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David Lloyd Club gym app now free for everyone with 600+ fitness online classes @ David Lloyd
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Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
David Lloyd Clubs home content is now available free for all (previously was only available to members). With David Lloyd Clubs @home, users can access some 600+ classes ranging fr… Read more

Hi, hope you can help, are you guys still able to access this app? I seem to be but am worried about them requesting payment now that the gyms are open - thought I would just lose access but apparently not. Thanks Sharon


Wasn't impressed with classes offered at all! Ok for beginners I guess but instructors seem pretty amateurish and uninspiring considering it's David Lloyd! Anyone wanting more of a challenge have a look at Caroline Girvan on YouTube. When she does EMOM HIIT, it is HIIT not cardio (y) youtube.com/c/CarolineGirvan


Had a look and what a poor selection of classes, half of them are ‘running’ - not exactly a class is it? (skeptical) Given how money grabbing this national chain is, it is disappointing that this is all they can offer to their members. My local gym are offering a much greater variety of classes, plus a load of on demand content, also for free to everyone. southdownsleisure.co.uk if anyone wants to take a look at what’s on offer there.....


Even this is not really free. They've now got people's email addresses to send marketing emails to


I have an android phone and went to Google Play to download the David Lloyd App. I put in my name and email address and that was it. It then allowed to me view the At Home classes and all the content. You don't need a membership number or to join. Hope this helps.

David Lloyds Eat out to Help out 50% off
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Posted 4th Aug 2020Posted 4th Aug 2020LocalLocal
David Lloyds Eat out to Help out 50% off Free P&P Free
David Lloyds Members only (i think). Sure that it applies to DL in NW England. Can get 50% off in David Lloyds as part of Eat out to Help Out scheme. Received the email a few… Read more

Hi @Hanz_kbar As members have stated you can search via postcode on the GOV website to check which places are taking part in the offer. However it's also good to highlight some of these so thanks for taking the tiome to postr.


I think the mods just pick and choose which deals come up here which are repeated. No real consistency (annoyed)


Here we are: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/get-a-discount-with-the-eat-out-to-help-out-scheme


Of course we will because the mods allow it. People are too lazy to go and look what restaurants etc are participating using the government website search tool, they must see each individual restaurant listed as a deal on this (annoyed)


We will... We will "Daves meat shack and grill in Taunton' 50% Off!

David Lloyd Clubs 3 months for £199 at any club for a limited time only.
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Posted 13th Jul 2020Posted 13th Jul 2020
**Expensive Gym but has great facilities and loads of things for the kids to get involved in. May be a cheap way to get 3 months membership with no long term commitments for over s… Read more

My GF is trying to get me signed up to this club (£102 each if we both join). She wants to play tennis so her membership if she joins alone is £117 per month, I used to think £50 per month Crossfit was bad! She's moved to the other end of the country and wants to me to join for a little bit whilst she makes friends playing tennis. These comments are insightful.


Too many screaming kids as families get a great price to join , virtually the same as a couple. If relaxation and a chilled space is what you seek I wouldn't bother. Its basically a play zone.


Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @Frogs3_uk Unfortunately this one didn't hit the mark this time but next one will fly i'm sure :)


Normally around £50pm, my local David Lloyd used to be great then a hot shot manager joined, he rented out half the car park to a local business making parking an issue, he then launched some great offers for new customers making the gym simply too busy, so we cancelled


I can see this DL going bust in the near future just because of not moving on with times.

Free day pass for David Lloyd gym
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Posted 21st Dec 2019Posted 21st Dec 2019
Free day pass for David Lloyd gym
Free day pass for your local David Lloyd gym. Terms and Conditions apply. This offer entitles you to a free day pass to use the facilities at your local David Lloyd Club for one … Read more

Finchley London branch quoted me on my own no rackets 137 plus 30 x2 for kids plus jionng fee of 130... (annoyed) 😳


Southend not responding, maybe not participating


Sorry, I should learn to read the whole thread. Swindon. That's why so cheap.


The one in Croydon is £63! (shock) That's per month! Where do you live?


Of course not, just ordinary flat heel Just remember not allowed to get on bare feet either

Waived joining fee if you sign up for 12 month David Lloyd leisure clubs membership before end of November
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Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
Please check with your local DL that they are doing this, I have no information of if this is only at my local or a national offer. 12 month membership monthly cost will vary by ar… Read more

Offered it when they first opened My dad paid £9000 for five members Not a penny paid since and get 20 free guest passes a year. Lucky me


Lucky you! How'd you get that? If I could be so rude as to ask? Thanks :)


I joined on this offer and found out you also get a couple free Personal trainer sessions, I think 3 x half hour, and they'll put you through a system called boditrax which analyses your body stats and they'll help you work out what you should be doing to realise your goal, which for me personally is drastic weight loss.


So happy I have a life membership (since 1994).


Inflated prices.

14 day membership trial at selected David Lloyd's leisure clubs for £14
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Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
14 day membership trial at selected David Lloyd's leisure clubs for £14£14
This is the first year you can sign up and pay for the trial online rather than locally in the club. When you go in for the first day, they'll take some details and give you a tria… Read more

At mine yes. But check your locals facilities. Mine has a 16 man bubble/jets jacuzzi, and a steam room and a sauna room


Do you get full access to the spa?


I did it last year and didn't get a hard sale. The most was they tried calling me a few times to see if I enjoyed the trial and if I would like to join


Really want to try my local club, but worried about the hard sell after. Definitely can't justify £100 per month.


If you're going to use it at least 7 times/ £5 a go, and depending on Beckenhams facilities, I'd say its worth it just to see what the place is like and enjoy the jacuzzi (if they have one :) )

14 Day Trial at David Lloyd - £14 at Selected Clubs
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Posted 1st Aug 2019Posted 1st Aug 2019
14 Day Trial at David Lloyd - £14 at Selected Clubs£14
14 day trial at David Lloyd’s Gym For £14

11am-4pm but prices are not the same in all clubs


What are their off-peak times and cost?


What happens after the 14 days if you forget to cancel? Is this an auto renew membership for 12 months or it just stops? Can’t see it on the T&Cs


They scan in your ID so I don't think it'd worth the embarrassment of getting caught out lol


Be careful if you join. Some of the tarrifs need a ridiculous (and unjustifiable) THREE months notice to cancel. Pure profiteering. Absolute rip off merchants. Oh - and the Cambridge Branch is being refurbed right now till January so no pool/spa facilities.

David Lloyds Club Gym 14 DAY MEMBERSHIP FOR £16*
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Posted 3rd Apr 2019Posted 3rd Apr 2019
David Lloyds Club Gym 14 DAY MEMBERSHIP FOR £16*£16
Might be good for someone. Got an email about it. Think existing members can get this for a new member at half the cost? Try a 14 day membership at your local club for just £16* … Read more

Thank you for the reply, I’ll give them a call.


Expires in 28th so you can only get 7/8 days but may still have to pay £16. Just contact you local club


Does anyone know if the 14 day memberships is still available, I can’t see it when I follow the link


You can’t sign up online I’m afraid. Also, at least 50% of your visits need to be to your home club. It resets each month. Month one and two where you didn’t get 50% of visits at home club you would just get a warning. Third month they’ll move your membership and charge you the new price.


I might even have the leaflet somewhere....surely you can sign up over the phone? Stevenage the person actually highlighted this to me I was somewhat shocked they can do such things!!

FREE DAY PASS at David Lloyd Gym
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Posted 24th Dec 2018Posted 24th Dec 2018
FREE DAY PASS at David Lloyd Gym
Rare free day pass: Terms and Conditions apply. Offer is available between the 21st December - 29th December 2018 only. Day pass expires 31st December 2018. This offer entitles yo… Read more

So after not being contacted and also messaging for days on Facebook chat and still getting no call back I called the Milton Keynes branch who said just come along and I just say about the freepass on Facebook so no need to book!


Hope they add more staff at the front desk to deal with the increase in demand. There is always a long wait at the front desk even when there is no free day pass offer.


I’ve messaged them on Facebook and they said they would sort it out for me as also didn’t get a call or email


I didn't receive anything by email, not long till this expires? did others get the anything confirmed?


Ty op (y)

Two week trial at David Lloyd’s £16
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Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
Two week trial at David Lloyd’s £16£16
Two week trial at David Lloyd’s only £16

Finally got signed up today, am very impressed with my local except for its packed with rich kids, yummy mummy's and rich old people (lol)


Be careful if you join. This idiotic company thinks its ok to have to give THREE MONTHS notice when you want to leave. At anywhere between £70-120 p/m (here in Cambridge anyway) thats alot of money. Personally i think its completely unjustified.


Great commentator.


Do you think the one trial per person is across venues or could you trial at a second venue?


Thanks, its useful to have it on the deal description for people to lazy to click (lol)