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Grade A Dell OptiPlex 5250 21.5" 1080p All In One PC - i5-7500 / 8GB RAM / 500GB HDD / W10 Pro - £260.82 Using Code @ Dell Refurbished
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Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Dell have these A grade refurbished all in one pcs at £260.82 at the moment, when using code DELLAIO It's a 7th gen CPU, but it's a 4 core model with a base frequency of 3.4GHz … Read more

I got another Dell AOI with HD. Upgraded the SSD. Job's a good'un. (y)


Why is someone looking at a budget pc worried about running Windows 11. You will be able to carry on using windows 10 for half a decade still.


this is a great deal but had to send the 4 we bought for WFH employees back as when i set it up it was just obvious how painfully slow these are compared to what we are used to. The main issue is the fact that these contain normal drives rather than SSDs. (me being stupid, i forgot to check befor ebuying) I could not inflict such pain on our employees so these are returning but would be fine for browsing / general tasks.


You dont always need the latest Windows version. I am running Windows 10 1507 (lstb release 2015) with no issues for office, video editing and photoshop. This version is security supported until 2025.


You're largely correct, but computers do suffer hardware failures.

48% off All Refurbised Dell Desktop PCs - i5 8500/256GB/8GB SFF £300.58 / i5-9500T model £338.82 Delivered @ Dell Refurbished
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Exclusive48% off All Refurbised Dell Desktop PCs - i5 8500/256GB/8GB SFF £300.58 / i5-9500T model £338.82 Delivered @ Dell Refurbished£300.58
We worked together with Dell Refurbished to get these great prices for every Desktop PC until tomorrow afternoon. Code will expire tomorrow at 6 pm. They are mainly Grade A and a f… Read more

I think it is pretty clear from the live comments in here that this isn't the case. We remove comments that are offtopic, such as feedback on the way we make money - and in that case you should have received a link to the right place to discuss it - in case you weren't, it's here: But feedback on the deals - either through politely expressed comments (ie no swearing) or votes is completely fine, and one of the main features of the site!


it appears that any disagreement on this post is removed


The pre-discount prices are ludirous, the discounted prices are ridiculous


48FOR48 has expired yesterday and we got a working code exclusively for us until 6 pm. I am really disappointed that many of you are feeling it that way.


haha and shipped from sunny Swindon via the best courier in the world or so they would like you to think Fedex

Grade A Refurbished Dell Latitude E5470 14" Laptop - i5-6300U / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / W10 Pro / 1080p - £221.60 With Code @ Dell Refurbished
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
ExclusiveGrade A Refurbished Dell Latitude E5470 14" Laptop - i5-6300U / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / W10 Pro / 1080p - £221.60 With Code @ Dell Refurbished£221.60
A good offer here for those not needing something brand new for home and office work. This is a grade A refurb with 180 day warranty, has similar base specs to the recent Lenovo de… Read more

Ditto - I bought two and they are in mint condition - would have bought more had I known.


I got a very small scratch on the screen on the laptop I received and got some bleed on the left side of my screen, tint of blue and yellow coming through, anyone else got anything similar?


Was thinking about this too incase anything were to go wrong


How do I copy the recovery image to USB? Tech support non existant - not a good start.


There isn’t half some twaddle in these comments. This is much better than anything you’ll buy new for the same price, and being much more expensive when new will likely long outlive them too. I’ve got a Latitude from 2012 that’s still fine along with a HP from 2011 for travelling. As for not being able to get batteries... wtf? (lol) You can still get batteries for a HP nx6110 released in 2005!

48% off Selected Refurb Dell Small Form Factor PCs - i5 8500 - 256GB - 8GB RAM £309.07 / i5-9500 model £338.12 Delivered @ Dell Refurbished
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Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Exclusive48% off Selected Refurb Dell Small Form Factor PCs - i5 8500 - 256GB - 8GB RAM £309.07 / i5-9500 model £338.12 Delivered @ Dell Refurbished£309.97
Right now you can take 48% off the current prices of several SFF desktop machines. A lot of them are A grade, although there are a few B grade options that work out cheaper, althou… Read more

I don't, there is plenty of reputable refurb selling small companies. The little guys get hurt on disputes and returns, the extra mile is there.


code expired edit: the prices are now lower. So they were inflated for the code. Not a genuine 48% exclusive code.


i get promo code expired message


warranty is 180 days, not 3 years...


Actually these are fairly good prices, buying these models used off eBay would cost around the same (or mor for the Gen 8's), also fact you'll get a 3 year warranty with these is pretty awesome. Don't confuse these with cheap ASUS etc, Optiplex are business class machines and built like tanks, with features such as vPro, they can also take 64GB RAM each... That why I brought 5 of the 7040 i7 models last year, I use them as home servers, used from eBay they cost £300-400 each off eBay..

A Grade Refurbished Dell Precision 7520 - i7 / 32 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD / 4GB Video Card / 15.6 Display £622.85 delivered @ Dell refurbished
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Posted 31st Dec 2020Posted 31st Dec 2020
A Grade Refurbished Dell Precision 7520 - i7 / 32 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD / 4GB Video Card / 15.6 Display £622.85 delivered @ Dell refurbished£622.85
A very High end machine with top config A Grade Laptop / Workstation: CPU 1x Intel Core i7-7820HQ (4-Core, 2.90 GHz) Memory 32 GB (2x 16GB) HDD 512 GB (1x 512 GB SSD) Video N… Read more

For gaming, this card is about the same as a mobile GTX 1050.


I still run a Dell Precision M4800 i7-49XX 32gb.... I can run multiple VMs using KVM. It is still going strong.... Not sure the benchmarks against new chips, certainly consuming much more power being old gen chip.... I think this is a great deal (depending on the type of workload/requirements for this machine)....perfect desktop replacement. I believe a desktop replacement mobile workstation second hand with more up to date chip will be ~£1K

ro888 CPU is a bit old these days.


7th Gen i7 ( Q variant too? ) and a Quadro for GFX...not a gaming rig at all but high workplace spec yeah... Nice bezels BTW, very 2016


Thanks for your feedback guys. I was planning to buy this and needed opinion from gadget experts. I was impressed with the price and config so added this deal here.

Refurb A Grade - Dell OptiPlex 7440 All-In-One PC - i5-6500 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / Webcam / WiFi / W10 Pro - £277.85 @ Dell Refurbished
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Posted 29th Dec 2020Posted 29th Dec 2020
Refurb A Grade - Dell OptiPlex 7440 All-In-One PC - i5-6500 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / Webcam / WiFi / W10 Pro - £277.85 @ Dell Refurbished£277.85
A Grade Refurbished Model Okay, so it's not the latest and greatest CPU in the world, but with a good amount of RAM and a 256GB SSD thrown in, this could make a rather nice all i… Read more

Thank you Robert, much appreciated


No, the graphics are integrated (uses the main system memory) so can't be upgraded. A graphics upgrade will only be needed if you want to play high end 3d games. More basic games and other applications run fine. PS. I just bought another 8Gb of RAM off ebay for £22.99 which is identical to what was in my machine. Seller had 2 to sell so there is another one going;


Hi, this is really useful info as bought one of these for my daughter. Do you know if the graphics card can be upgraded at all? Thanks


These machines are also a doddle to upgrade. I just installed a second 500GB SSD I had going spare and it only took a few minutes and zero tools. The stand detaches from the back with a button press and the plastic back panel pops off when pulled, similar to some mobile phones. The blue SSD caddy is also removed and attached to the SSD without tools or screws and just clips back in. Access to the M.2 drive, processor and the memory chips can be achieved by sliding off a metal cover on the right hand side.


I was wondering the same.

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Refurb Grade A, Dell 5289 Touch. Core-i7, 16gb, 256gb ssd
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Posted 20th Dec 2020Posted 20th Dec 2020
Refurb Grade A, Dell 5289 Touch. Core-i7, 16gb, 256gb ssd£467 £6
Great little lightweight laptop for uni or school. Condition states Grade A. With 40% off its a cracking spec for the price. 12.5" fhd screen, core i7, 15gb ddr4 ram and 256gb ss… Read more

Hey bud.. yes I got it today. Noticed a couple of faint scratches on the lid and a few marks on the screen. Guess that's why they label it as a refurb. Not tested the battery yet. Beast of a lappy at that price. I ended up getting a brand new Legion 5 at an amazing price. Originally was a pressie but mrs whats to keep it as the tablet function will come in use.


Hi, have you got it yet, I got mine yesterday, condition is mint. I have noticed the battery life isn't amazing though. 100% to 5% in 2.5 hours, watching youtube videos. You?


Looks like all the 5289 models have finished on the dell refurb site. They currently still have the following though: 20% Off Any Dell XPS 9360 Touch | Coupon Code: CYBERXPS The 13.3" XPS are a great machine with QHD+ touchscreen.


Yeah that notification will come soon hopefully with the courier tracking link


Cheers. Notnhad anything from FedEx only the Dell ship email. Hopefully later today I'll know.

Dell Latitude 5289 Touch 2 in 1 (Refurb) £473.40 after code + delivery @ Dell Refurbished
-40° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2020Posted 17th Dec 2020
Dell Latitude 5289 Touch 2 in 1 (Refurb) £473.40 after code + delivery @ Dell Refurbished£478.40
seems a reasonable price if you are looking for a 2 in 1 CPU1x Intel Core i7-7600U (2-Core, 2.80 GHz) Memory16 GB (2x 8GB) HDD256 GB (1x 256 GB SSD) OS64-bit Windows 10 P… Read more

Any promo deals on 14” 2in1 i.e. 7390 model?


Nice first post OP. I don't understand the cold votes either.


Because most follow the crowd, without even reading the title or the description.


Nice find. Great for those of us who are touch-screen fanboys..Heated. Not sure why the cold votes


This is not bad IMO, 8th gen CPU would have been much better, but for 2 in 1, 16gb ram, backlit and grade A, this is not that bad. Clearly better value some laptops with Ryzen 4000 gen, but this is a 2 in 1, touch screen. I know this will go cold, but I voted hot!

Dell Multimedia IPS Monitor 23-inch (UZ2315H) £95 at Dell Refurbished
331° Expired
Posted 14th Dec 2020Posted 14th Dec 2020
Dell Multimedia IPS Monitor 23-inch (UZ2315H) £95 at Dell Refurbished£95 £6
Dell UltraSharp 23 Multimedia Monitor Built-In Full HD Webcam and Speakers With the Dell™ Ultrasharp UZ2315H Monitor, you get a complete multimedia configuration that makes it eas… Read more

Clicked on Cnet to look at spec and down the list it says under miscellaneous compatible with Windows 7.This model is written about in PC mag August 4th 2014,im thinking surely this isnt 6 years old ? and if they had made any changes wouldnt they of changed the model number slightly with another letter added or similar ?


Indeed it fell flat I'm afraid XD


Not enough bezel for me.


The original picture that I posted for the monitor showed its back, not the screen... I've changed that now, so the joke doesn't work any more....


Don't do yourself an injustice, I just wanted to return joke for joke.

Refurbished Grade A - Dell Latitude 5480 Laptop - i5-7440HQ / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 14" FHD £327.88 @ Dell Refurbished
573° Expired
Posted 14th Dec 2020Posted 14th Dec 2020
Refurbished Grade A - Dell Latitude 5480 Laptop - i5-7440HQ / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 14" FHD £327.88 @ Dell Refurbished£327.88
There are loads of laptops out there at the moment, some of which are awesome value for brand new. However for anyone wanting to save a bit of cash and get something refurbished vi… Read more

Arrived yesterday (y)


Just had a FedEx notification. Think it's coming tomorrow.


Mine arrived today even though tracking status still on 'confirmed'.


I've decided to cancel and buy new from elsewhere. Anyone know what the cancellation policy is please ?


Mine is being delivered today from FedEx.

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