Daily mirror voucher -Save £2.00 on fuel when purchased from participating shell service stations

Daily mirror voucher -Save £2.00 on fuel when purchased from participating shell service stations



sorry,still a bit new to this so unsure if i've posted in the correct category
Just saw this featured on the front page of the Daily Mirror for Saturday 15th November - as held up on BBC2 Newsnight programme - so it's in Saturday's paper - and presumably just a clip out and save £2 of £30+ petrol and diesel (ie
Not a bad deal as Shell are the cheapest per [url]www.petrolprices.com[/url] in MK postcode area! Mind you the Saturday Daily Mirror costs ?? 65p so if buying specially quite a bit of work for £1.35 or less return.

Tried searching on the Mirror site for more details but all it could offer was one of their news reports from 2 weeks ago headed...
"Shell pumps customers for huge profit By Your Money 31/10/2008
The boom in oil prices that hammered motorists has given Shell obscene profits of £800 a second."

So clearly Shell don't hold their reportage against them, or maybe are doing their little bit to reduce their profits from Mirror readers
But where's the online voucher... says below left

Simply cut out the voucher, below left, and take it to any participating Shell Service Station between now and Wednesday, November 19, 2008.
Bought the Mirror today, voucher is inside paper, filled up with lovely V-power, and got £2 off sweet! Voted HOT.
What are the participating Shell Service Stations?

Is there any list of them?
Refuse to buy gas from Shell as they're one of of the richest companies per second yet they're hardly ever the cheapest locally!!

Well done on the post though.

It's just not one for me!
reckon that the offer may be nationwide so a large number of them would most probably be participating,hope this is of some help
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