwaukee 1/2 set isn't much dearer than this . Can't comment on dewalt but the milwaukee matchs or beats snap on for power


I’ve got one, paid less but highly recommended they are a absolute beast.. it’s made short work of everything I’ve shown it so far. It will either undo it or snap it clean off 🤣 Old man has a Milwaukee and there much the same.. I’d buy the cheapest at the time, which I did.


thx op in for


I paid £269 in July...went as low as £244 with discount codes.

Nescafe GOLD BLEND COFFEE 750gm £19.39 (+£4.99 Delivery) @ Cromwell Free delivery over £20
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Posted 4th Sep 2017Posted 4th Sep 2017
Nescafe GOLD BLEND COFFEE 750gm £19.39 (+£4.99 Delivery) @ Cromwell Free delivery over £20£19.39
Cheapest I have seen at this price for a 750gm and includes next day delivery. Free delivery over £20. Some cheap screw drivers to take total order to £20 - https://www.cromwell.c… Read more

You can currently get 150g refill packs of Nescafe Gold Blend for £2.76 in Waitrose if you include them as one of your Pick Your Own (PYO) selections. So 750g for £13.80 or 900g for £16.56. The 150g refill packs of the Decaf version are £2.42 with PYO, so 750g for £12.10 or 900g for £14.52. The current deal at Waitrose finishes tomorrow, but it comes around on a regular basis.


21 for 900g, also in tesco too


Or get it from Iceland. £3 for £3, if you can drink the stuff


how about a 300g refill for £7 from Asda!

Numatic Henry HVR200-12 - Cylinder Vacuum - Red/Black £81.60 delivered using code @ Cromwell (Transformer may be needed)
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Posted 27th Mar 2017Posted 27th Mar 2017
Numatic Henry HVR200-12 - Cylinder Vacuum - Red/Black £81.60 delivered using code @ Cromwell (Transformer may be needed)£81.60
Good price! 620W Henry - HVR 200 Cable rewind/storage system. Triple three stage filtration system to hospital standards. High efficiency 'Turboflo' power head. Four wheel 'Tracki… Read more

Thanks for your insight, brainbox.


Standard Ebay price is 86 pounds for this hoover, you won't get the transformer for 5 quid... cold



You got a link for that please?



Numatic International.HENRY HVR200-12 GENERAL PURPOSE CLEANER RED 240V £76 inc free shipping @ Cromwell
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Posted 14th Mar 2017Posted 14th Mar 2017
Numatic International.HENRY HVR200-12 GENERAL PURPOSE CLEANER RED 240V £76 inc free shipping @ Cromwell£76
Also 110 volt version here: Same price From C… Read more

They have a Royal Warrant so obviously are of repute.


£120 again


​very few people / companies realise that the Henry / Hetty models with the green eco logo on the lid means if had hi and low switch functionality but this was removed from most models 2 years ago as they moved to the newer automatic motor so it starts automatically in lo mode and increases the power as needed when you start vacuuming. it's to do with the EU power saving initives so it's a requirement that all vacuum cleaner motors are below a certain wattage when in use but i cant remember off the top of my head what it was. in reality most retailers haven't updated their literature or photos of Henry Hoover's. the new ones do not have the eco logo on the lid and only have an on off button no manual high lo option. to answer your question the models are the same but the -11 indicates the new motor with auto power mode and -12 indicated the manual switch with 2 power modes. in reality though anywhere selling the -12 model has it incorrectly listed and you will 99% receive a -11 model as the -12 hasn't been produced for about 2 years as mentioned above


again at £120 :(


1? oO

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