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sim only deal £15 endless data & unlimited mins/txt @ Delight mobile
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Posted 24th Oct 2016Posted 24th Oct 2016
sim only deal £15 endless data & unlimited mins/txt @ Delight mobile£15
Delight in ensuring that your friends and family never run out of credit with our quick & easy balance transfer feature. Transfer balance to your loved ones anywhere in the wor… Read more

Is this 15 pound deal every month? Is this 15 pound deal pay and go?



Great! I sent that link from my phone but notice it doesn't work on my pc so something went wrong somewhere!


Thanks found the deal, it's old but still on:


​ try this. uswitch has the six pound for 1.5 gb I think my mum is on

Delight Mobile - low prices for data, SMS and calls
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Posted 9th Oct 2016Posted 9th Oct 2016
Delight Mobile - low prices for data, SMS and calls
Save money by switching to Delight today! Now you can enjoy fantastic low prices for data, SMS and calls. What’s not to smile about? Delight 123 means it costs just 1p per MB data… Read more

I have 2 delight sims. registered them both online. but now when I go on there it says not exist. however I have never topped up. it is free free calls and texts within delight.


Delight throttle the data speeds and it's often impossible to make a call even though using an EE sim in the same area works perfectly. Delight also have incredibly useless customer service - I had no service at all for three weeks, they lost my number and I never got it back!


I set this up for my father - he's got a basic phone and 3 won't run on a 2g phone


sometimes their online top up fails but they still take your money.


I didn't realise the top up expires every three months, I put my mum and Dad on this and wondered where the credit had gone

delight mobile everything unlimited /unlimited/ 3G unlimited data
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Posted 6th May 2016Posted 6th May 2016
delight mobile everything unlimited /unlimited/ 3G unlimited data£15
everything unlimited on delight mobile £15 bundle and is pay as you go. 3g data unlimited, Unlimited (data) usage is subject only to a variation of speed from 3G to 2G for usage b… Read more

Delight increased the unrestricted 3G data limit to 10GB mid-May 2016. Speed still restricted to max 2G when 10GB exceeded within any one payment period.


I am using it, & it is wat it says


2g?! Cold!


Super cold. Another misleading simo deal.


Delightmobile review from Trust Pilot

Free 3gb data for month.on delight mobile
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Posted 8th Jul 2015Posted 8th Jul 2015
Free 3gb data for month.on delight mobile
If you have delight mobile sim you can get 3gb data free just text 3GB to 345

omg, paid money, got the SIM nothing works, CS "india mobile" openly rude, dumb and ignorant and I given them my porting umber... Stay clear of those raq-heads!


Dial: *1234# and it will immediately tell you whether your sim in eligible for the free data. (Mine wasn't, but then It has never been topped up- as it is used by a relative in an emergency phone - which still has most of the £5.00 free credit, that it first came with a couple of years ago.


Stay far away this company as it is a part of Mundio group. The same **** that own rubbish Vectone! My sister's vectone sim was out of order for a week. Even though it showed a signal. Vectone also stopped calls to its call centers! She has written to them for a PAC code and nothing has been provided.


Usual Delight joke. I had three Sims, 2 have been in operation for ages and one brand new. All rejected despite getting the emails. Last time I tried to speak to them I got someone on his mobile in a far flung land on his lunchbreak! Thanks Delight but keep your data, you need it more than I do.


Didnt work on either of my delight payg sims even thought threy sent me the email

Delight Mobile PAYG - Uses EE network - Unlimited calls, texts & data for £15 monthly
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Posted 21st Jan 2015Posted 21st Jan 2015
Delight Mobile PAYG - Uses EE network - Unlimited calls, texts & data for £15 monthly£15
Delight Mobile uses the EE network. A £15 bundle gets you unlimited data, calls and texts. A £10 bundle gets you 2GB, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. A 99p bundle gets you 33 mi… Read more

Delight are absolute rubbish data is really slow and also rang customer services as still not received any of the £30 they promise if u top up and keep existing number they said someone would ring back 2 days ago and now when I ring they end the call totally utter rubbish stay well clear.


Delight mobile is a load of rubbish, they say unlimited data, it worked for 2 days then nothing. Its a con.


omg, paid money, got the SIM nothing works, CS "india mobile" openly rude, dumb and ignorant and I given them my porting umber... Stay clear of those raq-heads!


Is it as horrid as it perceived to be? them "big" operators charge almost double and CS is not that much better or less shambles... I wander where could I get feedback on actual network?


Comment Was this £5.99 a retention deal or did you go through sales as a new contract? My t-mobile contract is up Monday that's an ideal tariff.

Delight Mobile match 3UK's 3-2-1p payg plan with EE 2G & 3G coverage!
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Posted 22nd Nov 2014Posted 22nd Nov 2014
Delight Mobile match 3UK's 3-2-1p payg plan with EE 2G & 3G coverage!
Amazed! Vectone Mobile's baby sister becomes of age! £30 free credit porting in,1p international calls, bundles from 99p for 33 mins/texts/mb for the month upto £15 for unlimited… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Did you ever get sorted? Wanting to move my mum to cheap provider - she likes 2G Nokia phones (since the 3210). Has had her number for best part of 20 years, so nervous to risk this. All she does is call - best I can see is 1p mobile, but the £10 every 120 days rules that out, Three is out (no 2G), nervous about delight (also 3p), so best option may be o2 (shockingly) at 5p.


Anyone tried porting their number away from Delight Mobile? I've been waiting for my PAC for days now and I thought they had 24 hours to issue one.


I'm not a customer, but was checking what is currently out their for PAYG customers other than the Three 321. Light users stumbling across this old thread should be aware of the following term, which is pretty unusual 12 (b) ii The validity of each top up is 90 days. Post the 90 days validity period, the credit will expire and the customer will not be entitled to a refund of the expired credit. So no good for those looking for a PAYG SIM to stick in the glove compartment, as you can't keep the credit live even if meeting term 12 (b) i (the more usual term about using the number every x days - 120 days in this case - to keep your number live).


One more for the trial


^Which made sense when it was a roaming service/number, not a EE service provider. I can call Orange to Delight, but not EE reseller (Virgin) to Delight lol Virgin say it is a EE problem. Their technical team 2 sent a new Virgin sim lol, I now need to get them to action a email to EE Servicing, the old T-Mobile network team. What a drama!

Ideal for ex Ovivo: 3 months free bundles worth £10 with Delight Mobile (top up required)
Posted 21st Mar 2014Posted 21st Mar 2014
Ideal for ex Ovivo: 3 months free bundles worth £10 with Delight Mobile (top up required)£5
If you move your number to delight (uses EE) you get 3 months of free bundles. Delight are owned by Vectone, as far as I know Vectone has been around for years.. You will need to t… Read more

Just don't know where to start with this but I'll give it a go. Ordered a SIM from Delight and a few days later a SIM card drops through the letterbox - from Vectone not Delight. Read the small print on the envelope and discover that the sender/owner of both Vectone and Delight is Mundio Mobile. A week after the Vectone SIM, today Friday, the Delight SIM arrives and I phone CS because as my Ovivo SIM doesn't work any more, I can't use that SIM in the phone to initiate the port. I dial the CS number (fortunately free with the Delight SIM in my phone) and get an echoing VoIP connection to somewhere in India where I'm connected with a guy whose accent is so thick you would need a very sharp knife to cut through it. Having provided him with my Delight number, my PAC and my number for porting, he speaks the only 3 words that I easily understand - number live Monday. Have only done this to get the free £30 introductory offer which now seems to be smoke and mirrors. The free £30 over 3 months "deal" appears not to be as free as it first appears because, unless I have this totally wrong, you need to top-up a fiver per month to get the £10 per month bundle. So, it seems that you pay 3 x £5 over those 3 months and you only get 3 x £10 of credit rather than £10 per month on top of your £5 top-up. Can someone point me at something that says that I have this completely wrong please???




The website does not say what the actual bundle consists of. Just that it is worth £10. Does anyone know for sure? I just phoned their call centre to get an answer. Holy cr8p that was an experience. I thought maybe it was just an iffy new boy so dialled again. Clearly they use a call centre that handles 200 different companies and the people know absolutely nothing about Delight. That is if you can understand anything they are saying. Although more of an issue was the second guy couldn't understand a word I said. So 2 calls on and they haven't told me what that bundle consisted of. He just kept repeating if you top up £10 you get £5 free. I know I shouldn't do it but they are ideal for what I want. Oh the impending heartache and pain!


not true .. request pac from your old provider and give it to your new provider... simples


You can call cs to move "To earn your joining bonus, first order your free SIM. Once you receive it, follow these simple instructions to bring your existing number to Delight. Get instructions or call Customer Services on 202 or 07892111202 After your number has been moved to Delight you just need to top up for the first time. You’ll receive your FREE first month's £10 bundle instantly. To keep getting the FREE UK bundle for the following two months, simply top up your SIM at least once each month."

Unlimited Free Calls & Texts to other Delight mobiles (no top required) @ Delight Mobile
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Posted 2nd Dec 2013Posted 2nd Dec 2013
Unlimited Free Calls & Texts to other Delight mobiles (no top required) @ Delight Mobile
Order a Free Standard or Mini SIM card and get Unlimited Free Calls & Texts to other Delight Mobiles (no top required) Nano SIM Card for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, Ipad Air, Mini &amp… Read more

I bet they will pick up the people leaving Ovivo due to the loss off free Ovivo to Ovivo calls..... worth a try considering the SIM is free!


Will be carrying a bag full of phones soon... (yes - I know about double & triple sim phones)


No ovivo gives any network minutes for free, this is only same network minutes which is useless. But hey its free!


OVIVO to OVIVO minutes and texts are free until the 31st December 2013 as Ovivo are increasing there Freedom plan from 150 minutes to 200 minutes and recently 250 to 300 texts a month. "To make this change possible, our bundles no longer have the inclusive OVIVO to OVIVO element. You'll enjoy free OVIVO to OVIVO minutes and texts until the 31st December 2013. From the 1st January 2014, you’ll enjoy a discounted rate of 2p for OVIVO to OVIVO minutes and texts outside of your allowance."


do u still get free £10 credit

Delight Mobile : Unlimited Calls, Texts, & Data [UK , India, China,...] only for £29/mo*
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Posted 30th May 2013Posted 30th May 2013
Delight Mobile : Unlimited Calls, Texts, & Data [UK , India, China,...] only for £29/mo*£29
Get unlimited Calls and Texts to any UK Network and International Mobiles, plus Unlimited Data, all for just £29. * Please check Fair Use Policy. Might have a limit.
Get deal*Get deal*


0.5p calls to India; FREE SIM; FREE £5 credit to call UK; PAYG @ Delight Mobile
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Posted 1st Jan 2013Posted 1st Jan 2013
0.5p calls to India; FREE SIM; FREE £5 credit to call UK; PAYG @ Delight Mobile£0.01
DELIGHT MOBILE Free sim, Free credit to call UK. Only 1/2 p to call any mobile or landline in INDIA.
Get deal*Get deal*

Can somebody tel me about this delight Mobil please. how is it to good to believe




Ordered one last week, sim came today with a free £5 UK credit. Also it says UK calls only 1p per min. There is not much to lose. Give it a go from me.


May help some


why comment if you are not bothered..... how is your comment relevant or helpful for the HUKD community or this post????