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Superb - Hot !

Thanks valentins. Does it work on everything?



No Min spend - looks to work on anything

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Thanks valentins. Does it work on everything?

It should... haven't tested though
Just placed an order for Nikon DSLR and it worked

do they sell a juvuc duvud player and a lucked.


do they sell a juvuc duvud player and a lucked.

Yep - works on batteries also :thumbsup:

DOH,,i was just about to order a chicken korma:-D

Don't forget Quidco!


Thanks for the code valentins

Thanks :thumbsup:

thanks valentins, voted hot and rep added

I went to buy a particularly heavy Kenwood Microwave from curries at the weekend but they were out of stock and directed me to some remote stores that had them in.

So this is great, I'll just sit and wait for the delivery guy to rupture himself carrying it up my garden path instead.

Voted Hot ...
My Fridge packed up so needed a replacement with this code I saved £20 delivery charge and Currys will come and collect my defunct Fridge as well for ZERO (hopefully). So with the bargain online saving of £20 plus £20 saved on delivery I am well chuffed.
.... forgot quidco though ... oh well not bothered.
Thanks Valentins!!

Buy an "A" rated appliance which is over £249 for free delivery aswell (that's instore at least). And yes, we remove old appliances for free now as part of an environment saving type initiative.

Nice one , thanks


I used it a few hours ago and it worked for me.

work for me about 2 hours ago

I just tested it too, not working any more. Unless someone can test again... ?

Welcome to the forums gralf!

Still working for me :), will get a shot up in a minute

Maybe they have set a limit or something? I tried it on a £19.99 kettle with no success.

Will include the whole page so you can see the time.

Yeah, there's a min spend now... jsut have to figure out what it is.


][email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfladdliekhlmicflgceggdhhmdgmi.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=408880&category_oid=How did i miss that???

None left?


None left?

I know :-(


This works with it:- … This works with it:- ][email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfladdliekhlmicflgceggdhhmdgmi.0&page=Product&sku=287518&calling_page=ProductSo £69.98 so far...

Yeah, it's consusing me. Some things I tested it with and it wasn't working for free delivery, but others were. Aw well!!

Seems to have expired now

Anyone know of another free delivery voucher?

A lot of things are Free delivery without any code this month.


Seems to have expired nowAnyone know of another free delivery voucher?

i bought the same washing machine from dixons instead that was free delivery;-)

This has just worked on a laptop for me, so unexpired


It's worked for you!?
It doesn't for's definitely expired

Don't forget to use the code supplied by gary here:
This will give you an additional 5% discount.:thumbsup:

Can anyone confirm that this code is still working for them? I'm sure it's expired cuz I'm getting the following: "The voucher number you have entered has now expired."

Shopping Cart Errors Description The voucher number you have entered … Shopping Cart Errors Description The voucher number you have entered has now expired.

Same as.
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