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Genelec 8040B £978 @ Decks
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Posted 3rd Jan 2016Posted 3rd Jan 2016
Genelec 8040B £978 @ Decks£978
Got to be the lowest price in the UK for these superb studio monitors.
Avatar deleted1017481
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Decks had mysteriously run out of stock at that price! If I wanted to order a pair they would cost £1200! I feel this is bad business practise and the item was listed merely as a loss leader which never existed. Avoid Decks, despite their glowing reviews.


That was my experience! After waiting for tracking info from Decks, it never came. I called their sales and the guy said "they were about to ring me" to say that all the stock had gone at that price as they were "getting rid of old stock". He said my Amex hadn't been charged and if I still wanted a pair, they were £1200! Despite Decks good reviews, I would be reluctant to ever order from them again. I've secured a pair from Scan Computers & £1175 with free delivery confirmed tomorrow. That was their last pair, and they are honest! Scan mainly sell IT stuff, but hidden in their website are quite a lot of audiovisual products.


Guys - this offer is not (and probably was never) available - it was an incorrect price that was not taken down before HUKD caught up with it - yet another disappointment.


How to set these up to get the very best from them. The taped on flappy paper certainly adds positively to the dynamic but what's he thinking about with those isolation stands ? He would have been far better to encompass the desk's resonance too possibly by screwing them on directly from underneath. :{ YOUTUBE LINK .. for crying out loud ! :|


Heat because I have not found it cheaper, no use to me as my ears are shot to s**t. Maybe I could just get one as I only have one ear that works :-)

dB Technologies Flexsys F15 Active Speaker + free delivery £371.54 @ Decks
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Posted 3rd Jan 2016Posted 3rd Jan 2016
dB Technologies Flexsys F15 Active Speaker + free delivery £371.54 @ Decks£371.54
Outstanding speakers at an amazing price saving you £312 These are on for £920.55 so its a crazy price The db Technologies Flexsys F15 is designed especially for use as … Read more

Yep, recommended tannoy myself (basestation owner), jm lab and the like to her. Will keep this one away from her. Thanks!


These are for more intruments rather than stereo separates. If your after good quality loudspeakers try tannoy. I have some tannoy oxfords and they ate pure quality :D


​just out of curiosity, as the sister want something extremely loud in her house and this would be silly!


these are powered pa speakers, you could connect them to a seperates system, but it would be silly to do so.


So just to be clear... Could you connect up your separates system. To this?

Akai XR20 Beat Production Station save £110 on this little beauty - £99 @ Decks
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Posted 3rd Jan 2016Posted 3rd Jan 2016
Akai XR20 Beat Production Station save £110 on this little beauty - £99 @ Decks£99
Over half price on this great piece of kit + free delivery The Akai XR20 is loaded with pro-grade, industrial-strength drum, percussion, bass, synth, sound effects, vocal and inst… Read more

If only you'd waited!!


I hear ya! But that's HUKD for you! I've said it before and I'll say it again, personally I couldn't GAS whether I get heat for a deal, but I do find it strange that when a 'deal' is posted for say half a cucumber @ 29p and that thread is like an inferno for some reason. Gawd only knows why. Probably due to the amount of innuendo/euphemisms that make folk titter. Post a deal like yours, where someone could potentially save over £100 and on occasion they go sub-zero. At least you've caught light and started to burn bright.:D No need for one of these myself, but have some heat from me anyway as anything that saves someone 50% of normal price is always a deal in my eyes. I think some people just vote cold because it's not for them instead of being neutral. But people will be people.


Well let's look at this properly. This deal is hardware which was first released in 2008 and is now £99 as you may expect for technology hardware product to drop in price, so this is a fair price for this product. Now let's look at your proposition which is iMPC which is a software product, great it's £4.99, BUT and here's the but it requires hardware to run on, the hardware being an iPad, so this is excellent if you already have an iPad. If you don't have an iPad is it realistically possible to buy one including the cost of iMPC? Sadly no, unless you know a good thief. Silly is in general terms quite relative. I would add that investing in an iPad offers more in terms of software choice, although these products only work one at a time, so whilst you can adapt the iPad to become various other music devices it can usually only perform that one hardware function at a time. I think £99 is a reasonable and fair amount for this device. You would have to consider whether a tablet/software combination affords you anything more, that is not so clear.


Beat Production Station For god's sake Akai just call it a bloody drum machine.


I thought this was radio for cottaging alerts

Stanton DJC4 DJ Controller with free delivery  £166.14 @ decks
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Posted 2nd Jan 2016Posted 2nd Jan 2016
Stanton DJC4 DJ Controller with free delivery £166.14 @ decks£166.14
Fantastic price on this stanton mp3 controller most place its going for £200+ Stanton’s new DJC.4 is a DJ controller with audio interface bundled with an enhanced 4-deck version … Read more

I had the same phone call bcbcbc. I was told it was b grade stock with a damaged box for £150. This was after they sent me an invoice with £166 on it. I could have argued the point on their t&c that I should of had new, but could not be bothered. They sent me pics and the stock was also only guaranteed for 6 months. Second hand rubbish. So ordered from for £219. Won't use decks again!


Ordered on Sunday. Just had pone call telling me they had over sold the stock they had at this price. Although they still have stock showing as available on there web site, say it is a system error. Tried to sell me a second had one with a slightly damaged box for the same price, though did not say it was not new until I asked. Needless to say the order is now cancelled. Deal is expired.


Hot and would love to buy to try it out, but never get any time nowadays with 6 year old twins.... Bless them. :D


This makes my 100th comment. Better make it epic.. Erm... Erm... Ah... Heat, no I mean Hot oO

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 £139 @ decks
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 £139 @ decks£139
Great deal on the latest DJ controller from Numark and a special edition. Normally around the £165.00 mark. Eldest son sorted for Christmas
Avatar deleted474392
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Pioneer cdj2000 x 2 for £2671.20 @ with code PIONEER10
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Posted 3rd Mar 2011Posted 3rd Mar 2011
Pioneer cdj2000 x 2 for £2671.20 @ with code PIONEER10£2,671.20
The Pioneer CDJ2000 is the ultimate technologically advanced multi-format player in the world. No matter what your media preference is, the Pioneer CDJ2000 can handle them all with… Read more

Anyone got anymore deals on these? Thanks


Good price, recon there might be a new model out soon? Everyone has got offers on with these now.


Ok price, but I'm still anoyed at how Pioneer upped the prices on their DJ range last year in order to prop up their failing TV & domestic audio products. Without their DJ range they would've gone bust.


Cant see how these players still sell but a decent enough price if you must have them.


That's propper bo, I tell thee.

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Numark MixMeister Control Software Controller - £99 Delivered @ Decks
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Posted 27th Jan 2011Posted 27th Jan 2011
Numark MixMeister Control Software Controller - £99 Delivered @ Decks£99
The official Numark controller for all versions of MixMeister DJ Software. Released at £359.99 RRP but recently discounted to £159.99 at most DJ Retailers. have it … Read more

It looks horrid


You could use software like Windows Media Encoder to record the output from MM "lite" to various formats which is really easy to do. But as mentioned before the software bundled with the controller is mainly aimed at live performance or practice scenarios. Studio and fusion are very powerful pieces of great software but you do have to pay a premium to get them.


Scratch that - Live doesn't event export to .wav. Comparison


I can confirm it is Fusion Live that comes shipped with it, I've returned mine. Although now I'm wondering if the Live software exported as .WAV file as that would not have been a problem for me! oO


Apparantly: "MIXMEISTER FUSION [LIVE] Congratulations on your Purchase of a Mixmeister Live enabled product! What is MixMeister Fusion Live? Mixmeister Fusion Live is a special version of Fusion offered free with the Numark Omni, Stealth and Mixmeister Controls. Fusion Live provides you with all the live features needed to start DJing with Mixmeister and is intended to give you an introduction to Fusion. What is the difference between Fusion Live and Fusion? Fusion Live does not have the Full features of Fusion such as mp3 export, the included VST library and CD burning. Please consult our product comparison chart for more information and the full list of features. What can I expect with my Hardware? Mixmeister Fusion Live will offer you a certain number of tracks you can mix at one time based on the hardware you use: Stealth Control will unlock two stereo tracks Omni Control will unlock two stereo tracks Mixmeister Control will unlock four stereo tracks. Did you know? The full version of Fusion will offer you the ability to mix eight tracks concurrently. Can I upgrade to Fusion? Yes it is possible to upgrade to Fusion for $145.99 as part of a special promotion with Numark. How do I upgrade? To take advantage of our special upgrade offer please contact our Florida Sales Team. [Toll Free for US residents] +1-888-800-0681 [International Callers] +1-954-761-7550 MixMeister Fusion Live software updates You can check the version of the product you are using by clicking on the Help menu, and then on About MixMeister. The most recent releases for each product are: "

Traktor Scratch Pro price drop - £259 @ & Juno
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Posted 27th Oct 2010Posted 27th Oct 2010
Traktor Scratch Pro price drop - £259 @ & Juno£259
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro has dropped in price to only £259 - this previously cost well over £400. Available from and Juno and probably others too. 'Trak… Read more

Touché! Makes loads of sense doesn't it!


And colder at the min :p


Mine's cheaper! :P


It is bloody tempting!


Traktor Scratch Pro would suit you perfectly - if you don't need all the features of Pro you could probably get away with the Scratch Duo version which is pretty damn cheap right now too. Here is a comparison between the versions: I'm a pro user and moving from vinyl to this was seamless.

Korg Kaossilator Pocket Synth £115 inc del. @
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Posted 11th Mar 2010Posted 11th Mar 2010
Korg Kaossilator Pocket Synth £115 inc del. @£115
Other places £119+p&P The KAOSSILATOR is a pocket sized instrument that packs Korg's world renowned synth sound along with innovative performance features into an ultra-compact… Read more

Never really seen one of these before but after watching a few youtube videos I don't think this is really worth over £100. I think something around £40 would be a fair price. Not voted.



So the korg program of ds is as good as this?


There is only one way to settle this: ]FIGHT! Or perhaps they can live in harmony ]together? :thumbsup:


Why not buy a DS and Korg DS-10? It's got one of these built in and a lot more.

QTX Mini Snow Machine - £38 @ Decks
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Posted 9th Jan 2010Posted 9th Jan 2010
QTX Mini Snow Machine - £38 @ Decks£38
Finally found some snow. The QTX Mini Snow Machine is guaranteed to bring a festive feel to any party or event. This compact unit will produce artificial snow over a distance of 6… Read more

Huh. We have hardly any snow - I vote hot.


Tried using real snow to decorate indoors but it got messy. This would solve that problem. Hot from me.


Voted hot PML - some folks have no sense of humour!


Haha im voting HoT lol


lol this post is going to be "ice cold!"

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