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5* JA Beach Hotel, Dubai All-Inclusive £101pppn Dec 2020 - Total cost £1414 for one week two persons with Destination2
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Posted 25th Dec 2019Posted 25th Dec 2019
5* JA Beach Hotel, Dubai All-Inclusive £101pppn Dec 2020 - Total cost £1414 for one week two persons with Destination2£1,414
Currently on AI offer with Destination2 for dates in December 2020 Dubai. 5* hotel, all-inclusive at £101 pppn is ridiculously cheap. Highlights of JA Beach Hotel A top-class fami… Read more

That figure is taken from a UN website. Your puerile comment and unnecessary insults may play well in some gutter somewhere but contribute nothing here. Perhaps you should devote your efforts to posting the occasional deal?


Hahaha you believe numbers released by emirati government my friend you have no clue! They tell you there is justice and fairness too hahaha you have no idea but then i suppose you still believe in father Christmas and unicorns


I had a look online on this subject and it seems it's mentioned frequently it's frowned upon between unmarried couples to hold hands. Begs the question if you would still feel the say way if the guy revealed he was gay and in a same sex partnership. Would you still say you can do what you want to?


I sense some sort of lie or exaggeration. There is no action or agenda against people showing affection or holding hands etc.ive been many times and it's a great place to stay especially as a stopover. People drink when they want, hold each other when they want and dress how they want. If your wife was arrested it must have been for a good reason which you have probably hidden

dogpatch 2nd hotel down.

New Years Eve 2020 at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi - £803pp @ Destination2
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Posted 24th Dec 2019Posted 24th Dec 2019
New Years Eve 2020 at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi - £803pp @ Destination2£803
I was looking for New Years Eve breaks for 2020 and found this from Destination2. 3 nights half board at the Emirates Palace including New Years Eve at £803pp. Management of the Pa… Read more

Back to £3500.


only people who kept him in were leave voters who rightly wanted the 2016 vote honoured eg labour strong hold areas .Tbh makes not difference as every incoming government says they will clamp down on tax evasion....How many have actually done this??? NONE.


But they wanted Brexit and kept Boris Johnson in?


Unlike filthy rich Brits who avoid paying tax ,Pay themselves millions yet keep staff on minimum wages as they need to fund their latest super yacht.


Sounds delightful. Can’t wait to rub shoulders with filthy rich arab sheikhs who could end poverty in the Middle East but rather splash the cash on maradonnas in the premier league and co.

Atlantis, Dubai, 7 nights half board Sept 2020 (Hotel Only) £1587 - Destination2
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Posted 18th Oct 2019Posted 18th Oct 2019
Atlantis, Dubai, 7 nights half board Sept 2020 (Hotel Only) £1587 - Destination2£1,587
Destination2 currently have Atlantis Dubai reduced for September 2020 to £1587 for 2 persons half board including free transfers from Dubai airport. You also get free access to the… Read more

Yes,and with your grammar I would be scared to go as well ,lmao at your lack of educated conclusions.


Whatever 'kind of idiots' there are 1.5 million from the UK every year. I have been twenty or thirty times and have never had any problems whatsoever. I have also never seen a drunk or heard of a theft


I'am just wondering what kind of idiots wanna go to such a bad place which is so restricted by law like Dubai. I will never go even for free. People don't even check culture etc where they are going. They think they can do whatever they want and soon later they cry and asking for help cause they have been jailed or fined ridiculous money.


ONly about 100 quid extra to get 2 kids in the room too - bargain - granted term time for most


Be aware this time of year is very hot....was just out there Sept this year for work and it was ridiculous...however, I often go on holidat end of May so it is a different experience when lounging by the pool. Cold votes no doubt from people who have no clue what it can cost in the Atlantis and/or the anti Dubai brigage. Heat from me!

9 night Feb 2020 Singapore (Direct Flights) - £768 @ Destination2
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Posted 17th Aug 2019Posted 17th Aug 2019
9 night Feb 2020 Singapore (Direct Flights) - £768 @ Destination2£768
Fly Quantas on Feb 13 return 23rd from LHR,uu2q8j,g_0.0:a_YB.13V:b_18:c_1I:d_158d6c:e_-4150:f_5:z… Read more
5* Waldorf Astoria Ras al Khaimah ( next emirate to Dubai ) 7 nights hb with free cocktails - £463.22pp (£926.44 total) @ Destination2
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Posted 20th Jul 2019Posted 20th Jul 2019
5* Waldorf Astoria Ras al Khaimah ( next emirate to Dubai ) 7 nights hb with free cocktails - £463.22pp (£926.44 total) @ Destination2£926.44
Destination2 have the 5* Waldorf Astoria, Ras al Khaimah on offer at £463.22pp half board for a week in September ( I have used 7/9 to 14/9 ) with a free room upgrade and free cock… Read more

Even a princess in dubai doesn't live in freedom ,so how do you think the rest live.




Luckily I'm not bringing any oil tankers with me to the hotel on this occasion.




But look at the sea view along the Strait of Hormuz. You will see more British warships than if you visited Portsmouth. Just as point of reference a map, just under the "Khai" of RaK was where the Iranians hijacked a British flagged oil tanker this week

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, 7 nights, hb, June 20 inc flights - £804.17pp based on 2 sharing @ Destination2 (£1608.34)
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Posted 3rd Jul 2019Posted 3rd Jul 2019
Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, 7 nights, hb, June 20 inc flights - £804.17pp based on 2 sharing @ Destination2 (£1608.34)£1,608.34
Destination2 are offering the 5* Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, 7 nights, hb, including flights and transfers for £804.17pp. Yes, the temperature will be in the 40s but there are pl… Read more

I suppose it is horses for courses but 40c really is no big deal. We have hiked a six mile trail in the Hajar mountains in 40c without drama, and that was two 60 +year olds carrying 10kg packs. 46c in an ancient quarry close to Aswan was no fun but you can function even in that. We have just come back from Abu Dhabi and that was 40c + every day. The record temperature for the UK is 38.5c


This is a lovely hotel right on the beach and I first stayed there probably 20 years ago when it was first built in the middle of nowhere. The last time I stayed there was 6 years ago and took 3 children, we had a suite with a separate lounge and kitchen area that converted into the beds for the kids of a night time. I’d recommend the hotel, but as everyone else says, the heat in June is too hot even to lay on a sun lounger. I’m not convinced by Destination2 after reading a few reviews on tripadvisor that the headline price is not always available. They are only booking agents putting packages together. OP, it is a good deal on price but I’m not voting hot or cold because of the above. In June and July they almost give rooms away in Dubai and you can probably get just a good a deal if not better with someone like travelrepublic who are a genuine booking agent and not a ‘middleman’.


Ohhh… calm down! I didn't say you can get this hotel for £29pn, I said alternative 4 star hotels. I even gave alternative flights to Abu Dhabi. If you feel that this is a good deal for that time of year, and considering that there are many mid range and top end hotels to chose from, then this is ideal for those who don't like to put in the legwork and research for other (cheaper) options


Their approval ratings are excellent. You can complete the entire booking online.


Are Destination2 a booking agents website, where they get you on the hook with a good offer price and then after they’ve taken your details and your credit card details then punt your requirements around and try and find the deal they offered and when they find their ‘deal has expired’ offer you an alternative at a higher price? Or are they an actual booking site where you deal solely with them?

2 Adults for 7 Nights at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi - June 6th 2020 - £1,963 Total @ Destination2.
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Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019
2 Adults for 7 Nights at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi - June 6th 2020 - £1,963 Total @ Destination2.£1,963
Destination2 currently have The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi half board for less than £1000 per person per week during May, June next year. Yes, this is a niche deal. Yes, the temp… Read more

Anyone know what the cheapest transfer is via the hotel in order to benefit from the fast track service etc.?


Uncrowded pool.

Abu Dhabi - 5 Hotels, Direct Flights, Two Weeks, Half Board, 2 Adults 1 Child, Private Transfer Included, From £2405 @ Destination2
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Refreshed 5th Jun 2019Refreshed 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019
Abu Dhabi - 5 Hotels, Direct Flights, Two Weeks, Half Board, 2 Adults 1 Child, Private Transfer Included, From £2405 @ Destination2£2,405
Various hotel options available from Thursday 15th August to Thursday 29th August. Other dates may be available. The cheapest being Corniche Hotel for £2405 which is currently rat… Read more

I did cover that: In August, temperatures in Abu Dhabi hover around 36°C, rising to a high of 42°C in the peak of the day. The temperature drops to around 29°C after dark, so you’ll be grateful for air conditioning at night. Just 10mm of rain’s expected in August, while the waters of the Persian Gulf measure a bath-like 33°C. At that time of year some people may like to visit for the luxury and grandeur rather than the pool and beach experiences.


What did that poor child do, to be sent away to Abu Dhabi in August?! It will be like 50 celcius there at that time of year! A few years ago I thought I bagged a bargain going to Dubai in July, upon landing I soon found out why it was so cheap! All the locals head to Europe to cool down and only the crazy people visit at this time of year! Just stepping out of the hotel for a few minutes will feel like entering an oven, and in the evenings it is still 32+ celcius.


For two little treasures: Hili Rayhaan By Rotana £3323.56 The Ritz Carlton £4748.


Yeah I already covered that one in my disclaimer ;)


Likewise - get to contract all over the world. Only country where I felt I got to live as well If only they offered citizenship !