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The Daily Mail is a national British newspaper featuring health, science, celebrity and news stories. The paper provides its readers with various discount vouchers on products for the home, holidays, and entertainment. To find out about all the best offers from the Daily Mail, consumers can browse their special merchant page at HotUKDeals. How to redeem Daily Mail Shop vouchers
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-40% Discount
-40% Discount
40% of Pizza Hut When Using Code no Min or Max Spend @ Pizza Hut
Great deal this is the best I have ever seen :o.



Nice ta


Not sure if this is a one-time use code or not but it's 50% for £30 spend "MKTXUXV09"


I'm sure there is 50% off with smaller spend out there....


-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Zalando 10% Off Discount Codes @ DailyMail
Zalando Voucher Code

Why is this cold :/ . If you’re buying anyway (like I just was) then it’s free money. I wasn’t spending over £50 so the 20% off code doesn’t apply

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Adidas discount codes 25% off @ Daily Mail
25% off Adidas online outlet store & 20% off full priced items. Everyone will receive a different code, which entitles the customer to a discount code for the Adidas online sto… Read more

Worked for me. Just now!Thank you OP!


Thank you OP. Thanks a lot


Insert standard something something , embarrassed, “big jugs” joke here


Same offer on metro


cheers, worked for me.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off a kwik fit mot
I know it’s not much, but code works for an extra £5 off an mot at Kwik Fit. Code still works and can take it down to £20. Sorry it’s linked to daily mail website

Thanks OP, always use a local kwik-fit that are fair/honest. Saved me £5 plus 8% topcashback which always pays out with vouchers = £20 MOT. Code seems to be GSG5MOT2402 now


I've had a bad experience with Kwik fit - I only went for a new tyre. 1) Took off the wrong one 2) Put on a different tyre I asked for 3) Over-inflated it by 6psi 4) Told me I needed all 4 wheels balancing (I only wanted the new one done - the others were already perfect) 5) Didn't replace wheel nut cap correctly - which caused to fly off down motorway. So thats 5 issues for a simple tyre change - no way I'm taking my car in for an MOT, even if it was free. I rather pay for a proper job - than a bodge job, if you love your car then do not use them... 'You can't sh*tter than a Kwik fit fitter'


Not working now.... Oh yes it is! £20 thanks a bunch.


If there is no faults then you are very lucky, no one comes out with no faults from these guys. If you had faults then most times they aren’t faults but them “finding things” hence your cold deal.


Never had an issue that has cost me any extra as passed first time every time, or had become a fault in the many years I’ve had my car, dont get your reply?

£6.99 Discount
£6.99 Discount
Free Sky Sports Day Pass from Now TV with MyMail - Daily Mail

Why isn't this hot ? Maybe it should be posted in deals ?


I think its the code that counts, so different paper, different code.


Anyone know if this will be valid, even if you've already redeemed something like the Pringles offer?


I know mate, I wouldn't even use this paper as wipe - Its already covered in Sh*t. :p


Mate the TV guide is really good too. Was a bargain at £1.60. Awful, Awful bigotted paper though. I felt unwell scanning through it.

2-for-1 tickets to Pantomimes countrywide this Christmas
voucher code: MYMAIL2015 2 for 1 panto tickets with code

Just booked through the phone line for Kings Theatre Glasgow, no probs, got discount. Thank you for posting :-)


If the code doesn't work online just ring the theatre directly .they will apply the code over phone as long as your choosing a time within the specified period in the link


What's even better is that the code is from the Mail but you get the discount without having to pay for the awful paper


Glad to hear it


Wow thanks booked at Royal theatre windsor

Free Domestos Toilet wipes from Waitrose using printable voucher @ Mail Shop
Go to MyMail Coupons page and print off the £1.00 off Domestos toilet wipes coupon. Go to Waitrose where they are on offer for £1.00 at the moment and get them free with the coupon… Read more

The coupon is not specifically geared to Waitrose. It just happens that Waitrose have them on offer at the moment.


Waitrose and Daily Mail? Now there's a surprise...


Hot deal op:)

Best Daily Mail Shop deals from our community

Free Cineworld ticket for MyMail members
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Guess it’s not free but buy(photograph) the code on the back of The Mail and use the code for a free cineworld ticket over the weekend. Sure this will help someone.

cheers. i did in my case, not sure about the others above. meh to mail.


Think you had to apply for the ticket code on Friday?


did not work for me no voucher 2nd day running. happy it worked for others though.


I got the paper but didn't do it until late night and d.m. site said all redemptions gone. So does anyone have an actual ticket they're not using? Thanks


Thanks OP, I didn't get chance to buy the paper, does anyone have a code I could use?

Free 120ml bottle of Zoflora Concentrated Multipurpose Disinfectant at MyMail - redeem CoOp or Sainsbury's
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Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Free 120ml bottle of Zoflora Concentrated Multipurpose Disinfectant at MyMail - redeem CoOp or Sainsbury's
Maintaining a hygienically clean home has never been more important. To help protect your household from viruses and bacteria, we’ve teamed up with Zoflora to offer you a FREE 120… Read more

Are you able to share it on here as I haven’t had any emails from them two days later . It would be much appreciated


Yh generic voucher for everyone, can use unlimited times really


Ignore this, that's for when you buy a copy of the mail and want to claim nectar points. Click 'Menu' top left, then 'offers and rewards' and then scroll to find this offer


Got mine straight away by email


when? When you sign into my mail or when the voucher arrives in email?

Daily Mail Nectar card bonus - £150 worth of points for £53.60
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Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
Daily Mail Nectar card bonus - £150 worth of points for £53.60£53.60
Daily Mail are offering £150 in Nectar points so for this to work you will need a Nectar card. T&C state a two month minimum, total outlay (£26.80 a month) £53.60 - £150 nectar… Read more

I got the cancellation email too, but noticed they hadn't collected the direct debit yet so I cancelled it. Cheeky buggers then sent me an email complaining about not being able to collect payment (for the subscription they cancelled!!!). Point to note, the page now says for invited users only and states you won't get the points unless you were invited.



I got this just now Thank you for subscribing to The Ultimate Pack (with £150 worth of Nectar points). This subscription was only offered to a group of selected MyMail customers who were sent a personalised email inviting them to take up this offer. As our records show you were not part of that group, unfortunately we are unable to accept your subscription and your payment has now been refunded to you. We apologise for any disappointment caused on this occasion. Kind regards, The Mail team


Me too. Replied to email address supplied stating I had not requested cancellation and requested reinstatement of my subscription (order ref given) per their offer (link given). We'll see....


Had an email today to say that my membership has been cancelled. They have not specified a reason so I've emailed to ask for an explanation.

Compost Bundle 100L (40+40+20L) £7.99 delivered (use NEW code) at Mail Shop
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Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
Compost Bundle 100L (40+40+20L) £7.99 delivered (use NEW code) at Mail Shop£7.99
Compost Bundle 100L (40+40+20L) £7.99 delivered (use NEW code) at Mail Shop NEW CODE IS " GARDEN20 " This is a bespoke professional mix made to our exacting recipe from one of Eu… Read more

Compost delivered today. 4 day delivery.


Thanks for posting OP, I received mine today with some free tulip bulbs, delighted (y)


Got mine today with some Dutch tulip bulbs, glad the mail gardening shop is supporting EU migrants hiding in their English compost orders...


Got mine today, and it came with some hyacinth bulbs in it for free


Mine arrived that in a damaged box and 20kg is missing, no free bulbs either.

Anthony Horowitz (Exclusive) - Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Killer Christmas Cards (Short Story) - Free @ Daily Mail Shop
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Posted 21st Dec 2020Posted 21st Dec 2020
Anthony Horowitz (Exclusive) - Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Killer Christmas Cards (Short Story) - Free @ Daily Mail ShopFREE£0.01
In the original tradition of publishing Sherlock Holmes In Newspapers, with the first series of short stories originally published in The Strand Magazine read exclusively free eac… Read more

Many Thanks :)


Great writer. Loved The Diamond Brothers when I was younger, just introduced my kids to the series. Still got my copy of The Falcons Maltesers from 1993. :D


Heat and thanks Boz. Here's part two https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9077635/Our-electrifying-new-Sherlock-Holmes-mystery-thriller-writer-ANTHONY-HOROWITZ-continues.html




No I Had to compile as a text file. I deleted straight after as obviously as happy just to read from the link. But it seemed to work well. :D

Free £20 M&S Gift Card for One month (£10.99) Daily Mail Online Subscription - free cancellation after one month!
-117° Expired
Posted 10th Oct 2020Posted 10th Oct 2020
Free £20 M&S Gift Card for One month (£10.99) Daily Mail Online Subscription - free cancellation after one month!£10.99
£20 M&S voucher for spending £10.99 on a one month daily mail online subscription; call them to cancel after one month. You will basically be receiving £9 free. THE DIGITAL ED… Read more

yep , you can cancel your subscription, I never once suggested or implied that you couldn't .... its just that cancelling your subscription isn't effectively immediately if cancelling after 14 days., infact it states that cancelling the subscription only applies AFTER your minimum term and will then only take effect at the next payment date (thats AFTER the minimum term). The question is , do they mean AT the point of when the 2nd month payment is taken or After the 2nd month payment is taken , that's where the confusion lies. ;) Either way , looks like a pretty cold deal which has now been pulled so its irrelevant now. Good Luck to anyone who took the punt.


the minimum term for the online subscription with £20 gift card is one month as i copy and pasted into the description of the deal. It clearly states one month only. And there’s no interpreting whether or not you are able to cancel a subscription or not. You can, and it clearly states the minimum term is just one month which is what i have paid for. :)


Put like that it is quite simple and cut and dry , problem being it is not put like that, that is your interpretation of the terms. ;) Cancelling after 14 days will only take effect after the minimum term has been reached and wont take effect until the next payment date. Well at the point of reaching the minimum term then payment will likely be taken immediately for the next month and therefore the next payment date would be the beginning of month 3 due to cancellation only taking place AFTER the mimimum term has been reached (which is my interpretation). However your interpretation seems much clearer with wording that is clearly not mentioned in their terms... ' you will not be charged for the next month if cancelling after 14 days' - Their terms do not state that and are therefore clearly open for intepretation.


not really. it’s quite simple. if you cancel before 14 days of paying for one month if you have not used the service you will be refunded the cost of the month you paid for. if you cancel after 14 days which is what you do with this offer, you will not be charged for the next month and will still recieve the gift card. i completely understand the daily mail is an absolutely horrific paper but this is a deal not an advertisement for their service. it’s a good deal whatever your opinion on the paper


Different rules though for cancellation before and after the 14 days (which is the day prior to when they state that the voucher will be despatched to you) Like I said , it is not cut and dry this one.

Free Bottle (120ml) of Zoflora Disinfectant - emailed voucher from Mail on Sunday (£1.80)
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Posted 27th Sep 2020Posted 27th Sep 2020
Free Bottle (120ml) of Zoflora Disinfectant - emailed voucher from Mail on Sunday (£1.80)£1.80
Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in homes and workplaces has never been more important, so to help inspire your cleaning routine, we're giving MyMail members the chance to get a… Read more

Use the voucher at Sainsbury’s and scans through no problem. Asda have to key in the value and Tesco not tried yet


Are the barcodes definitely all the same? If there's confirmation then that's a great find so thanks for sharing the voucher @HotGBDealz


No unique code generic voucher


No surprises this attracted all the negativity from the haters of the best selling Sunday newspaper in the UK :D


It's the MoS needs disinfectant (ninja)

Free #IGiveAButt Stub Tidy to store your cigarette butt litter
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Posted 25th Sep 2020Posted 25th Sep 2020
Free #IGiveAButt Stub Tidy to store your cigarette butt litterFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Did you know, only 47% of adult smokers think enough is being done to eradicate cigarette butt litter on the streets of the UK? For many adult smokers, littering of cigarette butts… Read more

They don’t put enough postage on the envelope so you have to pay £1.50 to Royal Mail to get it


Received a cheque today. 8)


Thanks for the link, just requested a reimbursement


Had to pay £1.5 for delivery


https://www.jti.com/about-us/contact-us/general-inquiries I used this page to ask for reimbursement (on Tuesday) and I received £1.50 to my Paypal account today. If you don't have PayPal they also offered reimbursement with a cheque.

40% Off Selected Full Price @ Adidas App With Code (Free delivery for creators club members)
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Posted 1st Aug 2020Posted 1st Aug 2020
40% Off Selected Full Price @ Adidas App With Code (Free delivery for creators club members)£22.23 Free P&P Free
It looks like the 30% codes take off40% on a purchase via the app. I've tried Runfalcon trainers (full price) and Duramo SL and it works. I've also tried other clothing items whi… Read more

thanks so much. hadnt realised i had access to this . 55% off!!


Thanks, great deal


Could I get a spare code if anyone would be kind enough to have a spare :)


Not employed by them but were I work it's a benefit/discount scheme.


If you are with Bupa or employed by them as I’m with them?

Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome free magazine from Daily Mail
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Posted 29th Jul 2020Posted 29th Jul 2020
Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome free magazine from Daily MailFREE£4.99
Free downloads of 2 magazines in the daily mail.

Thanks OP. Just downloaded.


Thanks for sharing this @Imobunt 8)


Not sure about the perfect getaway, the realistic getaway is buy a £50k campervan then spend a few days on a A50 layby as all the campsite are booked up.


Thanks would rather not give my money or details to the Daily Heil


Direct links so you don't have to register: http://mos.futureplc.com/PracticalCaravan429.pdf http://mos.futureplc.com/PracticalMotorhome235.pdf

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25%Adidas discount codes 25% off @ Daily Mail23/11/2019
£5£5 off a kwik fit mot22/12/2018
10%Book atleast 2 nights and maximum 7 nights and get 10% off with exclusive voucher code at Travel lodge16/06/2017