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Miles Davis – Kind of Blue 180g Vinyl LP ONLY £4.99 @
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Posted 22nd Jan 2016Posted 22nd Jan 2016
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue 180g Vinyl LP ONLY £4.99 @£4.99
Is there anything left to say on the most popular — and arguably greatest — jazz LP of all time? Quite a lot, as it happens. For a start there is the matter of the master tapes. Th… Read more

Yeah I saw that. Still they are reputable and won't be doing anything that is not fully licensed. I imagine a lot of people will buy the first one but as time goes less and less will be sold, who knows they might gather a rep for being good represses which I think is likely and some of the rarer titles will become a great investment.


I noticed on the record cover, despite looking like a genuine original Columbia pressing it says in small print that these have been produced as part of the Deagostini Jazz @ 33.3rpm editions* (*or something similiar) & not to be sold separately. EDIT: I'm not a huge Jazz fan so I won't be going mad on this collection.


These are proper licensed products. I think Dol are an under the table bootleg label despite looking fairly nice, using the type if pressing plants that don't ask questions if you have the cash. ;) Its a bit hit and miss really and down to what they are cutting from, if they have an mp3 from a battered old vinyl copy then it probably won't sound any good.


DOL pressings Appears to be a Russian reissue label of Jazz & Blues music.


Picked up a copy on Saturday at WH Smith. Album still in it's cover but will be coming out soon :) Was thinking of posting this myself as I thought first issue was a bargain. However it's plastered all over the TV. May buy the 2nd issue too as that still represents a bargain. As a point on quality, it says on the web site they use the original masters where ever they can but there seems no mention of it on the record in this case (probably have to pay full price before that happens).

Star Wars Darth Vader 1:5 Scale Replica Helmet for £1.99 @ Deagostini
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Posted 14th Jan 2016Posted 14th Jan 2016
Star Wars Darth Vader 1:5 Scale Replica Helmet for £1.99 @ Deagostini£1.99
The first magazine issue from this Deagostini helmet collection comes with a 'free' 1:5 scale replica Darth Vader helmet for the very reasonable price of £1.99. I managed to find o… Read more

60 issue's i have the first 4 unopened but 60 issue's 600 quid wowwwww way too much

RichieCJ It's also still available in most shops that sell them :)


I missed out on the Boba Fett edition. Does anyone know if I can order this one anywhere? Thanks


I missed out on the Boba Fett edition. Does anyone know if I can order this one anywhere? Thanks


£9.99 in shops...

Zippo lighter for £4.99 @ Deagostini
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Posted 24th Sep 2015Posted 24th Sep 2015
Zippo lighter for £4.99 @ Deagostini£4.99
DeAgostini has started a magazine which includes a Zippo, the 1st edition includes the Zippo "Florentine". I bought it from WHSmiths. Obviously it will be available in all good … Read more

DeAgostini the charlatans of the 21st century.


Yep, already posted.


Grabbed one from Wh smith the other day. Don't even smoke, but was wanting a zippo :D


Was posted last week and had lots of heat

Zippo Florentine Lighter £4.99 @ Deagostini
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Posted 14th Feb 2015Posted 14th Feb 2015
Zippo Florentine Lighter £4.99 @ Deagostini£4.99
Hi, Not sure if already posted (I couldn't find this anywhere on here at the time of posting.) Just to let you know that you can pick up a fully functioning, genuine, limited … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

go on to the zippo website and you will be able to order from the start and cancel when ever u want :)


Looked everywhere for this but still can't find it!


Yep picked one up today, certainly won't be paying 19.99 for future ones and issue 2 (9.99) isn't really to my taste but a nice zippo for a fiver is too good to miss, in fact my daughter has just decided she needs one for her cadet kit so looks like another trip to the news agents tomorrow.



Just saw an advert for this on TV there? Is this on as I noticed the most recent posts where from quite a while back apart from one today! If so where can I buy and what is the max price they go up to as my grandad just passed away and these are what he seemed to have loads of and liked to fix would love a fresh wee collection in his honour thanks x

Cake Decorating Magazine Issue 1 99p
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Posted 6th Mar 2013Posted 6th Mar 2013
Cake Decorating Magazine Issue 1 99p£0.99
Cake Decorating Magazine Issue 1 99p it comes with a cupcake stand, 2 butterfly cutters and pink glitter I think it's great for anyone who has an interest in baking and will def he… Read more

i got mine from W h Smith


I bought mine from my Nisa local


Where did you get the number 1 issue from?


Was about to post a dupe! These are great. I bought one the other day!


I got mine on yesterday but apparently it's not the 1st time this magazine has been out :)

Build your own 1:8 scale 2008 Mclaren F1 car
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Posted 24th Mar 2011Posted 24th Mar 2011
Build your own 1:8 scale 2008 Mclaren F1 car£670.15
Build your own 1:8 Scale replica of the 2008 Mclaren F1 car in only 85 issues. The first issue is £1.99, the second is £4.99 and the remaining 83 issues are £7.99 each. Grab a bar… Read more

Precisely the most constructive comment in this thead. Sorry but if members actually viewed the product in detail and looked at the realistic points of why this is an Issue Based Model Kit over 85 Issues it's your own way of affording a Model Kit that will come to a sum £670. £7.99 Per Issue wont hurt my pocket at all and it's some impressive that will build over time. Kyoshu are agood make and as he quoted they wouldn't put their name on some rubbishly made. All the parts are to a very good standard and in my opinion this is a good deal. If your to naive to buy it then go get yourself a cheap Mega Blocks Mclaren from Toys R Us whilst I have this whole set on my shelf in 2012. I'll even Post my fully made set in this post in a years time!


To be fair. It is a lot of money for a Model Car. However it is 1/8 Scale, and the detail is very impressive, plus its created from McLaren and kyosho, both respectable names that don't want to produce something crap to tarnish their massive names. In any case, the other alternative to get a 1/8 Scale replica of a reasonably current F1 car, will cost you almost £2750 - £3000 Ok so these will probably be more limited and do not require self-assembly, however they are over 4 times the price, so in another word, maybe they could be called a bargain. Remember this is a very exotic Market for 1/8 scale models, that open up and reveal so much detail. Don't even bother comparing to smaller sizes, as 1/8th is huge at almost 60cm long. I hope this clarifys a few points. Personally in away its a way for serious formula Enthusiast to get a very detailed replica for cheap over 85 issues, so it doesnt seem so bad. Rather than a lump sum of £600 , at least its almost like having one of those £3000 Models, so can't be bad! Check the Links below|category_root|13103=DVD%20&%20Books&category|cat_13103|13118=Toys%20&%20Models&attribute_value_number_range|Price|2500|2999.99|GELE=2500|2999.99


Hmmm, what should I do? Spend £670 and waste hours of my time on a pointless model OR have 6 enjoyable Ferrari track day experiences driving down a race track in a 458 Italia at 90+mph.


Too right, bet he"s never had a girlfriend as, Well, except probably someone of the internet if you know what i mean.


lol do you really think he is being serious?[/