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Winter Blowout Sale @ cycle-clothes
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Posted 7th Mar 2017Posted 7th Mar 2017
Winter Blowout Sale @ cycle-clothes
Just came across this website selling loads of cycling clothing at really decent prices. I've managed to really bolster my cycling gear with some cracking bargains!

Looks like it's a Tenn website


And just joined... :|


cheap - have u used this company before?


Just came across it ;)

Tenn clothing outlet. Prices from £2 - Free delivery over £25 @ Cycleclothes
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Posted 11th Apr 2016Posted 11th Apr 2016
Tenn clothing outlet. Prices from £2 - Free delivery over £25 @ Cycleclothes£2
A range of men's and woman's cycle clothing from Tenn. I've have a bit of Tenn clothing and can't fault it, good quality stuff. Seems to be plenty of sizes available. Tenn Mens … Read more

Anyone know which overshoes are most suited for the warmer weather? I was looking at the ones on ebay. And how are people getting on with the sizes of these? I was looking at the Sealskins earlier, it was recommend to get a size up. Are these similar?


They have an Ebay shop which is has even better prices


Good find

Thank you! I got some bargains


That's even cheaper than Lidl/Aldi, can't go wrong for some spare sets at those prices. Cheers.

Tenn outdoor bib shorts 12.99 plus free delivery @ Cycleclothes
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Posted 18th Apr 2014Posted 18th Apr 2014
Tenn outdoor bib shorts 12.99 plus free delivery @ Cycleclothes£12.99
Tenn bib shorts down from 29.99. Get a good review on road cc and at that price well worth a go. Most sizes ava… Read more

could do with some of these for the pub to hold my belly in


No, it's just the black ones that are on offer. S/M/L still available I think.


This appears to only be in XL. I have tried with others sizes which appear to be the original price. A good offer if your XL though


Oh, I see S,M,L only at £12.99 lard **** like me have to pay £24.99!


Cancel that last comment, it's another set of bib shorts. My mistake.

Tenn Vibe  Mountain Bike Gloves £6.99 @
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Posted 4th Feb 2013Posted 4th Feb 2013LocalLocal
Tenn Vibe Mountain Bike Gloves £6.99 @£6.99
I was hunting for some new gloves after destroying mine at the weekend and came across these for only £6.99. I was a little dubious by the low price, but Bike Magic seemed to like … Read more
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great large -- £9.99 :-( all others 6.99


Thanks for that. In my attempt to measure my hand I got 8" round the palm meaning I should order a Small, but there is no way Small would fit me (I have decent sized hands and long fingers) so I ordered a Large (that's what I normally need).


i use the thinsulate gloves from ASDA which are not as expensive and not as stylish also, black and serve the purpose and were very good for the whole winter riding, but still seems a good price.


Yes they come up small! Buy a size larger!!!! Great for the price though. My son measures 8" around his palm but ordered a medium which are perfect


Anyone know what the sizing of these gloves are like? ie are they made small

Tenn Cycling Jersey @ - £8.09
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Posted 10th Jan 2013Posted 10th Jan 2013
Tenn Cycling Jersey @ - £8.09£8.09
Use discount code: TENOFFCYCLE to get one for £8.09 - thanks to tejhog Tenn products are usually really well made and reasonably priced... but not this cheap! RRP £39.99 Genuine… Read more
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I am still waiting for mine after ordering on the 13th Jan! I rang the company directly; they were very helpful and confirmed that they had encountered very erratic delivery recently. I was asked to wait until next Monday and if not delivered they would send a second duplicate order. I am not desperate for the items and consider this response very acceptable. Cheers


Got it, it's massive...............


No worries (_;) Hope my stuff comes tomorrow.


My shorts arrived today. Excellent quality. Well pleased. Thanks op.


Not even got a dispatch email..?

Mens Bib Front Cycling Shorts with Pad £16.99 @ Cycle Clothes
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Posted 15th Oct 2012Posted 15th Oct 2012
Mens Bib Front Cycling Shorts with Pad £16.99 @ Cycle Clothes£16.99
Bib shorts that are good quality at a reasonable price High performance, high wicking, breathable low sheen fabric. Professional 8 panel construction to provide great bod… Read more

£20 on Amazon as standard price.. Not to say this isn't a good price, just to take RRP with a pinch of salt :)


The idea is to stop you getting rubs around your waist from elastic (as you do on long rides when wearing padded shorts) and you should ALWAYS wear a top with these ... also, don't do your supermarket shopping in a pair - the local mothers are liable to call the police!


I now only every use bib shorts - very comfortable (both road and XC). Another benfit is that it stops you beinging cut in two on your muffin top.


Cuts down on drag, and stops you getting 'cyclists bum' when riding (top moving up, shorts moving down).


OK, I get the shorts bit...... but what's with the bib bit???? Is it just that dungarees are back in fashion???

Heavy Duty Waterproof Cycle Cover £3.50 @ Cycleclothes.
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Posted 1st Aug 2011Posted 1st Aug 2011
Heavy Duty Waterproof Cycle Cover £3.50 @ Cycleclothes.£3.50
Just ordered two of these for me and the wife seeing as summer looks to be over. 100% waterproof. One size fits all bicycles and small scooters. Fully taped seams give complete wa… Read more

Cool! You can pay with the company should be ok.


Thanks, purchased for the vespa. Fingers crossed it fits, if not... well it's only £3.50


I ordered these on Friday afternoon they came sat morning, no complaints superb turn around


Me too, and the email confirmation is virtually unreadable. I'm not feeling particularly at ease about this - hope I wasn't too hasty in ordering. I don't appear to be the only one either - see comment #6 on Has anyone order from this company before, and what are they like?


lol, well spotted!!! I hadn't read that far :p

Cycle Clothes - Tenn Padded Cycling Bib Leggings £13.99 Delivered + Loads of reductions
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Posted 29th Jul 2011Posted 29th Jul 2011
Cycle Clothes - Tenn Padded Cycling Bib Leggings £13.99 Delivered + Loads of reductions£13.99
Continuing on from my other post for their cheap jerseys, here is another really good find, on the site for what looks like an excellent price for bib leggings. As 'mankini' lookin… Read more
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+1 Going back for more too


Just got my stuff from this, absolutely no smoke damage whatsoever. Has the distinctive smell of packaged new clothes. Spent £30 in the end, two tops, some shorts and some gloves. Might make another pass at it now. Great find.


Great products, I've bought from here before Good customer service too!


Thats a result, never think about paypal unless its with ebay, maybe I should look into it, thanks


Just ordered a few things & they take paypal ;)

Cycle Clothes - Mens Green/Black Cycling Jerseys £9.99 Free Uk Del + Other Big Reductions
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Posted 28th Jul 2011Posted 28th Jul 2011
Cycle Clothes - Mens Green/Black Cycling Jerseys £9.99 Free Uk Del + Other Big Reductions£9.99
Big sale prices showing on the Cycle Clothes website at the moment this is just one of the bargains I've just spotted, but scouring the site I'm finding loads of low prices, even t… Read more
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These guys have terrible, terrible service. Are not responding to my email as I have a problem with my order.


Maybe. But my order arrived today, cant smell any smoke on the clothes whatsoever. On intial inspection the kit seems much better quality than the Aldi gear which comes up at the same price and always seems to get tons of heat


Something is fishy, OP member for only 3 days all deals and comments posted thus far for the same store.


Yes, some of the products look identical. I recently bought a pair of gloves from tennoutdoors on ebay and they were very good quality - especially for the price...definitely better than a £15-20 pair from a branded co.


All the items I received have been really good quality and were delivered very quickly.