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The Cycle to Work scheme after more than 20 years! (apparently save up to 42%)
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Posted 1st Apr 2018Posted 1st Apr 2018
The Cycle to Work scheme after more than 20 years! (apparently save up to 42%)
The Cycle to Work scheme is still available. This has been mentioned before in UKhotdeals but I think with spring hopefully coming soon and lots of posts for bikes it may be useful… Read more

Advantages of the cycle to work scheme: If you leave your employer within the first year Very little price saving but you get an interest free loan for the term up to termination If you buy your bike at the end of the first year Minimal saving with a 12 month interest free loan If you wait for the full depreciation before taking ownership of your bike 25-40% saving on purchase price and a 12 month interest free loan


Good points. Outside of the EU uk government should have more flexibility on vat treatment. Why not remove vat on bikes under £500?


Agreed. Especially if your employer carries the scheme out to the letter. Some seem not to. So it's probably worth checking. I can't see that being members of the EU has had any negative or positive effect on the scheme. So I can't imagine Brexit will have any effect. The main problem is the very British way of carrying something out to completion. Even if it makes a nonsense of the system, we don't care as long as the paperwork is correct. It means people give up trying. It applies to so many things. And the system can STILL be abused. And has been by some of the posters here. The best thing, I think, would be for businesses just to give a one time 'gift' to their employees of up to say £250 for a bike and accessories. Restrict it to the lower paid employees. That would be enough, I think, for those employees to get a reasonable bike and kit to use with it. And allow the company to offset this against tax. In reality, you can get a perfectly good bike at a boot fair for about £10, it may be a bit rusty and steel framed and require adjustment but should be easy to fix.


Overall this is now no better than a lukewarm deal for many people. Surely it's in the interest of the government to get people exercising and cycling is one way. Maybe after Brexit the UK government can make it a little more attractive again.


But the 'cut' they get is virtually nothing on business scales. Just how much money were they loosing. Companies use tax avoidance schemes to avoid paying millions of pounds worth of tax The money they were loosing must have been peanuts in comparison.

save up to 42% off a new bike tax free. pay monthly. cycle to  work scheme.
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Posted 11th May 2014Posted 11th May 2014
save up to 42% off a new bike tax free. pay monthly. cycle to work scheme.
Ordered a new bike with lights and bike lock should cost instore £884 after the discount £601. Which works out about £50 a month for me .directly out of my wages before it goes int… Read more

my employer refuses to join this scheme


I get a new bike every three years through this scheme, going to get my 3rd one in December. Works out ~30% cheaper because of the tax and NI savings, and if you time it right you can buy a bike in the Evans sale thereby saving even more moeney.


Know a bloke at work who fell foul of this after buying a Brompton and suffering from an undisclosed term about them on our company's scheme relating to the final payment value. As they don't depreciate much at all they asked for a further payment making it the same as if he'd bought the bike upfront himself. Because of vague nature of the contract he still doesn't know if he owns it! :-(


hi andyh68, Do you remember the website address you bought your bike from please? I am after a road bike but they are so expensive! thanks


not good if you dont actually own the bike even at the end of a yrs lease, better off finding an on line retailer who does factory seconds, I bought a mountain bike 2yrs ago for £45 still boxed

Buy a bike tax free with Cyclescheme
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Posted 1st Feb 2014Posted 1st Feb 2014
Buy a bike tax free with Cyclescheme
With Cyclescheme, you can get a bike tax-free, which for most people means they save about 32% of the cost. You can get just about any bike you like from a local bike shop, and it'… Read more

Just received this via email: So I'm gonna have a look at Evans I guess!


Unless you are a high earner of course, as the repayment at the end is not linked to your tax saving. The rich get richer....


Sadly sat chef is spot on. The scheme used to be good, but is nowhere near that now. Buying in a sale or negotiating 10 pct discount will airways be better and fast less stress than this scheme. It's a real shame. I've been following this for years trying to work out whether it can actually work in favour but the sheer number of unknown quantities make this a real gamble, usually not in the punters favour.


After 12 months, Cyclescheme calculate the 'market value' of the bike to be 35% of the purchase price. If you want to keep the bike then you must pay this figure. As such, higher rate tax payers only save 7% versus buying the bike outright, while lower rate taxpayers actually pay 3% MORE than the purchase price of the bike. Cyclescheme are absolutely raking it in. They buy a bike VAT free and loan it to you for £X/month, taken from your pre-tax wages. Over the course of the year this nets them a tidy profit. They then make further money by selling the bike on for around 35% of the purchase price. From my quick calculations, their revenue should be something like 44p in the pound from lower rate tax payers, simply for administering this scheme. That income comes directly from tax payers and the person taking up the scheme (who saves little if anything at all by using it). The scheme (when administered by Cyclescheme) is a con. At the end of the hire period they have your nuts in a vice and they make sure you know it.


Didn't save me anything. Something like £45/month salary sacrifice for a Specialized Rockhopper and helmet (£749 total). After 12 months my employer transferred ownership to Cyclescheme who asked me for something like £250 for the bike ('market value'). If I didn't want to pay this, I could return it to Milton Keynes at my own expense, or I could pay £50 to rent for another three years (at the end of that period I get a choice between paying market value or returning the bike to MK). Felt ripped off tbh, but the bike shop did warn me it wasn't a great deal and that I could get a better deal buying cash (or on a CC) or a similar deal on interest free credit. Unfortunately I drank the Cyclescheme koolaid. I believed the scheme would save me a lot of money on the back of stories about employers transferring ownership for nominal amounts.

Cyclescheme, save up to 42% on bikes with your work.
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Posted 29th Sep 2013Posted 29th Sep 2013
Cyclescheme, save up to 42% on bikes with your work.
Just discovered this with my office. Basically if your office has signed up to the 'Cyclescheme' then you can save up to 42% on a new bike. Your office can sign up easily via: ht… Read more

It has been around for years and years, sadly the company I work for stopped it a couple of years ago after a slight change in the rules. I work for a large company in Yorkshire with loads of people that would jump at the chance to take advanage of this scheme. If your company does it, you are lucky and I would take advantage of this if you can. I cycle regular, and would never buy a bike from Halfords anyway. If you are going to use this scheme, I would advise you to go to a small or independent cycle shop. The thing that can put people of cycling is an ill fitted bike and poor equipment. A small shop will help you pick the best bike for you, and your needs and get the right equipment.


As of today I got a 12 month scheme.[/quote] You will make payments for 12 months, but ownership of the bike will not pass to you until the end of the 3rd year. I may be wrong, but I believe you'll still make the payment at the end of the 12 months. The payment will effectively be a rental payment for the next 2 years. At the end of the 3rd year, ownership will be transferred to you.


Where I work a use a company called Cycle Solutions. They offer a 18 month scheme. The liver you hire the bike for the cheaper the final payment. You will save money on any bike or accessories but the savings will vary with age of equipment. You don't have to buy a bike. You can just buy qualifying accessories. There is a minimum spend though. Great if you have a bike but need a decent lock, lights, waterproofs etc. Although your employer technically owns your bike until you make the final payment, employers ruin the scheme with the intention of selling you the bike at the end. Your employer doesn't wants lots of second hand bikes to deal with. Or scheme provider doesn't even all for a deposit at the end of the 18 month payment period. You can continue to hire the bike for a further 4 years and can ask for a valuation at any time.


I've looked into these schemes and while they look good, they only benefit full time employees. I have dithered on whether or not to go for one, yet as I only work 20 hours and therefore don't pay tax or n.i, I can't go for it. They're alright for some, but id still prefer to go for a reduced, last year's bike now. Each to their own though:-)


I've used this scheme in two different workplaces, both operated in slightly different ways, due to the change in Government policy. There is no 12 month scheme to the best of my knowledge, following the policy change. I'm not convinced the employer decides on whether there is a final payment or not. Leaving early is obviously going to incur a penalty.[/quote] As of today I got a 12 month scheme.

Free LIME Energy Saving Plug AND Water Widget
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Posted 4th Oct 2010Posted 4th Oct 2010
Free LIME Energy Saving Plug AND Water Widget
These two green gadgets are completely free (one per household). Lets make this HOT so people find out about it and lower their energy usage for free! The LIME Energy Saving Plug h… Read more

**************** WARNING ***************** based on the previous post I would not use this socket, you'll either damage your equipment or get electricuted.


Just to warn people that I just received this by email "Product Recall Notice – Lime Energy Saving Plug (Model ES1017) I am writing to inform you that we have found a potential safety problem with a batch of the Lime Energy Saving Plugs, Model Number ES1017, which can be identified via the label on the back of the plug. This email will be followed with a letter, which you should receive in the next few days. The problem was identified following feedback from a very small number of customers who had experienced some problems with the individual pins of the plug that either fell out or remained in the socket when unplugged. This problem could potentially lead to an electrical hazard or exposure to live electrical parts. I strongly recommend that you stop using the Lime Plug and turn off the wall socket power switch before removing it. We will be sending you a replacement Lime Energy Saving Plug of a different model to replace your existing one and will endeavour to send this to you within 14 days from the postal notification that you will receive shortly. Along with the replacement plug we will include pre-paid packaging for you to return the original plug for its safe disposal. I would like to reassure you that no other Grass Roots products are affected. If you have passed this plug on to someone else, please would you also pass on this notice. I apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your co-operation in this matter. If you require further advice, please contact our helpline on 08448 – 795160 or alternatively contact us by email on Yours sincerely Mr Antony Bates Executive Director"


mine arrived, but i still have not used it, saving the planet lmao the offer is still going, i just ordered one for my uncle.


mine never arrived so cold..


I got mine yesterday. was easy to fit. The stand by socket is a very cool idea and looks like a good make. Really pleased with the shower water widget. esp as I really loved my shower and was worried that the stream will suffer. It didnt have any adverse effect. makes a bit of noise as it it clear it works by sucking air in, but I cant bear that for a more efficient shower.

Save up to 50% off a new bike with a cycle to work scheme
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Posted 8th Apr 2009Posted 8th Apr 2009
Save up to 50% off a new bike with a cycle to work scheme
This has been posted a number of times, but I thought I would post again as I am about to get my bike through one of these schemes and people may be thinking about cycling to work … Read more

Obviously yes to the first three, but I think halfords are crap. Having said that, they'd be much easier to deal with seeing that they ave loads of stores around the UK.


- Does it fit you? - Have you ridden it (and I mean a proper test ride, not a potter around the car park)? - Is it the right bike to do the job? - Does the dealer have a good reputation for build quality, servicing and after sales support? if you can't answer all of those questions with an absolute YES, then it really isn't a bargain.


The only trouble is that it's not the best machine for cycling to work on! I'd prefer something with road tyres, mudguards, conventional forks and a rack.

my-planet If you can find me a better value for money bike, please post a link. Thx.


Not sure on the tax front - pretty sure it doesn't incur any kind of BIK tax. From personal experience and just looking at the thread above, I can't see how it's a pity that you can't use the voucher in Hellfrauds! There are loads of proper bike shops that will help you find the right bike and assemble it properly instead. It won't affect your warranty - as members of the Asociation of Cycle Traders (ACT) they have to offer it and it's advisable that you follow it up as, due to cable stretch, you gears WILL require attention early in the bike's lifetime. The warranty stands as long as the bike is fully assembled prior to sale and was done by a competent person. I'll let you draw your own conlcusions about whether you feel Halfords are competent... Most manufacturers will not offer warranty support if the bike was sold in a box and some simply do not permit their dealers to sell bikes in this state.

Get a Tax Free Bike for Work through your Employer
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Posted 12th Feb 2008Posted 12th Feb 2008
Get a Tax Free Bike for Work through your Employer
from site "Get a tax free bike! Cyclescheme is working with a network of independent bike shops to supply the nation with quality tax free bikes and equipment for work. We have a w… Read more
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To answer some of the questions about the scheme. You can have more than one bike on the scheme provided it can be justified. One for winter use and one for summer, One to ride to the station and one from the other end to work etc. The bike(s) must be suitable for the commute to work so a downhill or BMX would not normally qualify, nor would a kids 20". You cannot add any of your own money to the scheme voucher. This is a HMRC rule and any supplier allowing this could find themselves in trouble with the tax man. Plus, as the previous poster said, salary sacrifice can affect your pension and benefits.


You need to be cautious about all salary sacrifice schemes if you are likely to change your job, get sacked, retire, take maternity or sick leave within 2 years of the end of you paying off your bike/computer/child care etc... as it means that your salary for calculation of benefits (e.g. pension, maternity leave, sick pay) is reduced by the amount taken out for the bike,etc... can end up being a pricey mistake. If you have no intention of any of the above - then you'll be fine.


does anyone have suggestions for bikes/makes etc? want something that can be used a bit on roads as well as off-road - aka mountain biking type terrain. makes and models would be appreciated.


great deal i work for a Jap carmaker in the north east and they introduced it last year. £30a month then they discount my NI contributions works out around £22 for a £600 bike. If you get a chance go for it. ]


Noticed a reply from one of you saying you were limited to a choice of a junk Halfords bike or one from a really expensive shop. Halfords will get you ANY BIKE YOU WANT whether they stock it or not under this scheme & have it delivered to your local store, just ask your employer to contact the people who do the scheme with your choice of bike. Not all Halfords bikes are junk btw, the budget bikes are pretty bad (you get what you pay for!) but their Carerra brand is very good value for money. I am very into cycling but passed up on the scheme this year as I really don't need another bike due to me already having pretty much my dream bike/s, someone I work with bought a KOXX trials bike frame with other high spec individual parts & built a fully custom bike. If for example you wanted a bike that's only imported & sold by one shop in the UK you can still get it sent to Halfords (e.g. a Focus imported by