Dell Refurbished discount codes

Dell Refurbished Discount Codes

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All Dell Refurbished Voucher & Promo Codes for August 2019

30% Off any Dell Laptop using code - Back To School Deal
Get 30% off all Laptops. Back To School Use Coupon Code: BACK2SCHOOL Dell Latitude Laptops Dell Vostro Laptops Dell XPS Laptops

Why don`t manufacturers/sellers make it possible to search for 4g laptops?


Says at the top of the page "Excludes Clearance items.".




Same here....


Get error "Coupon code "BACK2SCHOOL" is not valid" on a Latitude E5450.

40% Off Orders At Dell Refurbished
40% Off Orders At Dell Refurbished. Enter Code - DELL4JULY

Expensive even with the discount


utter crap listed - not worth the money they are selling for


The choice is awful!


Only have i5 5th & 6th Gen, and i7 4th Gen laptops.

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40% Off Dell Precision Workstations for 48 Hours Only @ Dell Refurbished
Get 40% Off Powerful Dell Precision Tower and Laptop Workstations Offer is for 48 Hours Only Available Models: T1700 T3610 T3620 M4800 M6800 5810 7510 7710 *Offer valid for 48… Read more

Apart from gaming workstation/server use I do wonder if PC's in general are reaching their sell by date. Ive been building basic ones for years but recently I couldnt even give them away. With a cheap monitor from Itzoo they worked fine and were relatvely fast using an SSD drive. Usual response was they take up too much room (which is true) or ive got a laptop/ipad. So to the dump it was. I have 2 pc's side and love messing about with them but have to admit most of my time is spent on my laptop. Looking online i see that PC sales are in sharp decline so I guess the moral of the story is make sure you really do need one before cluttering up your study/living room. Itzoo is a far better bet for cheap refurbs btw


Thanks for all the useful feedback... appreciated


Unless he’s planning on doing anything really demanding, these would be overkill in terms of price and performance. If it’s just for browsing, email, YouTube etc., and you’re not looking to splash out just for the sake of it, a refurbished machine from an independent seller like this one (expired now, but similar third gen i5s are available for about the same on eBay and from the same site) would do the same job as anything you’ll get at Curry’s or the like for three times the price or more. The refurbs direct from Dell are massively overpriced. Then just stick an SSD in and even an older machine like that will absolutely fly. That said, you could try putting one in your dad’s existing ‘puter if it hasn’t got one already and isn’t too ancient -that may well make an upgrade unnecessary!


Yeah, I think the regular Optiplex offers are better for most people (or get one through eBay etc). The pricing on the the Precision systems -- the laptops at least -- makes them too pricey to recommend to casual users (even with the 30% off) and too outdated to recommend to enthusiasts or professional users. You'd be better off getting a modern, mid-to-end end consumer product in this price point IMHO.


If it's just for browsing the internet, then I would say look at standard desktops rather than Precision workstations. Something like an OptiPlex 7020 would be more than sufficient, but even the 790's would do the job. But they're not in this offer - this seems to be precisions only.

30% Off Site-Wide at Dell Refurbished
Dell Refurbished UK May Madness Sale 30% Off Everything Coupon Code: MAY30 Excludes Clearance items. Official Dell Store Refurbished Dell Laptops, Desktops, Workstatio… Read more

Can't you just put the windows 7 key into windows 10 still? You could a few months ago. If you want to go down that root of course. It does mean installing some drivers I expect.


Shame Dell did not just donate them to a charity for redistribution to good causes. Microsoft is withdrawing Windows 7 Support in November this year. The charge for a full retail Windows 10 Home is £90-110 so I would say Dell would have done some good by upgrading the OS - they pay peanuts for Win 10 So these deals are sub zero to me


This is an official Dell site. It is operated by Dell Financial Services, a huge part of Dell.


Is this actually anything to do with Dell as it's very old stock and the Dell refurbished site is called Dell Outlet? (confused)


I'm never going to find a suitable computer for graphic design ;(

40% Off Dell Laptops
40% Off All Dell Laptops Coupon Code: DELL40 *Offer excludes Clearance items.

The ‘best’ Latitude there is a 3 year old 7270... that’s not a bad thing, the 7270 is nice and well specced but I was hoping to see a 7290 or so.


Dell refurbished resells machines which have come off a lease. I bought 2 small form factor desktops recently - i5 (4th Gen) 8gb memory and a 256gb ssd. They are fine for day to day browsing and office work and both looked brand new and were £179 each.


Ah, right. My mistake. I had no idea that such a site existed. Thought that anything that is 'Dell refurbished' is the Dell Outlet.


This isn't Dell Outlet. Its Dell Refurbished UK. Two totally different sites. So, as one would expect, the codes won't work on a different site.


Perhaps the title should mention that this is for Refurbished Dell Laptops

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HALF PRICE Dell Latitude E6440 Laptops 50% Off - £179.50
50% Off Dell Latitude E6440 + Free Shipping Available Specs: Processor: Intel Core i5 (i5-4310M) 2.70 GHz Memory: 8 GB Hard Drive: 320 GB Display: 14" HD (1366 x 768… Read more

UNRELATED QUESTION Has anybody known a VGA socket to fail?. I've had my HP COMPAQ 615 Laptop (on Windows 10) connected to my 42" screen in the past, and have recently tried to set it up again, but the TV fails to recognise it's connected (shame yer can't screw-in a vga on a laptop) It's not the monitor, as I have a few, and I'm happy with the vga cables (4 so far, both old and new) so I reckon it's the vga socket on the Laptop...any ideas people? Cheers all.


Indeed SoCal, why the hell didn't DELL upgrade to a system with SOME hope of future updates as I understand Windows 7 (I like) is soon 2B unsupported.


Where would you recommend ram for these machines?


Except. Not.


I do like the sound of frantic back-pedalling in the morning ;)

40% Off Dell OptiPlex 9020 Desktops @ Dell Refurbished
40% Off any OptiPlex 9020 Desktop + Free Shipping Dell OptiPlex 9020 All-In-One Cosmetic Grade: A Operating System: 64-bit Windows 8.1 Pro Chassis: All-In-One Display: 2… Read more

Hi Would this be a good deal for someone who’s just looking for a basic desktop for home, to do basic office and view the odd movie/steam? Thanks in advance


Good find ;)



Axeboy Seems better for the money? Could add a cheap SSD

50% Off All Dell Monitors
Weekend Offer: 50% Off Dell Professional Series and UltraSharp Monitors

Why is everyone in such a bad mood?! Granted, not all the monitors are a great resolution but the site does have 21.5" 1920x1080 monitors for £60 after using the code so heat from me.


@Seymour81 Do you work for them!? 19" 1280x1024 screens for £109?! I mean are they for real?! You can get a brand new 24" IPS 1080p screen for that from Amazon. Stone Cold! No bargains on that site.


They are joking. You can get new and better ones for that money.


Got to be kidding me. These monitors are garbage.


It's a legitimate, official Dell site. It is Dell Financial Services which is a large part of Dell Technologies.

40% off Refurbished Dell Latitide E7440 Laptop @ Dell refurbished
As title - 40% off a refurbed Latitude E7440

Just Pc's they are bad at making then? I find out of the 300+ in our business they are very reliable with only 3 replacements for PSU replacements in the last 8 months.


I have to say I was a bit suspicious about Dell having to have three lines of Latitude E's: E5000s, E6000s, and E7000s. Had an E6330s for a bit a few years ago. Didn't think the build quality was as goods the E7000s or XPS. So I can only imagine what the E5000s series must be like. Probably closer to a Vostro than a Latitude. But then I am also not impressed with the ThinkPad L or E series compared to T's or X's....


What ignorance telling my opinion and experience for past 6 years??


Yes i had 5470 5480 and other models at work and there is always issues with drivers docking stations overheating u name it. Anyone telling me dell is good knows nothing about it


This isn't a build down to a £200 tag consumer laptop though. Dell business grade is fine.

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30% Off. all models (Excluding clearance items) @ Dell Refurbished
Dell Refurbished have a new deal on 30% off all non clearance items site wide

plenty of USB ones on amazon for around a tenner.


£125 for a Dell Optiplex desktop with a i5 Core processor looks tempting. Any suggestions from anyone on a wireless dongle/wireless LAN card to enable wi-fi?


£319 for a standard 27" monitor , seems expensive to me


But it seems they sell ex corporate leased equipment whereas Dell Outlet is usually brand new returns or scratch and dent (but still mostly new) This site always seems way overpriced for 3 year old, half knackered kit.


Only latitude models available

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% off40% Off Dell Precision Workstations for 48 Hours Only @ Dell Refurbished6/08/2019
30%30% Off Site-Wide at Dell Refurbished1/05/2019
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