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The Dell Small Business product line includes Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PCs, Desktops, Monitors, Servers, Storage, , Printers and Computer Accessories. There are nearly always plenty of discount vouchers available for Dell Small Business deals. Their Business warranty is from experience very good with mostly next day on site repairs. Dells Small Business online outlet store sells refurbished and returned new computers. Careful monitoring of outlet stock can find real bargains.
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£50 Discount
£50 Discount
Dell Save an additional £50
INSTRUCTIONS: Just add the coupon code and get 50£ off

Nearly went for the XPS I've had one eye on, but spat my dummy out when I saw the yanks were getting 10% off.


Will this work in outlet store


Not as good as it sounds, only on a couple of products... £50 discount on Inspiron 7000 series and XPS platforms. Coupon code excludes Inspiron 3000 and 5000 series, Alienware, Venue tablets and all accessories. Offer is valid from 7th to 13th April 2016. Discounts applied to a max of 5 units per order only.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off Dell inspiron & XPS using coupon code @ Dell Business

Same code works for Dell Consumer too; I was just browsing their range as a consumer and there's a red banner at the top saying it's Dell's 30th Anniversary and use code GTTD565B1P9RW9 which is the same as above for 10% off Inspiron and XPS systems. Good spot OP :) R

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Dell 28" Ultra HD 4k Monitor S2817Q for £260
-1° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2017Posted 27th Nov 2017
Dell 28" Ultra HD 4k Monitor S2817Q for £260£260
Save 50 % free delivery , including vat
Get deal*Get deal*

It was posted in evening standard. Blame Dell for fake advertising in newspapers when they will not sell at the advertised price.


You dont have a clue . High resolution monitor can play low resolution , not vice versa. Good for CAD , playing games , future proof.


4K at 28" is pointless.


Sold out :(


expired before it was listed

Dell Black Friday Deal - 28 UltraHD Monitor S2817Q £263.40 @ Dell
214° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2016Posted 22nd Nov 2016
Dell Black Friday Deal - 28 UltraHD Monitor S2817Q £263.40 @ Dell£263.40
DELL DOORBUSTER!!! MIDNIGHT THURSDAY 24TH NOV* C: Dell 28 UltraHD Monitor S2817Q Ultra HD 4K panel offers over 8 million pixels of stunning clarity ideal for streaming movies… Read more

This deal was b@!!@cks! Had the laptop loaded into my basket and the code copied into the box before 1300 and pressed the button at 1 second past. Then wasted over an hour and a half trying to check out through constant server errors, only to find that the website miraculously worked perfectly again once the "offer" was over. Smacks of data harvesting and false offers to me.


Don't know how anyone manages to order anything from Dell. I went straight to their website a second after the deal went live, I had the item in my basket within a minute but I've been trying for an hour and 20 mins to check out but right at the last minute it keeps saying website error. I've been in a queue to talk to them from 9 mins after the deal went live - there were 890 in the queue and hour 20 mins later there is still 294 in queue before me. I've non stop tried to ring them and every time its engaged......think i'll give up on this already wasted too much of my day :(


I called an hour ago to place an order, and they took my order.


tempted but I currently have an IPS monitor, and IPS laptop... I don't like my TN screen at work that much -- so on the lookout for a 4K IPS... :-(


deal is already finished, that why didn't accept credit cards, I rang them to confirm :(

Dell Black Friday | 10.5% Quidco plus 12% coupon |- Celeron laptop for £129, i3 laptop £199, i5 2in1 laptop for £449, 28inch 4k monitor £263.40, free delivery
1395° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2016Posted 10th Nov 2016
Dell Black Friday | 10.5% Quidco plus 12% coupon |- Celeron laptop for £129, i3 laptop £199, i5 2in1 laptop for £449, 28inch 4k monitor £263.40, free delivery£129
** 24/11/2016 11:30am EDIT - This post originally contained preview deals posted 2 weeks ago. Since then and especially leading up to Black Friday the deals appear to have signific… Read more

If you put it on eBay after eBay & PayPal charges you'll end up £20/30 profit or less... Better sell someone apart from eBay.


Sell it to me :)


Yes to everything


I thought I'd try an offical complaint and try my luck after the fiasco of trying to get one on black friday and out of the blue yesterday I was sent an email saying they'd honor it. Don't really want it now but is it still a good deal? is it worth getting it and flogging it on to make some extra cash?


​Any updates?

New Dell Latitude 14 (2016) E7470 Ultrabook - 6G i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD - 3 year NBD warranty (possibly £659 with TCB) - £723.36 Dell
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Posted 28th Jun 2016Posted 28th Jun 2016
New Dell Latitude 14 (2016) E7470 Ultrabook - 6G i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD - 3 year NBD warranty (possibly £659 with TCB) - £723.36 Dell£723.36
I've come across this as it ticks a lot of boxes for me personally and for the price I'm struggling to find anything similar. It looks like all the Latitude models have 35% off at… Read more

By the way, Amazon have the advanced E-port docking station for this at just under £80. Whatever you do - don't buy one direct from Dell. They want north of £250 for it !


My wife wanted specifically one of these for work. Couldn't find it anywhere else at anything close to this price - which makes this hot for me. Quidco have 10% on these too at the moment which is an added bonus if it comes off. Thanks for posting OP....


I used a student discount through a Student Beans link, came to around £660 incl. free delivery (the i5 version was around £580 I think). TCB tracked too, but not sure if it'll actually go through. Only had it a week or so so haven't done loads of typing on it yet, but haven't had an issue with the power button so far.


If it must be Dell then try this relaible outlet I have used many times.


Could get an XPS 13 on the outlet for that price and bump up the warranty. Wouldn't be a business machine but... well, all that seems to gain you is a proprietary dock which USB C and thunderbolt replace and a few ports which again USB C replaces.

Dell Chromebook 11 30% off - £159
65° Expired
Posted 9th Jun 2016Posted 9th Jun 2016
Dell Chromebook 11 30% off - £159£159
30% off all Dell Chromebook 11's. £159 for the 2Gb version and £169 for the 4Gb Prices are ex VAT Link:

Sorry, my bad, didn't notice I was in the business part of the Dell site... Amended post


£201 with VAT and delivery.


That's the price ex-VAT


link does not work

New Dell Venue 10 Pro 5000 Series, currently 30% off RRP and can add a keyboard for £1 extra £429 @ Dell
-132° Expired
Posted 29th May 2016Posted 29th May 2016
New Dell Venue 10 Pro 5000 Series, currently 30% off RRP and can add a keyboard for £1 extra £429 @ Dell£429
Currently listed including 30% off RRP. You can add a keyboard for an extra £1 too. Good specs for a new release. Ex. VAT & Shipping - brookheather
Get deal*Get deal*

​only real difference is the Dell has a better processor and more ram, that'll matter to a lot of people. Plus the s3 keyboard is very expensive.


common problem with dell outlet links from what i remembee before. maybe as they refresh them all the time


​Yeah I don't know why, had to Google it instead


link not working.


Would say an s3 might be s better buy if you find it on offer, someone posted 349 the other week.

Dell Vostro 3900 £232 @ Dell Business
50° Expired
Posted 28th Apr 2016Posted 28th Apr 2016
Dell Vostro 3900 £232 @ Dell Business£232
4th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor Windows 7 Professional 4GB (1X4GB) Single Channel DDR3 1600MHz SDRAM Memory 500 GB Hard Drive Valid till 29th Apr-2016

Not bad price, personally I'd spend the extra £50 for the i5 version but this one will be fine, even better with an SSD drive instead of the mechanical harddrive. Upgrade options and more info on the i5 thread


I see - thanks.


I think that's the Core i5 one you're looking at - the Core i3 one shows as £194 + VAT, which is £232.80. Good price for a simple home machine. Pop an SSD in and it should speed along quite nicely.


Shows as £234+VAT to me.

Dell Latitude 14 3000 £214 @ dell
49° Expired
Posted 21st Apr 2016Posted 21st Apr 2016
Dell Latitude 14 3000 £214 @ dell£214
Seems a good deal.

yes its gone up to £238 when added to basket now, which is very odd as it stated yesterday the offer (of £214) was on until some point next week. Bit sneaky. I was undecided but not bothering now.


When I tried that it gives me a Celeron based model :(


You can still click "All configuration options" and then add to basket, although price is increased a bit now (£previously 179£ ex vat but now 189£ ex vat so £226 now). You r probably right. It might be a mistake.


either mistake or oos


Looks like it was a mistake and they've removed the buy button.... this morning I was able to add to my basket to checkout.

Dell Venue 8 pro 3845 for £92 delivered
39° Expired
Posted 31st May 2015Posted 31st May 2015
Dell Venue 8 pro 3845 for £92 delivered£92
Great price for these quad core tablets yesterday they had free delivery which made it more attractive at time of writing they have 2 white ones and loads of black. they are showin… Read more

I had the 32gb one. I was impressed and at this price, it's a steal, but I really would recommend the 64gb one, if there is an opportunity.


I bought a venue 8 pro 64gb with 2gb of ram from the dell outlet last week for £90 delivered (there were some discount codes on the site) so may be worth biding your time and keeping an eye out for offers. received it at the start of this week and impressed so far, seems like a good piece of kit.


The MCS deal looks a lot better unless you can find a free delivery voucher somewhere for the outlet.


£22 delivery, ouch


Decent price. Personally, I think this is better value at £101.94 delivered as it's 2GB RAM:

Dell Latitude 15 3000 series 4th gen i3, 500 GB SSD 4GB Ram for 399£!!
-68° Expired
Posted 11th Oct 2014Posted 11th Oct 2014
Dell Latitude 15 3000 series 4th gen i3, 500 GB SSD 4GB Ram for 399£!!£399
Processor 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i3-4030U Processor (1.9 GHz, 3MB Cache, Dual Core) Operating System Windows 7 Professional (64Bit Windows 8 License, Media) English Display 15.6" HD… Read more

I suspect the 17" you got is an inspiron, the Latitude is usually studier build and aimed at business, the inspiron's are more budget home use. Not that the spec or performance is necessarily any different.


bought same spec but 17.3" screen for £294


That's not a good deal!


ex vat and delivery ?


hybrid ssd

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