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OS Maps 12 Month Digital Subscription Pack £20.99 @ Dash4it
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Posted 13th Feb 2021Posted 13th Feb 2021
OS Maps 12 Month Digital Subscription Pack £20.99 @ Dash4it£20.99£29.9930% off
OS Maps Digital Subscription This 12 month digital subscription to the award-winning OS Maps enables them to see more of the Great British outdoors. Packaged for the first time in a stylish…
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orderd thank u


Totally this! This is why I ended up subscribing and noticing this deal to post.


I get what people are saying about going where but I have been following local routes other locals have plotted from my home town using the surrounding public footpaths etc. I go out for a walk every day and had become very tired of the same old routes I had been doing or they had become too muddy recently. Having this and seeing what other people had done locally has opened up new avenues and my car is still on the driveway. it's not a matter of heading off to the peak district or dales etc.


Thanks.... should have thought of that! Working for me too now.....


Cool, just tried it and it works! Doesn't seem very responsive on my phone, but should be able to sort something out with it. Ta!

Leatherman Wave Plus - £107.96, with free delivery and in stock @ Dash 4 It
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Posted 26th Dec 2020Posted 26th Dec 2020
Leatherman Wave Plus - £107.96, with free delivery and in stock @ Dash 4 It£107.96 Free P&P Free
This is a great price for the Wave plus. I know the site sounds dodgy (who thought of that name for a maps and tools site?), but it's legit - bought my wave plus from them just before Christ…

So tempted, totally don’t need one.


Think of your grandkids! (highfive) You could pass it down from generation to generation! haha


I'd love a Charge TTI, but £200+? stuff that! (fierce)


Victorinox SwissTool X is better in my opinion. I've had mine for 20 + yrs and it's been (ab)used almost every day. never broken or malfunctioned in any way. I lost the leather case, they gave me a new (canvas) one for free. I sadly lost it when ploughing/levelling an orchard. I was gutted but needed a replacement so bought a Wave. After 8 months the Swiss tool turned up under a couple of inches of soil. Washed it and you would never know it had been buried!! My Wave lives in a cupboard now.


Great tool but my fav is the surge much better at £123.96 at facewest.co.uk same price for the wave+ too, the great thing about the updated tools is they have replaceable wire cutter blades (y)

OS Maps 12 Month Digital Subscription £14.99 @ Dash4it
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Posted 16th May 2020Posted 16th May 2020
OS Maps 12 Month Digital Subscription £14.99 @ Dash4it£14.99 Free P&P Free
12 month subscription to all of the UK's OS Maps. 38% saving over the price from the OS Maps official online store (£23.99) and cheaper still than the in-app purchase through the mobile apps…
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Anyone else received it yet? Heard nothing from them since initially buying it and being told there would be a small delay.


Received mine today - works as advertised, although you need to redeem the code on their website through your account before it appears in the app.


I don't know why you quote my comment , I said I like paper maps and you came on trying to tell me I'm wrong about what I prefer. You said you use the online maps to plot a route then follow it ( that's the arrow). Oh I never mentioned anything about experience, you did, saying you done many miles running on the fells. So what. There are lots of people who fell run. And as for me trying to be hard mountain man, there's no such thing. I also never said gps are unreliable, you said you take a back up so you must doubt them.. Read your messages you sound confused.


'When your GPS lets you down' - yet to happen. It might, but it's not the inevitable outcome you suggest. The short version is that a phone is much easier to get in and out of your pocket than a paper map. It's still a map, even without GPS turned on. I never said anything about arrows or following others so I really have no idea what you're waffling on about there. Trying to prove you're a double hard mountain man who doesn't need any assistance to the Internet I suspect.


If GPS ever lets someone down the world is in a dire situation indeed and not knowing where you are would probably be the least of your worries.

Any two £8.99 Ordnance Survey Explorer or Landranger maps (including free digital downloads)  for £11 @ Dash4it (with code OS11)
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Posted 17th May 2019Posted 17th May 2019
Any two £8.99 Ordnance Survey Explorer or Landranger maps (including free digital downloads) for £11 @ Dash4it (with code OS11)£11£17.9839% off
Ordnance Survey maps are the most detailed easily available maps on the market, and they now come with free digital downloads. RRP £8.99 each, and well worth it, but Dash4it currently sell …

thanks op. just off for a trip to Mull. Bagged all 3 maps for £16.


dont tell the dup and tory eejits that theyre treating occupied ireland different from gb :) :D


This is useful but i always like to have a paper map of the area with me when I'm on the hills.


Or use this link for free os maps https://www.hotukdeals.com/visit/comment/37590592/16123793


Use discount code OS11 to get the two maps for £11, four for £22 etc.

Ordinance Survey Explorer Maps (inc. digital download) - £5.31 @ Dash4it (Free Snood on orders over £9!)
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Posted 11th Apr 2016Posted 11th Apr 2016
Ordinance Survey Explorer Maps (inc. digital download) - £5.31 @ Dash4it (Free Snood on orders over £9!)£5.31
A little bit of a niche deal, but OS maps are selling at £5.84 at Dash4it. There is a 9% discount code at the moment bringing it down to £5.31 with free P&P. Discount code: 9BDAY They n…

I'm struggling to find this option on my iPhone. Doesn't give me an option to open or request in PC version.


thanks ordered, the code has expired but it was still cheaper than amazon - cheers


A what????!!!!


Good deal. Active maps are also discounted. Not that it's overly important but the free snood pink. The other half can have it. :-)


I don't think you will be able to navigate using this app unless you pay for it. I would like loads of things but basic principle is that I have to pay or I can't have it. Really is a simple concept if you put your mind to it. I don't listen to Radio 4 but it is part of TV licence, hence I have to pay. There are many things the government does that I disagree with but they use my taxes for it and hence I have to pay. There is a trend here ......

12.5% off all items on Dash4it store. Maps, Guidebooks, Walking Accessories
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Posted 4th Jan 2016Posted 4th Jan 2016
12.5% off all items on Dash4it store. Maps, Guidebooks, Walking Accessories
12.5% all items with discount code HAPPY-NY-16 For example, OS Landranger 1:50,000 Maps £4.54 each. OS Explorer 1:25,000 Maps £5.11 each. I bought a pair of Trekmates Grasmere Gaiters for …
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Not valid 17 Feb 2016


Ordered map with 12.5% discount:D thanks for heads up OP :D

42% off Ordnance Survey maps at Dash4It (e.g. OS Explorer map £4.63 instead of £7.99) plus free delivery
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Posted 2nd Dec 2014Posted 2nd Dec 2014
42% off Ordnance Survey maps at Dash4It (e.g. OS Explorer map £4.63 instead of £7.99) plus free delivery£4.63
Dash4it is offering 42% off Ordnance Survey maps (various series, including the laminated ranges which are great for outdoor use) until 14 December 2015. Free delivery on all maps.

Excellent price cheers!


Excellent company - always very quick and reliable. Can't beat the prices (on offer, constantly revolving) for OS maps. Cheers, Douglas (UK)


Fantastic price and an essential piece of kit. Always amazes me how many people I see lost on top of a mountain in the lakes without a map. Do yourself a favor and get some of these bought, learn how to use them properly and save mountain rescue a lot of time, money and bother!


Great price, don't actually need one but heat added


The "Get Deal" button on THIS page, not on the Dash4it site! On the Dash4it site, choose one of the map categories then the place you're interested in and the discount is applied.

Lake District OS Landranger 3 map set - £13.63 delivered from dash4it
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Posted 24th May 2014Posted 24th May 2014
Lake District OS Landranger 3 map set - £13.63 delivered from dash4it£13.63
Loads cheaper than buying individual maps from the likes of WHSmith, and they're delivered quickly and free. We love going walking in the lake district, so a set like this is perfect. They …

Don't forget code DASH10 gives 10% off -got a map from here last night (always use them) .Heat added :)


thanks cburns :3


Good Spot....;)

OS Maps e.g. Explorer £4.67, Laminated £8.18 With Code. Free P&P @ Dash4it
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Posted 16th May 2014Posted 16th May 2014
OS Maps e.g. Explorer £4.67, Laminated £8.18 With Code. Free P&P @ Dash4it£4.67
It's that time of year again! Weather is looking good and Bank holiday next week so time to get out and about. The code DASH10 gives you 10% off the order, making these (already cheap) maps …
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I'd suggest that if you are unable to locate the correct maps of NI sat in front of your computer, then perhaps attempting to purchase said map, with a view to venturing out into the wide open countryside, might not be the best course of action open to you at this juncture.


There are no laminated OS maps of Northern Ireland - I see the mods have removed the other posts...


They sell all OS (Ordnance Survey) Maps which cover the whole of UK and delivered for free in 48 hrs . Are you really several sandwiches short of a picnic ?


I did - care to share where they are hidden?

Bridgedale Midweight (summer and winter) Woolfusion Trekker - Women's and Mens Socks £9.44 with code @ dash4it
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Posted 14th Jan 2014Posted 14th Jan 2014
Bridgedale Midweight (summer and winter) Woolfusion Trekker - Women's and Mens Socks £9.44 with code @ dash4it£9.44
£10.49 but using 10% off code dash10 brings it down to £9.44 Mens link in post #2 Womens. Colours: Berry, Silver/grey and Sky Blue Small: 3 - 4.5 Medium: 5 - 6.5 Mens. Colours: Green or G…

had a look and low and behold there was sod all in there. Shop was a dump though


Nice find hot


Just to confirm that the Berry coloured womens socks are actually this colour[image missing]


Bridgedale socks changed my life :D.. I own several pairs of these already, they last forever too... Hot from me.


Seen them. In my branch they are normally lesser brand socks, they are usually light summer only version, no good for winter, been kicked around the scruffy store ten times and then only in sizes for pixies or barge footed clowns LOL

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