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The Crew Closed Beta Key (PS4/Xbox One) @ DigitalSpy
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Posted 5th Nov 2014Posted 5th Nov 2014
The Crew Closed Beta Key (PS4/Xbox One) @ DigitalSpy
"Digital Spy has 2,400 keys to giveaway for the beta first come first served, which you can attempt to claim by entering your email address below." "The Crew will have a second cl… Read more

No problem mate. ☺


many thanks mate. youre a legend :-)


Be quick.. I can't pm as I'm using mobile app


TGT2 LTN7 M685



Sonic Jump Fever - Free on iOS & Android @ Digital Spy
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Posted 10th Jul 2014Posted 10th Jul 2014
Sonic Jump Fever - Free on iOS & Android @ Digital Spy
Click link to choose platform (iOS or Android) Sonic Jump Fever is out now on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Sega studio Hardlight, the mobile game is based on 2012's Soni… Read more

Good find, thanks.


Ok thanks. Strange post then for digital spy [Edit] As in. I thought it was strange that they were giving away free copies.


Got this long ago when it was in the soft launch sequence. The game looks fun, but can get a tad boring from time to time. It's all about in-app purchases to still keep your chaos, level up your character and earn em aswell. Time limit isn't my thing too due to the amount of presure you have to go for keeping up score. Nothing. It's free


This is NO deal as it has been released as a free app with the obvious in app purchases.


No idea just saw it on my feed. Installed and seems to be OK :)

Wii Sports Club (Wii U) Free for a Limited Time
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Posted 14th Mar 2014Posted 14th Mar 2014
Wii Sports Club (Wii U) Free for a Limited Time
Beginning March 21, Wii U owners can play Wii Sports Club for free, Nintendo announced today. While Wii Sports Club only has golf, tennis, and bowling at the moment, Nintendo has … Read more

8 hours for 30 gig is slow as well, I have PS3 with network cable and Wii U wirelessly, the PS3 is quicker because hard wired connection will always be quicker than wireless. On my internet it would take 2 hours max. what speed is your internet and what type if wireless connection protocol are you using? Newer = quicker.


Try using a Usb Lan Adapter


nope, I keep it updated but every time I download anything, it takes at least a day of it disconnecting before it's downloaded 20% of the file, I downloaded the glitch killzone on my ps4 in less than 8 hours (all 30GB)


might give this a go as its a freebie thanks for the headsup :)


I'm enjoying Wii Sports Club. Managed to pick up some passes for individual sports for £7 each off eBay, works out £2 cheaper than Nintendo eShop prices.

Road America track for Forza 5 Xbox One
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Posted 19th Feb 2014Posted 19th Feb 2014
Road America track for Forza 5 Xbox One
Download free Road America track from the Forza 5 add ons page. 4 events specialist events added for this track.

Already posted:


Also. After Ryse goes to the discounted price this week. There is a promise of a season pass being the next reduction. Should be live around 25th Feb. Hopefully it will be Forza!


Says the track will be added to the tracks in the game. I would suggest ejecting the disc. Load up another disc. Eject. Load up Forza. It was the only way I could get rid of the error message saying my profile wasn't recognized. If an update is to be applied it will kick your xbox into updating it. If it's a gradual roll out it should arrive soon.


Where do you find this? Looking on the game or on the xbox dashboards store? As I can see an America booster pack but that's £3.99



the first episode Comedy Central  Big Bad World in full for free on Digital Spy
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Posted 19th Aug 2013Posted 19th Aug 2013
the first episode Comedy Central Big Bad World in full for free on Digital Spy
Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison launches his new Comedy Central sitcom Big Bad World this week, and thanks to Digital Spy you can now watch the first episode, in full, for free.
Titanic Blu-ray £8.95 @ The UK Edit (Digital Spy Store)
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Posted 29th Mar 2013Posted 29th Mar 2013
Titanic Blu-ray £8.95 @ The UK Edit (Digital Spy Store)£8.95
Some other good deals in their sale too!

A unique concept of a web-based store where you can buy stuff and have it delivered to your door.


What's the 'UK Edit'?


does it ? dam u spoiled it .got it new last week £5 blockbuster wythenshawe


it sinks at the end


Oh no, not another site from The Hut! X) Same price at Zavvi if anyone already has an account with them...

Lego City: Undercover - Limited Edition - Wii U  £30.98 + Free Postage with code SPYFREE  - Digital Spy Store
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Posted 7th Mar 2013Posted 7th Mar 2013
Lego City: Undercover - Limited Edition - Wii U £30.98 + Free Postage with code SPYFREE - Digital Spy Store£30.98
Easily the best price I've seen

[image missing]


:/ £27.88 for me


Expired, £42.99 now


I had the same problem - I ordered my Wii U the day it went on-sale and after 2 weeks of non-delivery after launch, I eventually cancelled my order (which was another bloody saga!). I had similar problems with two other pre-orders, albeit not as bad and for smaller items (games). I think the best advice with Zavvi and The Hut is: pre-order if you like the price, but don't expect to get it on or near launch!


yeah, but i didnt wanna pay with paypal in case something came up. so i added my visa details. is there no cancel button at all? i guess you'll have to email them or something..

Lovefilm finally available for Wii
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Posted 4th Dec 2012Posted 4th Dec 2012
Lovefilm finally available for Wii
Amazon's LoveFilm has today launched on the Nintendo Wii console, and will expand to the new Wii U platform "shortly". Great news for me, means my girlfriend can stop leeching my… Read more

anyone know if viera cast will be getting this anytime soon? really want it on my tv, yes im that lazy that turning on my ps3 is killing me. :{


Lovefilm instant may be icluded with her subscripition.


I think they do do a Lovefilm instant only subscription.


Other half currently has lovefilm through the post. Can the subscription just be switched over to this?


bbc iplayer and netflix is on it, but thats all I have seen. might be more though :p

Sky Hub: Discounted for existing users, free for new users
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Posted 17th Oct 2012Posted 17th Oct 2012
Sky Hub: Discounted for existing users, free for new users£39
Sky have announced the new Sky Hub to replace the Sky Router, looking like a plain white box instead of a mini-sky box. From tomorrow, they can be purchased by existing customers … Read more

yes its better check your emails of when they despatched it to you thats how i got one for free they sent me the old one as a replacement for a faulty one the email stated they was sending me a hub so i phoned them up and they sent me a hub to


Just started with Sky. Only to realise I missed out on the hub by three days. Contact (strop) led to nothing. Threatened eight day cancellation, no impact. Is this hub really better is it worth £39. Any suggestions to get new one.


i have one being sent out for free


The thing with SKy even new people will still get the old box as they will want to clear out the old stock


must be your your broadband as mine has been great and I'm only on 6mb opposed to my shocking o2 connection I had at my old house despite having 16mb. Maybe your on the BT connect product which I will say sky connect is shocking.

*HEADS UP* Free Gears of War 3 DLC  'Versus Booster Map Pack' @ Xbox Live
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Posted 2nd Nov 2011Posted 2nd Nov 2011
*HEADS UP* Free Gears of War 3 DLC 'Versus Booster Map Pack' @ Xbox Live
Just saw this on Xbox UK's facebook page. "Also coming soon for Gears of War 3 [PEGI 18] is the FREE Versus Booster Pack, featuring 5 explosive new multiplayer maps: Gears 1 fave… Read more


The first & last season pass I'll be buying.




Exactly my thought aswell, it's like they are scared to lose the fans who aren't willing to pay, but don't mind Sh*tting on the ones who have payed :(


Cheers for the heads up!