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Samsung Galaxy S5 £529.99 @ digitalphone
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Posted 19th Feb 2014Posted 19th Feb 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 £529.99 @ digitalphone£529.99
Just found galaxy S5 preorder, same place I got my note 3 from. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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ha ha ha couldn't agree more with you


Mmm, joined just to post this? Self promotion?


could be stupid auto correct


I imagine if you were stupid enough and would pay enough they would let you order the Galaxy S7


There's no release date voukd ve waiting till xmas

Sony Xperia Z1 compact - £399.99 @ DigitalPhone
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Posted 11th Feb 2014Posted 11th Feb 2014
Sony Xperia Z1 compact - £399.99 @ DigitalPhone£399.99
This is a great price for the Z1 compact and unlike elsewhere has FREE delivery
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£389.99 with free delivery here :-



Sony Xperia Z1 compact with FREE SAFARI (worth £440) @
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Posted 7th Feb 2014Posted 7th Feb 2014
Sony Xperia Z1 compact with FREE SAFARI (worth £440) @£1,124
Just been searching for Xperia Z1 compact deals and found this free Safari offer worth £440 which effectively pays for the phone, although contact only
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Enjoy a magical overnight stay for 2 people at the award wining Livingstone Lodge. Includes a Gourmet Dinner, Safari Experience, Breakfast and access to Port Lympne and Howletts Wild Animal Park. See terms and conditions below for full details on the safari experience. It's in Kent not Kenya :D


It's not really a free safari is it, its a free trip to a Safari park. Heat added for comedy value


Cold as ice.


Good find, its Friday and was gearing to bag a hippo..

Only covers one night, and does not include flights and other charges...

Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB sim free £549.99 @
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Posted 3rd May 2013Posted 3rd May 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB sim free £549.99 @£549.99
So still alot of cash but the cheapest sim free deal i've seen. Also listed black but still awaiting stock

450 on amazon can get for 400 on ebay


Same price at the O2 Shops and they had loads of stock in black and white.


thanks. I should have looked properly indeed. Cheers =)


Best to Pay £30 and buy it direct from Amazon a reputable company


If you bothered to check the link and see it says Simfree Price £549.99 That might be where you can conclude this is SIM Free.

HTC One X+ (Plus) £469.99 Delivered from
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Posted 18th Oct 2012Posted 18th Oct 2012
HTC One X+ (Plus) £469.99 Delivered from£469.99
Sim-free HTC One X+. This is the updated version of the HTC One X brought in line (over the line?) with the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Now with Quad core Tegra3 1.7GHz CPU and 64GB int… Read more

Check out Dialaphone


Again, not once you add delivery charges.


cheaper at handtec




Follow the deal link, then under the phone picture there is some Vodafone contracts. Also -

Nokia Lumia 920 Sim Free £469.99 @
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Posted 6th Oct 2012Posted 6th Oct 2012
Nokia Lumia 920 Sim Free £469.99 @£469.99
With official Italian and German prices, we were all worried that the price of the 920 may have been too high. However, this looks much more respectable. Also, I'm not sure about … Read more

Found this page 6 months later looking for a decent deal. Still 450 quid in most places and its doing "ok"


Can you get the cyan version sim free? Just bought a BMW and already look like a t***, don't want to compound my image issues with a yellow phone...


Just to let you people who are crying about the lack of FM radio know, additional headphones will enable FM radio! Also, who needs FM radio when Nokia Music is built in.


You know what's hilarious about the whole specification/GPU debate/thing? It's only Android users that have to care about it, due to the huge market fragmentatation that they have to put up with. Those of us on Windows Phone (or iPhones) never have to care - you download an app, and 95% of the time it works and performs well. With Android, you download an app and if your phone doesn't have the latest GPU/CPU its hit and miss if it will work properly. One of the biggest benefits and downsides of that platform, and the number one reason why I don't want an android phone. Much happier knowing that my device will "just work" most of the time, as happens with Windows Phone or iOS handsets. Great deal either way - I'll be getting one of these next week, all that is left is to decide if it's going to be sim free or on an EE contract...


What's the deal with people banging on about benchmarks for phones. Theyr're phones for Christsake..Your only gonna be running poorly coded apps most of he time, taking a few photos, watching a few videos and browsing the internet. It doesn't require an 5Ghz i7 cpu and 24GB of ram to accomplish this so grow up people.

HTC 8X Windows 8 (Sim Free/Unlocked)..... £397.99 Delivered @
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Posted 30th Sep 2012Posted 30th Sep 2012
HTC 8X Windows 8 (Sim Free/Unlocked)..... £397.99 Delivered @£397.99
Qualcomm S4 1.5GHz Dual Core •4.3" Gorilla Glass Display •Wide Angle Front Facing Camera •8 Megapixel Camera •Beats Audio Built-In Amp The Windows Phone 8X by HTC is the first W… Read more

Got my company - supplied one yesterday. Very nice indeed. I'm biased, as I work for MS but this is a whole world better than WP7. Personally I think this is slightly nicer than the 920 as it's slimmer. So much faster than my HTC One X...


WP7 is only 2 years old though


Had a play about with one tonight, seriously considering punting my s3.


Go get it then. And while you`re at it find yourself a nice deal to post it here


I might get a Nokia Lumia 820 though I don't want to pay silly money, I just hope it's similar in price to the HTC 8S

Sim Free HTC Desire X BLACK (Pre-Order) available for £219.99 including delivery @
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Posted 28th Sep 2012Posted 28th Sep 2012
Sim Free HTC Desire X BLACK (Pre-Order) available for £219.99 including delivery @£219.99
Next cheapest pre order I could find was at Amazon for 288 quids, so a considerable price saving for grabs. Stock also seem to be due on 2/10/12 as compared to Amazon which shows s… Read more
Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Titan Grey/ Ceramic White) Available for pre-order @ for £499.99 including delivery
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Posted 24th Sep 2012Posted 24th Sep 2012
Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Titan Grey/ Ceramic White) Available for pre-order @ for £499.99 including delivery£499.99
Sim free Galaxy Note 2 available for pre order for £499.99 including delivery seems like a super deal to me considering its more than £50 pounds cheaper than the last time I saw a … Read more

I got the upgrade, and installed it, no problems, just adds a few more features to the OS. Samsung did the same with the upgrade to my note one when ICS came.


I got the upgrade, and installed it, no problems, just adds a few more features to the OS. Samsung did the same with the upgrade to my note one when ICS came.


just a quick question to any other note 2 buyers... did anyone get a firmware upgrade option come up? just going to install the update seems a bit odd cant find nothing about it on the net


What service, ordered Monday after 4pm, received this morning (Wednesday) at 13:15pm, I am now selling my Note one, perfect condition.


Amazon = £529.99 (New), 1 used £480 + postage, only 2 star feedback instead of 5.

Pre-order Nokia Lumia 920 - £469.99 @
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Posted 24th Sep 2012Posted 24th Sep 2012
Pre-order Nokia Lumia 920 - £469.99 @£469.99
There are a few deals alerting HUKD'ers to pre-orders for HTC Windows Phones at full RRP and they're getting hot, so I thought I'd do the same for the Nokia Lumia 920.

Just to clarify, from what I've seen WP7 apps will work on WP8. As I understand it, the developer just needs to make sure they're visible in the WP8 Store, but they will work. I'm using Kik Messenger, and it's exactly the same as the WP7 version (except being about x4 quicker!). Spotify, for example, isn't visible in the WP8 Store yet - so I suppose it's just up to Spotify to make it visible and it'll work.


I thought WP 7 apps work under WP 8? Personally I find windows 8 is simply a different way of working, in many ways it's faster and others slower than windows 7, but on a properly configured system, I generally found it quicker. On a touch screen PC it is a whole lot better, but windows 7 actually works fine. Maybe you've forgotten the number of changes we've gone through over the years CPM -> DOS -> GEM -> Windows 1, 2, 3, 3.1 -> Windows 95 -> Windows XP -> Windows 7 I challenge you to find no shifts in the way you work for each of these major transitions. A lot of your arguments were spouted each time MS introduced a new generation of OS. mike


Indeed, so it will be good. It will have maps that work and decent reception. I had an iPhone 3G and 4, they've lost it now. I didn't mind paying the Apple premium for something better but they're expensive and offer less now. Even the cases scratch.


It is a 32GB phone with the best camera on any phone, with wireless charging and a great screen. A 32GB iPhone will set you back £599!


Its a great looking phone would want to try it out instore before buying one tho. Ive found Windows phones a bit boring but W8 might change that. Cant fault the smoothness of the OS tho even on my lumia 710 its silky smooth. Only concern would be tbe lack of apps that i use.