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Dacia sandero, still only £5995 otr @ Dacia, includes 3 year warranty and breakdown cover
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Posted 5th Feb 2018Posted 5th Feb 2018
Dacia sandero, still only £5995 otr @ Dacia, includes 3 year warranty and breakdown cover£5,995
Dacia's Sandero sets out to completely change the way you think about budgeting for a compact family five-door car. It's half the cost of many similarly sized models and surprising… Read more

Hot! This car will overheat quickly!


Looks bad in photo and worse on the street


Love these Dacia posts as reading the banter make me chuckle at times the yeas and nays do get excitable at times


To be fair this car is a tasty little motor moves well and gives good feedback through the wheel, not to mention it turns heads where ever you take it, my sex life has really took a turn for the better after buying this car, probably because I have more money left over for hookers.


For all the slapping down of this deal because it's selling at rrp you are in the minority as the voting point to be it being a good deal, the community that makes this site has spoken. This deal is for someone looking for a cheap car and not too fussy about what they drive. Obviously this car is going to lose out on all points but price so why compare it, the more you pay the more you get It is cheeky of the OP to regurgitate the same deal but what the hell.

A brand new car for £5995 otr, trouble free motoring for 3 years, The new Dacia sandero Access
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Posted 15th Nov 2017Posted 15th Nov 2017
A brand new car for £5995 otr, trouble free motoring for 3 years, The new Dacia sandero Access£5,995
A brand new car for £5995 otr, with a genuine warranty not like a warranty you will get on a used car for similar money. Used car warranties can be a pain to claim on and you usual… Read more

Looks like something from the developing world. You must have very low self esteem to drive this thing.


This^^^^ Just given our 13 year old Honda Civic that has air con electric windows radio. The most reliable car we have ever owned. You’d be better of buying a used Honda


I really would not recommend putting diesel in any petrol car.


Diesel in this model


Looked at these, decided to get a 2.5 yr old astra , cheaper, more solid too. Not a bid little thing though, heat added.

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Posted 8th Sep 2017Posted 8th Sep 2017
The Dacia Sandero is one of the cheapest cars currently on sale in the UK, the Sandero offers excellent value for money. A recent facelift also brings plenty of small improvements,… Read more

For the Pain part. Have u tried pulling the handle on outside and pushing the pin down and closing the door that works on most cars o u don't need close the doors from inside maybe will work for u aswell


Yes, had one as a company supplied vehicle. This was while working in Johannesburg this year. 0.9L Turbo engine is decent if you keep the revs up. It can catch you out if not in a low gear and will feel slug like. Keep it on the boil and it feels more like a 1.4L engine. Up front it's not too bad, the electric window buttons are bloody annoying in the middle of the car. The rear is a very uncomfortable place for adults. I can't say I'd want to buy one but they are just basic transport at the end of the day. From a personal point of view, I'd probably go with something used that's Korean.


Do folks realise that these cars are stripped down versions of the most troublesome Renault cars?


Basicaly the same car with a slight increase in ride hight and higher trim spec for a bit more money. People these days seem to like a higher driving position, me included, so best to go see and judge for yourself.


Well one of you is lying as plenty of people have bought them with no problems, go read Dacia Forum, and they all love them. This car now comes with 1 litre engine wich is better than the original 1.2 and so is a deal as no price increase for a better mover.

New Dacia Logan MCV £7295 @ Dacia uk
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Posted 23rd Jun 2017Posted 23rd Jun 2017
New Dacia Logan MCV £7295 @ Dacia uk£7,295
Maximum capacity, minimal cost.

I have to admit Dacia have some good value cars. Who needs to look like a muppet in an AUDI, Mercedes, BMW etc... when you can buy a cheaper car. They laugh at me for driving a cheap car, well I laugh at the more for driving an expensive car.


​thanks, I still have some physical issues but it could have been a lot worse.


Thats great news, I hope they do only charge an extra £1000 for the auto, though I would prefer an older 4 speed torque converter auto (with Renault and Nissan being so close I would reckon they could get an old 4 Speed Jatco auto box for peanuts, but Nissan have also been making reliable CVT's for donkeys years like in the K11 micra, so even one of them would be reliable. This dual clutch setup sounds a bit exotic and judging by VAG's earlier DSG system it could prove to be quite unreliable. Still, £8300 for a brand new Auto estate aint half bad)


I dont think people are buying Dacias to enjoy driving them . But that's perfectly fine , not everyone enjoys driving . No its not going to be the most dynamic drive , it probably isn't the most comfortable ,it probably wont be the fastest . But the mass popularity of car shaped objects like the Citroen C1/Toyota Aygo tell us that for a number of people just an affordable car to get them from A to B is what they want .Dacia are trying to break into that sector of the market and good luck to them As for the comments about aircon . yes it is only really hot enough in the UK for air con to be useful for maintaining a comfortable temperature for about 2 weeks but i find it is also really good at clearing the windscreen quickly as when its cold . But its a nice to have not an essential and something you should factor into your budget


Sort of good quote & I think youve answered your own question- you would buy one of these which as you say has less than a new 02 Clio as basically thats what you are getting is an 02 Clio but in drag but still paying 02 prices - if you need a much fater / high specced car of 2017 spec then pay twice as much & get one - basically you get what you pay for & if you want basic no frills transport & not fussed on more bhp & usb's then thats why youd get one - simples!!

New Dacia sandero. new look new features, same price, £5995 @ Dacia uk
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Posted 22nd Jun 2017Posted 22nd Jun 2017
New Dacia sandero. new look new features, same price, £5995 @ Dacia uk£5,995
The New Dacia Sandero offers you the size of one segment for the price of the segment below. At £5,995*, the New Dacia Sandero is the UK's lowest priced new car......

​Which tropical part of the UK do you reside in? Why do you need air con? Surely the heater is more important!?


Well my dad bought one, no such bills or issues in over 2 years. Japanese quality I guess.


Till it needs a new exhaust, then some tyres, a few months later the £300 mot bill, then a few weeks later the clutch start slipping.


A 53 plate Toyota Yaris for 500 quid would probably be more sensible.


utter garbage? based on? and for reference ex Renault salesman, grew up in the garage trade (mot, servicing, recovery, bodyshop) and I have driven a lot of cars, after years of second hand motors I bought a Dacia, price for spec. for warranty and have been pleasantly surprised.

New Dacia Duster £9495 @ Dacia
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Posted 15th Feb 2017Posted 15th Feb 2017
New Dacia Duster £9495 @ Dacia£9,495
Equipment as standard Daytime running lights Black door mirrors Manually adjustable door mirrors 16" EIGER steel wheels Black door handles Black longitudinal roof bars Tyre Inflat… Read more

Eh ! you been living in a cave ?


Will I keep up with the joneses in this?


Price from 1995. Car design and spec also from 1995.


​I took one out for a test drive and was tempted, it's cheap, but has a budget look and feel, worth the money but you must have owned better


​Safer than a pack of durex on a bed of nails.

Dacia Logan MCV 2017 New Euro 6 engine still only £6995 @ Dacia.co.uk
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Posted 12th Jan 2017Posted 12th Jan 2017
Dacia Logan MCV 2017 New Euro 6 engine still only £6995 @ Dacia.co.uk£6,995
New version for 2017 with a new Euro 6 3 cylinder 1.0 petrol engine for even better economy, also now includes daytime running lights and colour coded bumper's and hill start assis… Read more

1st April. From £20/30 a year to £140 a year. Car must be registered before 1st April I believe to get lower rate.


What's the VED change ?


Went in to order a petrol one today, was told no chance before the VED change and can't even order the new 1.0 petrol model yet.


From my research, NCAP results have changed, which caused the lower result. There was also an error on the published weight. The Sanderro was tested 4 stars with a petrol engine, the Logan was tested with the diesel engine. If the Logan had been called the Sanderro Estate which it is, then it would have been 4 stars. Still not up there with the best, but much better than my old 15 year old Astra !


LOL, what car do you drive ?

New Dacia Sandero 2017 facelift still only £5995 otr
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Posted 15th Dec 2016Posted 15th Dec 2016
New Dacia Sandero 2017 facelift still only £5995 otr£5,995
Now the front bumper is colour coded so looks as good as the rest of the range. With a 3 year warranty it is a safe bet and at just £5995 you don't have to worry about depreciation… Read more

Like John I've had the option of Ford privilege and purchased Fiestas, Focus and now own Kuga. Also we've been leasing a Citreon C1 which has proved that a small 2nd car is ideal for running around. As a result of the C1 lease ending we considered the Dacia but rejected it due to poor features and price when moving up the range. We have just taken delivery of a new Hyundai i10 SE cost £7,500 and is as good if not better than any of the Fords we've owned. Suggest checking out the i10 as there's a new model out and the older models are being discounted, only bad thing is the basic FM radio but drives better than the C1.


Have been with Ford privilege for the past 4 years, both having Fiesta's. The missus was looking at the Kuga and I didn't know what I wanted. Saw this and am very tempted and now the wife is considering a Duster.Save us some serious coin.


Thank you SO much for the very detailed info, it's very helpful. I was looking for a quote through carwow, it came up the cheapest offer is Hyandai Bedford which offers me £7995. If you are taking a finance, Hyandai will contribute £500 deposit, but 6.9%interest, maximum 48months. So I am thinking to go to the bank to get a personal loan which can save a bit of interest plus can spread over 5 years. So when I don't go for the finance package from Hyandai, I don't think I could get the £500 deposit contribution though. The Bluetooth kit also costs £175 in Hyandai Brighton. I am still thinking if it's worth getting it. Thanks again, I will give them a phone call to see if I can get the same deal as yours.


Purchased from MotorVogue in Bedford, you maybe missing an additional £500 it was called manufacturers deposit on the paperwork but the dealer said it was because we had taken a test drive, but we hadn't. Original figures below, in the end I decided that I wanted the Bluetooth kit which was an additional £175, this then resulted in only metallic paint models being available which added a further £550 which I wasn't happy with but managed to negotiate 2 years servicing free so logically it cost £250. Not sure if these figures are still available as these we subject to taking delivery before 31/12 which we did, and I have to say I'm very pleased with the car. Cash Price : £8,144.00 Manufacturer Deposit : -£500 Customer Deposit : £-500 Amount of credit : £7,144 Interest : £1,018 Term 48 Months : £170.05 Total amount payable : £8,162.40


Hey mate, where did you get this deal from? I am looking for exactly the same model. The cheapest quote I have got is £7995. Many thanks!

Dacia Duster available at 0% interest - £9495.00
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Posted 11th Sep 2014Posted 11th Sep 2014
Dacia Duster available at 0% interest - £9495.00£9,495
Dacia Duster available at 0% interest. (30% deposit required) on all models available through to the end of December 2014. I know that my local dealer (AKS Yeovil LTD) are doing it… Read more

Did they not offer you a straight swap for her?


P.S. I did buy one in 2010 when they first came out and I was more than happy with it, perfect car for perfect price. I only changed it when the Lodgy came out because that serves my purpose better, and I am just as happy with that, again perfect car for perfect price. I am a retired motor mechanic and have owned in over 50 years all sorts of makes and models and the worst I had was a Mercedes that I owned for less than a year before I could nt stand it anymore and sold on.


These people are welcome Robi because it allows others to give a different side of the argument then interested posters can decide for themselves You must be blind then. Facts and figures from satisfied customers speak volumes, more than posters with little or no knowledge.


So buy it, then at least I can see someone driving it here in the UK, as I cant find anyone driving it on the road X) Germany....ha ha ha. Driving there every month, know many car dealers,have loads of friends and they buy only German made cars, so hide under autumn leaves with your comments for Dacia being 2-nd most reliable car in Germany,this is absolute Bul@@@t.


Thank God. Bye Bye. Always amazes me how wound up people get on HUKD over a product they don't want.

DACIA Duster Access 5 doors SUV £9495 at Dacia
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Posted 15th May 2014Posted 15th May 2014
DACIA Duster Access 5 doors SUV £9495 at Dacia£9,495
Its looks great deal. Versions available DUSTER Access 1.6 16V 105 4x2 Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price £9,495.00 Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol Induction Cap… Read more

I think its a good deal if you are after a cheap SUV-alike. HOT from me


Dacia are French owned and the car is developed by Renault on basic Nissan car engineering with Renault electrics and a Renault engine. Right hand drive ones are built at Chennai, India.


Omg really. Romanian car for £10k? NEVER EVER!


took this model for a test drive for a dare. So underpowered and I've seen mecano models with better finish


Have you seen one on the roads?I did and I look at it twice,different and for the price not bad