now just gota get £1000 lol

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Cant see the voucher ...

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Sorry. Login to your dabs account and there should be a view vouchers option. They also come up when you put stuff in your basket. £10 off £75 and £20 off £150 ther too. Maybe not for new customers?

I had these at one point also - they seem a bit random? Not sure if everyone gets them at the same time.

I have just ordered some stuff, I had a email with the £10 off £75 and £20 off £150, also free delivery of orders over £89.

So ordered a 7600 card for my dell 520, and a wireless 4 port bridge for the stuff under the TV.

Got the free delivery and the £10 off, worked out cheaper than ebuyer in total even with the google checkout stuff.

I think these are user specific. Mine is £10 off £100, £20 off £200 and £50 off £750.
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