Thanks desaihardik! Here's the details:

10% off on Dell Notebook & Desktop Accessories Expires 19 October 2006

* All online promotions only apply to a maximum order size of 5 products.
* All online promotions only apply to products sold separately (without a system).
* All online promotions are not cumulative with any other online promotions.
* All online promotions exclude Dell Consumables (ink, paper and toner).

Thanks desai & admin for the extra info

So does thing include monitors ??

I tested it but it didnt work for me :-(, it did however recognise that it is a 10% voucher so it may only work for desaihardik or registered users.

I experimented with it but it did not work, probably because the system I had picked already was a 'free delivery' offer and I don't think the coupon will work in conjuction with any other offer.

This only appears to work on the Dell Business website...

OK I have now had time to test this out and it is exactly what it says, a 10% off voucher just for use on Laptop and desktop accessories. It works fine on the Dell home site.

You can use it Here

Or Here

The blue "Narrow your selection" sidebar is all you can choose from.

To be honest there is nothing I found that was worth buying even with 10% extra off, you may be luckier ;-)

my email had exactly the same code in... and don't forget to use Quidco for further discount too!


10% off standard Dell prices is probably not worth the bother of even looking at, since their starting prices are way too high anyway.

Thanks for that helpful info ]biglugs1! :roll:

$FFVDSLTJR10WF the code should work for everyone as i have received the same email from Dell so it cannot be a personal code
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