Dell Vostro Laptops and desktops 5% discount-5%

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These are emailed coupon codes and are variable discounts.

This coupon is for 15% ?GPFGWRLPG91FF but I'm not sure they can be used more than once.

Perhaps members can report back to this thread and let me know.

Hey Mike that 15% seems to work right now..but I guess it might be that no one has used it yet?

IF multiple people can use a code, we just need a 50% one to be shared round lol! I only got a 5% in my email...

I received the same code for 5% off


I'm in the market too... hoped it would be a sign that NOW was the right time ....But No.....:x

Yep - I have "V3X3MS8N8M4LFQ" as well; would be happy to get a 25% discount

Shame they're lower specs than some of the other ranges. I was looking at a beefy i7 processor on a Studio, coming out at around £700.

Hmm. Intending to get something new by end Dec / VAT increase... will keep eyes peeled i guess. Reckon there may be some deals b/n Xmas and NY... I hope.
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