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Manchester to Fukuoka (JAPAN) £285 @ Crystal Travel
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Posted 19th Aug 2015Posted 19th Aug 2015LocalLocal
Manchester to Fukuoka (JAPAN) £285 @ Crystal Travel£285
This flight might be a bit niche but it is very cheap for a flight to Japan. I found it on the Crystal Travel website. Manchester - Fukuoka Flights… Read more
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I've seen Lesbos it's beautiful and easy to reach, but FUK-Lesbos would be difficult.


That is why if you book through a travel agent then you should always check the reservation number with the airline's website to make sure that it's valid. I know you shouldn't have to do that but it makes sure that you avoid anything unpleasant later on.


Yeah that is not Japan, I can tell you that for sure. For one thing, the writing on the side of the bus wouldn't be written in English if it was. Plus I have been to Fukuoka and it looks nothing like that. They're driving on the same side of the road but that's about the only similarity.


Looks suspiciously like Auckland


Cold because of Crystal Travel.

Edinburgh to Seychelles for £335.83 Return @ Crystal Travel
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Posted 10th Aug 2015Posted 10th Aug 2015
Edinburgh to Seychelles for £335.83 Return @ Crystal Travel£335.83
Example Dates: Outbound Sun 10th April 2016 Edinburgh (EDI) - Abu Dhabi (AUH) - Seychelles (SEZ) 09:10 EDI, Arrival at 19:40 at AUH. Connection 6 Hours 45. Flight at 02:25, Arriva… Read more

True but usually takes that long to get there anyway. You can fly from Paris direct :)



Most beautiful place I have ever seen...just have loads and loads of money...soooo expensive when you are there!


Really ? ROFL ......Somerset ....



Cheap Flights to Myanmar (Burma) Cathay Pacific £387.98 @ Crystal travel
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Posted 18th Mar 2015Posted 18th Mar 2015
Cheap Flights to Myanmar (Burma) Cathay Pacific £387.98 @ Crystal travel£387.98
There are some unusually cheap flights to Myanmar (Burma) for May 2015 for under £400. This is a great price, considering it's from Manchester and with the amazing Cathay Pacific.… Read more

Can't be any worse than my LG Optimus phone which always seems to choose the wrong option with the auto text funtion. For example, if I want "off" it gives "of" and if I want "of" it gives "if"... It's the only android device I have where it's constantly choosing the wrong bloody words! I tend to swype for text input and it must be that LG just suck at it!


The UK passport is the most powerful in the world. We can get into more places then anyone else without a visa. Probably due to the empire.


Well given I'm in London for work from 'up North' I think my technology is struggling to cope with the change. I can't wait to get home!!


Are you sure you are not using the "Queens English" setting? ;)


You can visit the famous bridge built by Clarkson & friends for Topgear,maybe judge for yourself if it does have a slope on it.