Debenhams scratch cards

Debenhams scratch cards

LocalFound 21st Apr 2018
Went to Debenhams today and they gave out scratch cards with up to 50% off, not sure if National but was an unexpected bonus to get 30% off. It includes sales items too but not concessions etc....
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I got two on Friday but was told they wouldn't work with sale items. Only valid until tomorrow or Monday I think. And there is meant to be a chance (fat chance) of winning a Virgin holiday.
Debenhams is 99% concessions so this rules out getting the any sort of deal .
Not bad, but would find it a massive struggle to find something in Debenhams that wasn’t a concession
I’ve had about 15 of these over the past few days... won 2 with 50% off on them and was able to use on sale (which it says on the back)... managed to get sale bedding ... Julien Macdonald and Mathew for between £10 - £20 for king size.. aswel as Levis and Ted Baker clothing
It’s valid on sale it says it on the back! I hardly ever buy concessions so always fine for me :-)
Good to know, thanks for sharing.
I was able to get 50% off Loake shoes, Levi’s clothing, etc. Saved £300.00
Just bought a pair of Loake shoes priced at £170 reduced to just over 100 quid with a 40% scratch card. A guy I was talking to managed to get a 50% discount scratch card and he was intending buying five pairs of Loakes.......don’t blame him with such a great discount.
So does anyone have the online code? as I only have the scratch card and it doesn't have an online code but I need to order online to get my size
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