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Samsung Galaxy S9 (64GB) midnight black  - Unlocked £599 @ directmobiles
86° Expired
Posted 20th Aug 2018Posted 20th Aug 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9 (64GB) midnight black - Unlocked £599 @ directmobiles£599
Brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 unlocked 5.8 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen (~84.2% screen-to-body ratio) Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Protection 3D Touch home button, Alway… Read more

I don’t think this is a deal. Smartfonestore brand new unlocked s9 phones are £500 when in stock. Just set up a stock alert.


that is hot

4GEE Wifi Mini 2 with 50GB 4G Data 1 Month Contract (Device Free) £26.25 @ Direct mobiles
1230° Expired
Posted 11th Aug 2018Posted 11th Aug 2018
4GEE Wifi Mini 2 with 50GB 4G Data 1 Month Contract (Device Free) £26.25 @ Direct mobiles£26.25
50GB 4G Data on EE with a 1 month contract. Free 4GEE Wifi Mini 2 Device. I was looking for a Mobile Wifi device with data for the kids use on holiday in August. 50GB of data and… Read more

Has anyone had any issues with incorrect billing?


You are right. Ironically I went to collect this from my local Curry's DPD zone and saw the same deal


To confirm, it's not USB-C, but micro usb.Still a great steal if Quidco tracks ;)


I've just given my 30 day notice, then sent MUSIC to 150 and this was the reply below. I've not tried this any further and not sure whether you'd still get this after the first 30 days.



iPhone 7 refurbished on EE, unlimited calls and text 8gb data, free phone £30/month contract at Direct Mobiles
-333° Expired
Posted 9th May 2018Posted 9th May 2018
iPhone 7 refurbished on EE, unlimited calls and text 8gb data, free phone £30/month contract at Direct Mobiles£720£7686% off
iPhone 7 refurbished Unlimited calls Unlimited text 8gb data Been looking for a while to upgrade my daughter and you won't beat this

It looks brand new, has the plastic film on and everything, well happy with it


Losing my mind? Not really. However waiting a year to tank a deal, that could be considered a little mind loss?!


This was a year ago, as I said. And that’s what you’re losing your mind over? Your ‘deal’ is for a 32gb iPhone with 8gb data. That deal was a year ago for a 128gb iPhone with 10gb data (you had to upgrade to the 10gb on the O2 app). Also, liking your own comment to make it look like someone agrees with you is rather ridiculous. I’m not hating, I’m just saying that your deal was beaten a year ago (as you said your one couldn’t be beaten).


64.99 up front. This one is free?!


I literally added a link as proof

Samsung s8+ unlocked black/grey £544.45 (with 10% Newsletter sign up code) @ Direct Mobiles
-164° Expired
Posted 22nd Feb 2018Posted 22nd Feb 2018
Samsung s8+ unlocked black/grey £544.45 (with 10% Newsletter sign up code) @ Direct Mobiles£544.45
I'm personally after a pink version for the Mrs but thought this was a good price for the colours available & unlocked. Need to sign up for newsletter to get 10% of the price … Read more

Where do you get this code? I signed up to newsletter...


UNlikely to get hot, was £512 from just the other day and s9 announcement two days away

Huawei T3 10” Android Tablet with 20GB per month EE Sim, £20PM with auto cashback (£24PM beforehand) PLUS £90 Amazon Voucher with code 24 month contract - (total before discount £576)  @ Direct Mobiles
71° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2017Posted 18th Dec 2017
Huawei T3 10” Android Tablet with 20GB per month EE Sim, £20PM with auto cashback (£24PM beforehand) PLUS £90 Amazon Voucher with code 24 month contract - (total before discount £576) @ Direct Mobiles
Great offer if you are after a tablet with data allowance. Normally £24 per month for 2 years, which gives you 20GB 4G on EE per month. However, an automatic cashback drops the mon… Read more

I shouldn't jump headlong into these things. THE TABLET IS OF ENTRY LEVEL INTELLECT. I was shocked when I got this. I can't do a thing with it. My contract still says 24 pounds and not the 20 promised. I also have to wait for 14 days for Amazon voucher. anybody know why?


Could just think of it as paying for a service that comes with a free tablet if it makes you feel better.


So you don't have a contract mobile phone either then?


Or this for $99 from gearbest. Teclo 10" $157. BUT DROPS TO $99 in basket at checkout. (edit. Going to put this up as a deal separately).


Too much for santa

Motorola Moto G5 Sim-free 2GB Gold £154.95 @ Direct Mobiles
-108° Expired
Posted 27th Mar 2017Posted 27th Mar 2017
Motorola Moto G5 Sim-free 2GB Gold £154.95 @ Direct Mobiles£154.95
Best price for the 2GB version of this mid range phone. Sim-free. Gold or Grey. Free Next Day Delivery. 5" IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen 1080 x 1920 pixels (~441 ppi pixel dens… Read more

Got you! My mistake. Erm, well it comes down to price? The Plus is best, then the 3gb then this... so pick the best one you can afford. I went for this, because I'm not convinced I need the extra gb.


Apologies, I meant which of the 3 is the best to get?


It's the "2GB Gold at £154.95" as in the title.


So, this, the £179 3GB version or the £249 G5 Plus?


not in the slightest, people have lived without it for years, but its one of those gimmicky things iPhone users would say they can't live without and a way of justifying a phones £600+ price tag (iPhone 7 Advert Parody [EXPLICIT]) "The digital compass that's usually based on a sensor called magnetometer provides mobile phones with a simple orientation in relation to the Earth's magnetic field. As a result, your phone always knows which way is North so it can auto rotate your digital maps depending on your physical orientation"

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Nexus 6P 32GB black EE @ Directmobiles
32° Expired
Posted 14th Mar 2016Posted 14th Mar 2016
Nexus 6P 32GB black EE @ Directmobiles£399.95
Nexus 6p only black for 399.95 locked to EE EE unlock is 8.99 7-10 days

Got the black one at this price unlocked from Carphone Warehouse.


"downright amazing" I bought their first tablet direct from google. They were fine about returning it (as I preferred iOS) but they took ages to refund my money to my debit card I actually had to chase them in the end, was not impressed at all. hope they have majorly improved. cheers


​Yes, I'm sure they are. However if you buy from EE, your warranty support comes from EE. Google's device warranty service has a reputation for a reason. It is downright amazing.


I was under the impression Nexus devices are always carrier unlocked?


May aswell buy unlocked

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £599.95 @ Direct Mobiles
71° Expired
Posted 14th Mar 2016Posted 14th Mar 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £599.95 @ Direct Mobiles£599.95
Hi i have been looking around for this phone and have found the cheapest sim free deal yet being offered by Direct Mobiles at £599.95 cheaper than elsewhere.

Didn't have any issues, Wife ordered this Friday night, Monday 10, she has the S7 charging on the desk. this works out cheaper than buying the phone outright and her paying her £12 sim only deal. Thanks OP.


avoid...avoid ...avoid this company. I have never seen a company so complicated and with so arrogant custumer service. if you do a Google yiu will find some many people complaining about the delivery and post service


3 weeks after ordering and im still waiting for my phone. I've now ordered through for £457.98, it may take a little while longer through them but after missing the pre-order delivery I may as well wait a little longer. Was a good deal, but not when you don't get the phone!


Will be Locked for 6 months then they charge a Admin fee "well they did on my Note4"


Eglobal. Used them many times before and never had an issue

samsung galaxy s6 32gb EE (new or upgrade) £24.99/month no upfront cost @ Direct Mobiles
-128° Expired
Posted 17th Feb 2016Posted 17th Feb 2016
samsung galaxy s6 32gb EE (new or upgrade) £24.99/month no upfront cost @ Direct Mobiles£599.76
Samsung galaxy S6 32gb in any colour with no upfront cost on EE for £24.99 a month. I've just ordered the upgrade version but it was the same on new contract (never seen an upgra… Read more
Avatar deleted786426
Get deal*Get deal*

Samsung have really lost the plot, dwals, hardware and worse still software, within 9 mths a product is obsolete and will not get the latest software. Very annoyed owner of an S6 Edge (will barely get MM) and 3 x Tab S (dead after 1 update), TV same story, and the watches my Gear 2 dead after a minor update and my current Gear S2 dead obsolete not even 6 mths after launch.






​I have one (signal booster). They don't work.


​and don't forget the price of cheese!

Nexus 6P 32gb sim free £398.95 at
492° Expired
Posted 17th Jan 2016Posted 17th Jan 2016
Nexus 6P 32gb sim free £398.95 at£398.95
Seems to be the cheapest off contract price that I can find. Only in black, but I can live with that. Free delivery and Quidco has also tracked at £7.98. Credit to shoyebmemon for… Read more

Locked to ee bummer. Is there an unlock available?


So did it came unlocked or locked to some network?


I ordered this via the Money Supermarket comparison site on Wednesday. Follow this link and select the 'Sim Free' tab. Despite, the Direct Mobiles site stating 'out of stock', the phone was automatically added to my basket. Just received the phone via Parcel Force. One happy bunny!


I ordered from them yesterday afternoon and it arrived today. Very impressed with the phone.


Anyone purchased from the site? I really want a 6P!