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15% off Full Priced Diamonds with voucher code @ C.W.Sellors Fine Jewellery
Enter the code at the checkout to receive 15% off Full Priced Diamond Jewellery,

Nice sale and some nice stuff. AND diamonds are a con. Seriously they're plentiful and worthless. Better to buy created diamonds which are of a higher quality and exactly the same thing. With the money saved put it to a nice experience or something humanitarian.

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Garmin Fenix Pro range e.g. Garmin Watch Fenix 6 Pro Black - 15% off using code + free delivery @ C.W. Sellors
Garmin Fenix Pro range e.g. Garmin Watch Fenix 6 Pro Black - 15% off using code + free delivery @ C.W. Sellors Free P&P Free
For these in the market for a new smartwatch there's a code i've noticed on google and another web site which reduces the online price of the Garmin Fenix Pro range by 15 percent F… Read more

Yikes that's a long time. They came up with the £28 discount so I'm assuming they worked out a percentage. The electronic gift certificate was to give to the person on their birthday because the watch hadn't arrive. It was rubbish and didn't even tell them which Garmin they were getting. Here's one of the responses I got from CW Sellors when I complained via email... I understand this has come as a massive inconvenience but delivery at the earliest would be early next week now. The only thing I can do as an apology is get an electronic gift certificate sent over for you so the recipient knows it's on its way and offer a partial refund of £28.66 to take your discount down even further for you.


Thanks for that, really appreciate it. Mine took 1.5 weeks to come! Is there a reason yours was £28? As in was it a percentage of the purchase?


Via their live chat and email. I had a better response via email. Good luck!


Thanks, I'll do that. How did you complain?


ohh right nice one :)

Seiko Watch Prospex Turtle PADI Automatic Diver SRPC41K1 £299 at C.W. Sellors
56° Expired
WAS £399 Seiko Watch Prospex Turtle PADI Automatic Diver SRPC41K1. For true watchmakers, adventure sports, whether on the sea, on land or in the sky, present the greatest challenge… Read more

OOS :(


I have this watch and throughly recommended it!


Fantastic watch and a good deal at this price. It’s really good if you have slim wrists like me! (6.5 inches) Also strap code (Miltat) do a great aftermarket bracelet if you prefer that.

SEIKO 5 SPORTS Watch SRPE53K1 100m WR £172.50 @ C.W. Sellors
222° Expired
SEIKO 5 SPORTS Watch SRPE53K1 100m WR £172.50 @ C.W. Sellors£172.50 Free P&P Free
Seiko 5 Sports SRPE53K1. For over 50 years, Seiko 5 Sports has delivered consistently high levels of reliability, durability, performance and value that have endeared it to lovers … Read more
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Wimbojimbo ruining watch threads again. Great price, wish I'd picked this up at £165 the other day so very tempting.


I see CW price match. I fancy the steel strap blue dial which doesn't seem to be available at Hilliers


I think I prefer the polished bezel on the steel strap version, although the strap is such a weak point and would be swapped out (confused)

Hamilton Watch Khaki Navy Belowzero Tenet Limited Edition £1,417.50 at C.W. Sellors
41° Expired
Hamilton Watch Khaki Navy Belowzero Tenet Limited Edition £1,417.50 at C.W. Sellors£1,417.50£1,89025% off
Limited Edition of 888 Pieces. Hamilton Watch Khaki Navy Belowzero Tenet Limited Edition H78505331. Hamilton watches Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO served as the base for the wristwatch fea… Read more
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Depends on your taste and budget. I'm holding out for a bargain used reversible hammy (2nd iteration)... Jazzmaster Face 2 Face II https://www.hamiltonwatch.com/en-gb/h32866781-jazzmaster-face-2-face-ii-auto-chrono.html


Yeah, I wouldn't pay this for a hammy tbh. Best of just sticking to their classic lines.


I didn’t mean I expect it to increase in value. I was just answering to why there may be an appeal for this model. We all know price investments are never a guarantee, especially with watches. This is £400+ off of the general price, so a deal for anyone looking to purchase one - but the cold voters are out in force lol.


I doubt it - all the watch companies turn out so many limited editions they devalue the concept - half of my collection are "limited edition" - makes no difference to the value.


I own 2 Hamilton watches but this isn't worth that price.

Rado Watch HyperChrome Captain Cook Ghost Limited Edition - £1309 @ CW Sellors
222° Expired
Rado Watch HyperChrome Captain Cook Ghost Limited Edition - £1309 @ CW Sellors£1,309£1,87030% off Free P&P Free
Rado Watch HyperChrome Captain Cook Ghost Limited Edition R32500105. The Rake & Revolution collaboration . The collection is named after 18th century British explorer Captai… Read more

Looks OOS now


I agree. My wrists aren't massive but 37mm is too small. 38 is the smallest I go


to be fair to Rado though., they don't gouge on their bracelets - they are reasonably priced. If this was a 40 I'd bite, but for most blokes, 37 is going to look tiny on the wrist.I tried the BB58 yesterday and was shocked how small it looked on.


This is now 1309. EVEN better deal


Lug to lug is just over 43mm (y) 🏻

ORIS Watch BIG CROWN PROPILOT DATE Olive Textile Watch £795 @ Jura / CW sellors.
305° Expired
ORIS Watch BIG CROWN PROPILOT DATE Olive Textile Watch £795 @ Jura / CW sellors.£795£1,06025% off Free P&P Free
Another cracker here with this beauty. Since it produced its first pilots watch in the 1930s, Oris has pioneered a number of innovations that have made it a favourite among flyers… Read more
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Excellent watch. I have the 41mm one. The 45mm one I had was way too big! And I'm a big guy, it was really uncomfortable




Yeah it really is beautiful, my friends dad, who has since died, got me into Oris as their movement is fantastic. I always wanted one and I could finally afford the one I have and I’m really pleased with it. I definitely want a ProPilot but that is a 40th Birthday present to myself in a few years :)


Made a fine choice with an Oris sir (y)


Fabulous! It’s not a brand I have, but I too have been lead astray by @Kratos69 .....

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Garmin Fenix 6 Pro £483.66 @ C.W Sellors
205° Expired
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro £483.66 @ C.W Sellors£483.66£56915% off Free P&P Free
Garmin Watch Fenix 6 Pro Black 010-02158-02. The remarkable Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch collection brings everything we love about the Fenix model to life alongside brand new mappin… Read more

Got one at this price back in May 2020. Good but if you want a triathlon watch


Fingers crossed it doesnt play up on you, these things are built to last after all! The sapphire screen difference in low light against the pro is what is playing on my mind, there seems to be a blue tint on the pro which could get annoying. In the sun both seem fine, in fact the sapphire version might be a little duller. I sincerely hope they dont release a Fenix 7 early next year, that will really annoy me


I’m using for mtb dynamics, be great! 10hrs gps use on normal Fenix might sound alright but I bet its a pain so thought this was a bargain tbh is it lasts way longer! It’s a bit of a punt the refurb only 30 day return but if it’s okay by day 29 I’d have to be unlucky for it to die a death......


Cheers will take a look, really want the sapphire one but the extra £200 is just silly


Ebay on 20% offer, someone has a brand new for £450 without the offer even

RJ Watches Moon Invader Pac Man Level III Limited Edition D watch £6700.01 at C.W. Sellors
-76° Expired
RJ Watches Moon Invader Pac Man Level III Limited Edition RJ.M.AU.IN.009.10. RJ Watches take their inspiration from raw elements such as the sea, the earth, the air and daring coll… Read more
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My mistake, they are available now 8)


Grandson wanted a Pac-Man watch and this is what google came back with:S


Timex Pac Man out next month for about 60 quid..


Clearly overpriced, but some fool with more money than sense will buy it because it looks 'quirky'.


Maybe, just maybe if I had a general hate for high end watches I’d quit looking at them and complaining about them. I don’t think they’ll miss you seen as the top 8 companies clocked around 15 billion Swiss francs worth of sales of brand new watches in 2019 alone. (1CHF is roughly $1) What a joyful life you must lead to be so invested in something you hate.

Ball Fireman Racer at CW Sellors for £765
194° Expired
Ball Fireman Racer at CW Sellors for £765£765£1,02025% off
Seems like a good deal for Automatic Ball Watch with a 4 Year guarantee. Ball Watch Company Fireman Racer NM2088C-P2J-WHBK. Ball Watches Innovation and creativity are the corners… Read more
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Sorry to hear about your bad experience! I see why you're not impressed with Ball. Mechanical watches are tricky things and there will always be the odd bad one but you expect good customer service when something that serious happens.


Maybe I'm less picky. I have a lot of love for my Invicta,although maybe it's because they have a good name.


CW watches are real quality. Most people don't like then because they are called "Christopher Ward" - I'm the same. They should have called themselves "Trident" or something, because they use that symbol shape on their seconds hands.


They seem like real watch enthusiasts, if like to give them a try or Christopher Ward


They are impressive watches for the price. The EO-1 is a 37 mm watch (I like small watches). It has applied indices and is sort of an homage of rolex explorer. It runs a eta 2824-2 (undecorated) but is nicely put together. All this was for £339 (with a discount code). Some of there other watches look nifty as well. They took a seagull ST19 handwind mech and actually designed a nice watch that doesn't look like the seagull 1963 for £299. They are definitely worth a look if you like cheap auto/handwind. Straps aren't bad either.

Seiko Watch 5 Sports SRPD53K1 £212 + other watches @ C W Sellors
91° Expired
Seiko Watch 5 Sports SRPD53K1 £212 + other watches @ C W Sellors£212£25116% off
C W Sellors As title, 15% off most watches (non sale items) Seems a fair price for this one HTH

There's 4 in stock, New from Rubicon Watches at the moment for just over £180 (added this yesterday, though to be fair it does get lost when I go into list-mania mode) - https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/40747069


He didn't mention automatics, hence my reply. Orient are owned by Seiko, yes. I'm not sure why that's relevant? They are run as a separate company and do not have the common QC issues that Seiko do. Swatch own Omega, Tissot, Hamilton, Blancpain and quite a few others. None of them make Swatch branded watches. Citizen may be best at Eco-Drive, but does that mean their other watches are no good? Not sure what you were getting at there.


Too much for a 5 model, especially when the Padi was on this site for 10 more less than a month ago and similar 5 models with a different bezel for 150


Citizen Eco Drive. If you're a fan Seiko, good 4 u mate (y) . When you pay more than 200£ for a watch you want to be a nice looking one too


I am so glad someone appreciated it. (highfive)

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