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Crusader Kings II DLC 75%-15% off £1.69  @ Gamefly
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Posted 30th Oct 2014Posted 30th Oct 2014
Crusader Kings II DLC 75%-15% off £1.69 @ Gamefly£1.69
75% off in sale plus further 15% off with code UKOCT15OFF. Base game also on sale but this is mostly aimed at people who have that already from humble etc. I bought: Old Gods £2… Read more

I think I must be losing it... where exactly do you enter the promo code? Also... this Brazilian website...


They are cheaper on a certain Brazillian website *wink*

GameFly Animation Domination Sale - Family Guy, Skullgirls, Guilty Gear, Cloudberry Kingdom, Runner 2 & More from 84p with code
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Posted 28th Oct 2014Posted 28th Oct 2014
GameFly Animation Domination Sale - Family Guy, Skullgirls, Guilty Gear, Cloudberry Kingdom, Runner 2 & More from 84p with code£0.84
GameFly is running a Halloween-period sale themed to animation, lots of games that have fairly decent prices. Prices listed are how much each game is when the UKOCT15OFF coupon co… Read more

Heat added for the Bit.Trip Runner 2 and Stealth **** Deluxe deals.

Stealth **** Deluxe (Steam) 85p @ Gamefly
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Posted 27th Oct 2014Posted 27th Oct 2014
Stealth **** Deluxe (Steam) 85p @ Gamefly£0.85
Use code UKOCT15OFF Stealth games are awesome. Hiding from The Man, skulking in shadows, the thrill of infiltration. But why do they have to be so... slow? That was the question… Read more

Why has the second part been censored? Not exactly offensive 0_o


Is this game any good? I'm not sure whether to blow a whole 85p...


Bargain as always op...

Max Payne bundle 1&2 (steam) £2.99 @ Gamefly
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Posted 27th Oct 2014Posted 27th Oct 2014
Max Payne bundle 1&2 (steam) £2.99 @ Gamefly£2.99
Max Payne 1 & 2 bundle for pc from gamefly digital, they have max Payne 3 at £4.99 or the complete bundle (1, 2 & 3) for £9.99 but you may as we'll buy them separately at t… Read more
Horror Sale Day 5 From 85p @ Gamefly
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Posted 24th Oct 2014Posted 24th Oct 2014
Horror Sale Day 5 From 85p @ Gamefly£0.85
15% extra off using code UKOCT15OFF Ultimate Doom £0.99 Final Doom £0.99 Doom 3 £1.49 Steam Doom 3: BFG Edition £4.99 Steam Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil £1.99 Steam Quake II £1.4… Read more

Doom and Doom 2 still the greatest shooters of all time in my opinion and at 99p a bargain!


Seems to be fine with these.




Quake 2 and the add ons definitely not Steam? Ive still got a copy of it somewhere but would be nice to add to Steam.


Just to be informed - buying the Steam version of Doom 3 is not a wise move if you want to mod it - there are apparently issues with doing that with the Steam version. Seek out the original dvd-rom version if you wish to make it look better.

Horror Week, Day 3 Sale @ Gamefly (From 45p Plus Additional 15% Off)
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Posted 22nd Oct 2014Posted 22nd Oct 2014
Horror Week, Day 3 Sale @ Gamefly (From 45p Plus Additional 15% Off)£0.45
Painkiller £0.45 Painkiller Complete Pack £5.99 Steam Painkiller Hell & Damnation £1.79 Steam Painkiller Hell & Damnation Collector's Edition £2.49 Steam Painkiller Overdos… Read more
Avatar deleted646063
Get deal*Get deal*

Does the Painkiller Complete Pack come as separate keys? Looking through Steam and I have them all bar the DLC and CE stuff. Or, does the H&D CE come with the DLC, only read that its the poster etc. Can give the rest away if they are. Fivers still a good price for just the DLC as just one is 5.99 on Steam.


Darksiders 2 bought - just so it looks pretty next to Darksiders 1 :|


Some of the Painkillers are dodgy, but the original is still one of the greatest FPS games in history imo. Really distills the FPS down to its core, and throws so much frippery out in exchange for concentrating the actual fun parts. Classic review :


Forget Godzilla. Play Darksiders, makes Godzilla look like a fairy!


Cold :p

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Painkiller Complete Pack (Steam) £5.09 @ Gamefly
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Posted 22nd Oct 2014Posted 22nd Oct 2014
Painkiller Complete Pack (Steam) £5.09 @ Gamefly£5.09
Use code UKOCT15OFF Painkiller Complete Pack includes: Painkiller Hell & Damnation City Critters DLC Demonic Vaction at the Blood Sea DLC Full Metal Rocket DLC Heaven's Above… Read more

The price is now £59.99!!!


I just bought it OK, looks a good 'old school' FPS


Great game for anyone who grew up with the likes of Doom and Quake. Just right for a quick shoot 'em up!

Dead Island Franchise Pack (Steam) £5.31 @ Gamefly
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Posted 21st Oct 2014Posted 21st Oct 2014
Dead Island Franchise Pack (Steam) £5.31 @ Gamefly£5.31
Use code UKOCT15OFF Dead Island Franchise Pack includes: Dead Island Dead Island: Bloodbath Dead Island: Ripper Mod 2.0 Dead Island: Riptide Dead Island: Riptide - Fashion Victim… Read more

It's a big game and could be good fun to play. Good for the price. I had a problem with the death system. Dieing did not hold much of a penalty. You would lose a little bit of money and be re-spawned about 30 ft from where you died. So it just turned into hacking your way through hundreds of zombies without fear of death and that's why it got repetitive.


purchased thanks :)


Enjoyed Riptide a lot. Well worth playing both. A great deal. Looking forward to the third.


hope the trailer for di2 doesnt end up being the best part!


Great game for infadels

The Walking Dead : Survival Instinct (steam) £5.09 with UKOCT15OFF code @ Gamefly
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Posted 21st Oct 2014Posted 21st Oct 2014
The Walking Dead : Survival Instinct (steam) £5.09 with UKOCT15OFF code @ Gamefly£5.09
Add code UKOCT15OFF to get this price.!/download-the-walking-dead-survival-instinct/5005599

now £29.90 just when I had enough Jack D's to think i should buy it lol


**** game cheaper is still a **** game


It's not great by any means. Was really hoping for a good walking dead game (besides the Telltale title) It's ok, but really basic and totally not worthy of the walking dead name. Either way, heat added because if you do want this it's the cheapst and despite the bad press...doesn't seem to drop that often. I'd not value it over the £3 mark myself. But if you want it, go for it.


Don't buy this game it's terrible. Even if this was free I would tell you it's not worth your time.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - £2.54 @ Gamefly - DL version.
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Posted 14th Oct 2014Posted 14th Oct 2014
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - £2.54 @ Gamefly - DL version.£2.54
Wanted this for a long while but it doesn't go cheap that often and I have never seen it go cheap on Steam, but does every now and then on other sites. This is the cheapest I've ev… Read more

Ha, Must be getting old, remember playing this when it first came out!


Thanks - saved me buying it. Is there any version of this stand alone? Thought I would check - there are.


I thought this was a standalone game and wouldn't need you to have the other games installed




Would have loved to played this through but it's widely regarded as being poorly optimised & stutters like mad

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