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£40 Discount
£40 Discount
Badminton Yonex Super Feathered Shuttle Discount Codes

Have some heat from me, you can never have enough dozen boxes of shuttlecocks!!


Hi my first post - discount code if you buy a lot of shuttle cocks - might be useful for clubs etc.


What does it all mean

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Carlton Vapour Trail Elite Badminton Racket - £12.59 delivered with free string upgrade, free 6 rackets bag (members only) @ Direct Sport eShop
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Posted 20th Feb 2018Posted 20th Feb 2018
Carlton Vapour Trail Elite Badminton Racket - £12.59 delivered with free string upgrade, free 6 rackets bag (members only) @ Direct Sport eShop£12.59
If you are badminton england member, after you login, you will see the discount price of £12.59, including free string upgrade, free 6 rackets bag and free delivery. PS: it could … Read more

Damn...must be triggered by my order...


Nope, not working for me either... VTE is good racket if you have the arm strength to wield it (I had 4)... Going by stringing 22lbs, you may be better off with another racket (lol) Edit: I say had, I actually still have, but I dont use it anymore- I am old weak and feeble now.. (fierce) (poo) Edit2: Actually with a free thermo 9 bag its not so bad.. Bag would cost like £30-35 minimum. But again, I would suggest a different racket if you string at 22lbs...............


Same problem I had


they must have spotted it now £75.73


My badminton England number isn't recognised by the site??

Asics Nimbus 14 £68.59 @ direct sport e shop
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Posted 29th Jan 2014Posted 29th Jan 2014
Asics Nimbus 14 £68.59 @ direct sport e shop£68.59
The cheapest I could find for these top range Asics shoes. I normally do most of my training in racing flats, but needed a bit more support after a few twinges (mostly due to xmas… Read more

Great shoe and great deal for them. Thanks op


Thanks Boonkoh. I've been used to running on shoes with minimal cushioning so the 14s feel very bouncy in comparison.


I tried both the Nimbus 14 and the new Nimbus 15 range in-store. The big difference is the amount of gel cushion. I believe in the Nimbus 14 they reduced the size of it from the 13, but have changed it back with the 15. If you like a more cushioned feel, then definitely the 15 is for you.


Thank you, will definitely consider these :)


Asics GT 1000 Try these. 1160 have been discontinued but these are the same series I believe. Good discount too.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH (Black) Squash Racket, £41.95 delivered @ Direct E Sport Shop
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Posted 28th Mar 2013Posted 28th Mar 2013
Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH (Black) Squash Racket, £41.95 delivered @ Direct E Sport Shop£41.95
just bought one of these -very happy with it. good price, fast free delivery Good racket for intermediate players RRP £120, but apparently never sold anywhere near this price. Spec… Read more

The biomimetic range is the most recent range by Dunlop which came after the aerogel range. I would not say the aerogel is redundant as the aerogel are as widely available as the biomimetic range, but I would say the aerogel are still as popular due to a significantly lower price and minimal difference in spec (mostly cosmetic difference). The Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate Squash Racket is the updated (New) version of Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate which i was referring to which is around £80.


I thought the Aerogel range had been made redundant by the biomimetic range, what is the new version you are referring to for £80?


As other poster said the 4d ultimate is what I have


Prince EXO3 rebel - Around £100 Head YouTek Xenon 135 Squash Racket - £70 new ebay Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate Squash Racket - £50. The new version is £80 which is called Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate. Same weight, slightly narrower and slightly different carbon (no significant difference past cosmetic for most) so not worth an extra £30 IMO. Best rackets around IMEO


whatever it takes, not too bothered if it lasts me well

Carlton Kinesis Badminton Racket £99.99 @ directsportseshop
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Posted 28th Mar 2013Posted 28th Mar 2013
Carlton Kinesis Badminton Racket £99.99 @ directsportseshop£99.99
RRP 200 Quid.. Cheapest else where is 140 quid.. also you get a free Yonex Strap Grip and 12 Quid Voucher .. Hot hot..

It does if you know how to play with it properly :D


Doesn't make u a better player


Thanks hubby will be happy

Carlton Razor v1.2 silly price - £29.99 plus £3.99 - Sports Direct
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Posted 18th Sep 2012Posted 18th Sep 2012
Carlton Razor v1.2 silly price - £29.99 plus £3.99 - Sports Direct£33.98
Sports Direct Daily deal. Got the e-mail this morning and promptly ordered. Can't find it for anywhere close to this sort of money. £96 on Amazon! Ideal for advanced players. And … Read more

It arrived yesterday and was promptly put into action last night for a couple of hours. Probably the best racket i've ever played with. Makes my Voltric 70 seem heavy. Really quick and maneouvreable. Hope others were able to get the deal.


cant find it anymore?


McCoys voucher code.


kunyk - What code is that? All i could find was one that gave 10% off footwear. D'oh, forgot to try Quidco!


you can use 10% off code for Sports Direct + cashback, making the delivery effectively free.

12 Badminton Racket Grips £11.99 @ Direct Sports
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Posted 8th Jan 2012Posted 8th Jan 2012
12 Badminton Racket Grips £11.99 @ Direct Sports£11.99
Hi all, As a keen player I've been surfing the usual online stores looking for a box of badminton grips. I set a limit of no more that £1 a grip and this was the best I could find… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

It's a good deal. There's 4 rackets in our house and grips do get changed. Although I won't order as I prefer the Karakal Kumfy grip.


certainly dont need 12 and dont need all those colours. Cold deal


Its a shame I have 13 Badminton Rackets, its always the way though they never sell things in the quantity you want.


Don't cool it unless you can find a better price!

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