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-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% off everything using voucher code @ Directsight
I'm getting old - it's official. I had my eyes checked and I now need varifocals. Boots wanted £169 for basic package. Specsavers did better - £155 for 1.6 high index and medium qu… Read more

okay maybe I should have waited until my order arrived before recommending - chased my order today a week after ordering. Phones down and asked to email. Email back says; The glasses started production on the 24th when we got your order. We ask that you allows 28 working days for production however tbe majority complete well within this time. 28 working days? Distance sellings regs say 30 days max - bonkers. If i dont have them in the next week I am cancelling. Sorry for recommending

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off + 45% Quidco cashback on Ray Bans, Oakleys, Carreras with Free Delivery and 30 day return using voucher code @ Directsight

Just an update on my wife's new sunglasses - they arrived today and 45% tracked on QuidCo She's happy, I'm happy and a great bargain!!!


Lol, one of those annoying typing errors I typed non-sale items when I meant sale items :), I've decided to give them a go if QuidCo tracks and pays they should work out quite a bit cheaper than elsewhere, if not still a good price... I'll update the thread as to how I get on :)


As far as I can see the code works on everything BUT sale marked glasses. I've never used them and saw the reviews, and so decided not to buy at the moment until I have sorted out my sizing in a bricks and mortar shop first.


Sounds like a good offer, unfortunately 20% code doesn't work on non-sale items as spotted a pair my wife was looking at the other day Anyone used them before as some of the reviews on QuidCo don't sound very good


Remember to go via Quidco to get the cashback!!! There was also 40% Topcashback last week but this has now reverted back to 18.18% (which isn't bad in itself).

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
25% of all glasses and sunglasses using voucher code plus possible 25% quidco @ Direct Sight

these mate


Which model did you go for? (Aviators that is)


which are the best bans aviators to order out of the glasses ?


Half price Bans? (if dat der quidco tracks) Sign me up now!


Assuming it tracks, these are the cheapest Ray bans around. Hotness

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Direct Sight 50% off sale - Glasses from 7.50!
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Posted 21st Sep 2014Posted 21st Sep 2014
Direct Sight 50% off sale - Glasses from 7.50!£7.50
50% Sale. Glasses start at 7.50!

I ended up goig for Selectspecs - used them once before and, once again they were spot on. Just under £33 for 4 pairs of glasses, delivered, cases - the lot.


ordered a £7.50 pair of glasses. they came quite quickly and are really nice. so impressed I have ordered 2 more pairs! thanks OP.


How much is the shipping with this lot?

Prescription glasses with free tint and 1/2 off transitions, 40% off code SUN40 @ Directsight
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Posted 28th Mar 2014Posted 28th Mar 2014
Prescription glasses with free tint and 1/2 off transitions, 40% off code SUN40 @ Directsight£12.95
Bought some cheap prescription specs with sunglasses tint for the car and they are quite nice. Previous deal posted by peppermintt, thanks for the deal! Now the tint is free which … Read more

I'm guessing I should have looked at the comments before ordering? Code still works though.


SUN40 don't work


ordered £15 frames + free dark tint for £12.95 delivered. bargain


I've always used - bought last 6 pairs from them and had nothing but great service. They've never failed a price match either.


ordered twice from these tools not had one order completed can't get hold of them on the phone if you contact then by email they hardly every reply

Glasses with prescription lenses £11.45 (including delivery) at Directsight with 50% off code JAN50
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Posted 3rd Jan 2014Posted 3rd Jan 2014
Glasses with prescription lenses £11.45 (including delivery) at Directsight with 50% off code JAN50£11.45
Was looking for a spare glasses in case the one I'm wearing decides to break. Tried to buy from SelectSpecs since they were doing a promo now but they wont take my prescription. G… Read more

Mine still havent seen dispatched...after a month!


Mine are still down as sent to lab! I emailed them & apparently they are in the final stages & dispatch is imminent but we'll see! They did reply super quick though so customer service seems good


My glasses arrived on Saturday, 10 working days after I ordered. I'm really pleased with them- they look great and the prescription is perfect, all for £11.45! Thanks v much OP! Would happily recommend this site based on my experience.


I ordered a pair when this deal was first on the site. I cant seem to login to check the status of my order and when I request a password change nothing. Does anyone recall if this was one of those websites where you can checkout as a guest? I've seen they've taken payment for a pair of glasses on the 6th of Jan so I'm expecting something to turn up?


I ordered two pairs totalling £21.45. First pair arrived today (the second are marked as dispatched). The prescription is spot on which is the thing I was worried about. The pair that has arrived with the most basic spec. My prescription is something like -2.75 & -3.5 Quality is as good as the Calvin Klein's they are replacing. Many thanks to the OP for posting.

DirectSight - 50% off + 2 for 1
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Posted 30th Aug 2013Posted 30th Aug 2013
DirectSight - 50% off + 2 for 1
Was looking around for a pair of new glasses and found that DirectSight are having a bank holiday sale. They seem to usually have a 2 for 1 deal on some frames, but then if you us… Read more

Shocking company - avoid! Look back at the previous Ray Ban post and see what a disaster it was for everyone who ordered from them.


Thanks for the deal, just bought designer frames with varifocal ultra thin lenses all for £114 pounds. What a bargain thanks once again.


Yes it was £81.45 after the 50% discount. It cost more than normal because I added more expensive lenses, but you would be able to pick up two pairs for ~£30 - I just included what I bought.


Yes it was £81.45 after the 50% discount. It cost more than normal because I added more expensive lenses, but you would be able to pick up two pairs for ~£30 - I just included what I bought.


Just bought a pair for £15 with the Glasses Direct offer the other week.

Rayban Cockpit RB 3362 59 @ Direct sight for  £57.95 + 18.19% cashback
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Posted 15th Jul 2013Posted 15th Jul 2013
Rayban Cockpit RB 3362 59 @ Direct sight for £57.95 + 18.19% cashback£57.95
This is for rayban cockpit model which is similar to the classic aviator but with a lesser teardrop. Especially good for smaller faces. Use voucher SUMMER40 to get this deal. Poss… Read more

I ordered two pairs of glasses which took Directsight over a month to process. When I received the first pair the arm on the left was too loose and the right arm too tight causing the nose pad to press against my nose causing me a headache. I returned these and ordered a new frame. While waiting on these my 2nd pair arrived and these were flaw free. I got the 1st pair replacement soon after. I could not see through these and the right arm was loose. After a large number of emails with the company owner who refused to replace the 2nd pair and never even acknowledged these were the wrong prescription, I got these back in the post, arm repaired but still could not see through them. Steer well clear and if you don't when you do get your glasses and there are faults return them only for full refund. I can't do that because I binned my old glasses after I got the 2nd pair and I need them to see when working and driving. The customer service was virtually non existent after it became clear I wasn't backing down over manufacturing defects and all they kept saying was I had to pay more money if I wanted a replacement.


thanks, not to worried about waiting for refund as paid on credit card so will claim though that if need to. Any other site I can vent my anger on please post.


You can leave a review on trustpilot - I am waiting until they refund me and then I'll leave the review (you need to give your order number as part of the trustpilot review, so best to remain anonymous until after you've had the refund). I think it is important to leave a review to alert other potential customers of the shoddy way this company does business.


wait 14 WORKING days! then delayed, wait 7 WORKING days, now due so emailed at 11.20 "where are my glasses"? 13.00 email ORDER CANCELLED...surprise suprise. shocking. can someone advise me of all the sites that I can leave a review of my experience with this company! this deal should be marked as minus 300% NOT FULFILLED


They'll cancel your order within the next couple of days I reckon. Got an email back stating I will get contacted when they receive stocks and if I want I can re-purchase them at the same price I did this time.

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